Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. 25th POTD...

{random artwork on an end table}

Thursday, Feb. 24 POTD

{I captured this photograph while out in the studio getting photo paper}
Yes, I skipped around a bit, omitting several days worth of layouts. I wanted... No, I needed to get those feelings out and capture the moment while it was here. And although, I'm still behind on the creating those layouts, I am feeling so much better!
Creating that page was just what I needed!
I'm looking forward to working on MORE...

p. 365 ~ Feb. 26th LO - Worth the Wait...

I've titled this LO, "Worth the Wait"

Using this double-sided sheet of cardstock from the My Mind's Eye's Bohemian Sister line has always been a challenged for me. So, today when I decided to use it to create this page, I simply allowed the LO to sort of evolve, allowing it to tell me what it wanted to become.

Yesterday, was a very unsettling day for me. After receiving some bad news, that I believed to be devastating at the time, I found myself rolling downhill rather quickly. I still needed to complete four - six layouts for this project, just to catch me up
and in all honesty, I was really beginning to feel overwhelmed with this task.
I wondered, "How in the world am I ever going to keep up?"

I am not a fast scrapbooker and I love employing techniques to each layout that I create.
So, probably needless-to-say, two weeks into this project I knew I'd have to make some decisions, and soon!

I quickly realized that I do NOT want to abandon this project...
that IF I could just hang in there,
I would see this through to the end.

So for now, I will keep up with my project 365's photos of the day
and create my pages along the way...
I knew in my heart what I was hoping to gain through this experience,
and I also realized that I need to LET GO & allow it to evolve...

to TRUST in & believe in "ME" more...
{so I wrote those feelings down on the journaling tags I created for this layout.}
They are tucked inside the large decorated envelope. Since this cardstock is double-sided, I wanted to take advantage of it, so I folded a section of it over without creasing it, and played with it until I knew just what I wanted to do - cut away a section of it, sew it to a background sheet and create a pocket to hold everything.

I used the quote by Epictetus, "No great thing is created suddenly"
as a reminder to myself to be patient during this process.

On the square of paper above it is another quote,
"One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star."

~Frederich Nietzche

Since I now had two layers, with only half of the page attached, I was able to take my smaller cutting mat and by carefully placing and holding it inbetween the pages, cut some of the floral petals printed on the paper. I used an old ballpoint pen, void of ink, to emboss the floral petals so that they would stand up off the page some and allow the background paper to shine through.

I covered the large envelope with more K&Co. cardstock
{just because I like the pattern with the others pages} then, decorated the cardstock panel
that was supposed to go inside -- I simply decided I didn't desire to use it that way.

So, I sewed a scrap of printed paper to it and used a journaling spot {again My Mind's Eye} to journal this poem:

"It is only when we silence the blaring sounds of our daily existence
that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us,
as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts."

~K. T. Jong

Thursday, February 26, 2009

p. 365 - Week 3 LO's for 2/22 & 2/23...

My Favorite Shopping Shoes
On this layout, I used K&Co. printed cardstock for my background and my photo of the day is{POTD} matted onto Tomato Bazill and adhered. I used a clearanced Hobby Lobby frame to frame a stamped image. The stamp was a gift to me from my friend, Lianne, who sent me some extras she obtained while at a rubber stamp convention. {Thank you! There's some beauties in there!!!} and it is a butterfly with the words, "Life is not a dress rehearsal." {A perfect sentiment for my p. 365 project, LOL!}

For my "title"... I used the negatives of the parenthesis from the "Create" layout previously created today. My own handwriting reads, "my favorite shopping" while the word, "shoes" is cut using the Cricut & the Stone Script cartridge.
I added some "BLING!" to this page to mimic the floral background. I used another stamp {also gifted to me by Lianne} to stamp the leaves using a lime green chalk ink. I added a silk flower to the bottom of the photo mat, then, I used red & green flower-shaped rhinestones to create a center stem. I penned in the stem lightly between the rhinestones.
{random shots} of HOME
Another K&Co. background with my POTD matted onto Leap Frog cardstock that I tore along the bottom edge before machine sewing on the lace trim.

I used scraps of K&Co. printed cardstock to cut the leaves out using the Cricut & Plantin again.
I handstamped "random notes" onto kraft cardstock, then inked the edges, prior to adhering.
The word, "HOME" is cut using printed paper in the Cricut {Plantin}.

My handwriting journaling...
Sunday, Feb. 22 2009 plant
hanging on open door of our hutch

Note to self: {I captured my POTD while out in the studio today.}
AND dang it! I NEED a better camera!!!!

With the exception of creating a LO for Feb. 20th {the day we spent with friends}
and getting my birthday journaling written out and added in on the Feb. 14th LO,
this catches me up to my Week 3!
{*remember I started later}
My Week 3 dates from February 22 - 28th.
That means "Seven Days" = Seven more LO's...
*edited to add*
7 - 2 = 5!

p. 365 - Layout for Feb. 17th...

