Friday, December 31, 2004

I'm often asked regarding the artwork that graces my studio walls, no unfortunately it isn't mine but Tina Chaden's. I simply feel in love with her style and decided I desired it in my studio. Perfect for the Old World Traveler theme, don't you think? Posted by Hello

This is the entrance door to my studio. Along the south wall is another set of paper racks filled with Bazill cardstock. There is a lot of lighting installed within the space as the only natural light I receive comes in from a small east facing window. Posted by Hello

Along the North wall opposite the paper racks is my journaling area. It is here that I use my lightbox, play with my calligraphy inks, do my rubberstamping and simply relax! Posted by Hello

Another photograph of the 23' long slatwall that graces the west wall. My paper racks have long since been filled to the brim with Bazzill cardstock and a view of my bookbinding station as well as the table areas of my studio can be viewed. My studio is one the favorite areas of my home that has been graced with the loving presence of many family members and artist friends. Posted by Hello

Another view of the same area taken back behind my bookbinding station which truly shows the beauty of the oak veneer slatwall and the shelving upon which I'm able to display and surround myself with the artwork I create and is RAK'd to me by many artistic friends. Posted by Hello

In May of 2004, my Paper Arts Studio became a reality. The work began in Feb. when my fiance decided to surprise me with a true "While You Were Out!" minus the cheesy camera crew. This picture is my computer/office area of the studio. Posted by Hello

The Dreaded First Page

Awwhhh, the dreaded first entry... I always find this the hardest when beginning my artwork whether it is a blank sheet of paper, the first page in a journal or altered book, or a scrapbook page. I've discovered the best way to get started is to simply "jump in with both feet" and add something. Usually in my artwork, I begin with the background, so I'm hopeful that this is what this post will become.... a foundation upon which all my interests will become a building block upon. I'm certain that once a foundation is laid the rest will come more easily.

Things I collect: Art supplies, buttons, vintage images, epherma, and books. Posted by Hello