Friday, November 12, 2010

What I've been up to...

Hello! Remember me? Well, after recovering from the world's worst cold, I began easing my way back into a somewhat-normal-for-me routine with my fingers in a whole lot of pies! Besides catching up on the obvious housework, I continued restoring this old desk. The drawer front and a few knobs have been added and I've decided to paint the desktop black, thinking that perhaps, one day I'll have a glass top cut to fit it and add some fun collages underneath it.

I finally finished our hallway! {Yeah!!!} Removed all the drywall patching, gave it a final washing and the , and a last coat of paint. It turned out so good, I felt inspired to paint the basement entryway, LOL! So now, that's another new on-going process, but I've also taken some time to have a little fun and play! 

When an online friend put out a call for creativity for Artist Trading Cards, I just knew I had play! So, I spent a day creating these for her. One of my favorite ATC's themes is "Techniques" so I sort of tried to combine the two using a lot of different art supplies and mediums. Some are simply cut decorated printed papers, while others are creating using rubber stamps and a variety of stamping and collage techniques. I had so much fun! that I decided to continue working right onto the back side! Who says ATC labels have to be boring?

Well, after shipping these off to Maria, I just learned that MY Artist Trading Cards are going to be used for an upcoming PBS Creative Living Segment!!! I'm so excited! I'll post a link once everything is set up and under way. Thank you, Maria, for this wonderful opportunity, I'm so thankful for you!