I created this layout for Feb. 17th,
which was the day that Alexxis and I spent "Cuttlebugging".
CREATE seemed to be the most appropriate title to use, so I cut it out again using Plantin Schoolbook and the Cricut.
The large journaling strip reads,
"We all have our time machines.
Some take us back;
they're called memories.
Some take us forward;
they're called dreams."
I used the negative image {cut from the cricut} to stipple brush on some ink, then,
drew on the layout to resemble some "doodling"...
The parenthesis and the floral dragonfly design in the lower left corner
are also Cricut cuts; this time from the Home Decor cartridge. I distressed them
using TH's distressing inks - as with anything else that has been "aged" on this LO.
I added small green rhinestones over the top of the brads that are holding a
torn and tattered piece of mulberry paper in place.

I stipple brushed ink over the actual "create" lettering, then outlined the stippled brushing
using my black sharpie marker. The lettering was aged during the process, then "pop-dotted" over top.

I used the index print again to capture some of LO's previously created, before adhering
them to a strip of dark brown cardstock.
My journaling here on strips of cardstock reads,

"nothing ventured"

"nothing gained"

p. 365 - Feb. 16th LO

I back-tracked {using my blog and written journals} to create this layout
for my p. 365 Feb. 16th layout

This was a fairly easy layout to create. I used Basic Grey pp, adhered Chaos photograph
to the background mat prior to sewing it directly to the background page.
The words strip is pp, from DieCuts With a View {Boys Black}, also sewn on.
The swirl was stipplebrushed on using Black India ink and was taken from sheet I'd previuosly cut a Cricut swirl out on. I used my Cricut in Plantin Schoolbook bold to cut out "Chaos", outlined it using a Zig 0.5 Millennium pen before running through my Sizzix using the Houndstooth cuttlebug folder.
I brightened this photograph, hoping you see some of the cuttlebug embossing detail.

Journaling is simple...

"Faithful Canine Companion"


"I love you, my loopy-earred buddy!"

{Quick and Easy! Just how it should be...}

Catching Up...

Today, I am working on some of the layouts that I need to create for my p. 365

and since I jumped ahead creating a few pages, so that I could capture some photographs to add for those days, I sort of skipped around filling in where needed. On the layout above, the photograph will be replaced by the same photograph, it's now drying after I reprinted it onto actual photo paper, printing it onto cardstock really washed it out, losing a lot of the little details.
The re-print looks promisingly better, I assure you, and I "digitally" alter the layout above in an attempt to capture the actual colors I used for it.

This layout, came about as "an after thought" as I discovered myself saving some of
Alexxis' little drawings. Above the journaling, I used a K&Co. rub on that reads,
"Treasures of the Heart"
My handwritten journaling reads,
"They say the apple doesn't fall from the tree,"
so when I hear you say,
"I wanna draw,"
"I wanna create cards."
I AM reminded of me as a child.
The quote is a K&Co. rub-on:
What greater thing is there
for human souls than to feel
that they are joined for life -
to be with each other in silent
unspeakable memories.
~ George Eliot

and Alexxis' little drawing.
{She draws "smiley faces" then, informs you "This is you" and "This is Me."}

{isn't that precious?}

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Collection of Everyday Moments....

Even with hubby's "day's off", I've somehow managed to keep up with my p. 365 photo taking.
On Sunday, my dd, Amber showed up to ask if we could possibly watch Little Miss while she ran her weekly errands of grocery shopping, bill paying, and house cleaning. "Of course, we'll keep her!" seems to be the only response that both Don and I know, so instead of running around "to God only knows where" we stayed home and really enjoyed our time with her.

Mommy left strict warnings about "No more Sugar!" as Alexxis' behavior had definately taken a turn for the worst. Everything was "me/mine", "I want/need" and "cause for arguing/back-talking/tantrum throwing" no matter what the topic of conversation was or what you desired for her to comply with.

This photograph reflects Alexxis' normally sunny temperment after several spent days of "sugar-detoxing" and Yes! Mommy is right. That isn't just "the terrible two's"...

"Come On. Let's go brush those pearly whites!"

My other photographs are just sort of random shots taken around our home, as I cleaned on Sunday......

and Monday, before heading out the door,

my favorite pair of "shopping shoes",

Do you remember the dishes I mentioned I should have purchased?
Well, Don didn't forget! I swear he's asked me everyday,
"Honey, are you sure you don't want to go back to Home Goods and buy those dishes?"

I swear I tried to resist!
I came up with every excuse there was not to purchase these.

"We don't entertain often enough"

"I already have a nice set of dishes."

But SWOON, aren't these gorgeous?
I loved the colors and the Spring/Summer-y design; not to mention that they will go well with our kitchen decor.

Thanks! Baby.
{sometimes, I need to be "pushed"}

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Layouts for Feb. 18th ~ Road Trip!

Last one for tonight {I promise!}
This is the lay-out I created Thursday evening to represent our Wed., Feb. 18th Road Trip; I had to capture the excitement I felt after finding the MM Embellishment box on clearance and the other labelled glass jars perfect for storing some of my embellishments.
All of the journaling, stamping, and embellishments were created then, but the
photographs were actually taken Thursday morning after I ventured into the studio
to fill the Making Memories Embellishment box.
Close-up of photographs...
{on the back counter where I'm able to work}

Having completed this layout entirely, I'm now down 2 days worth of photographs ---
I forgot to grab my camera yesterday and wasn't at home! And again, forgot about using my cellphone... one day, I may learn, LOL! {but I do want to journal about our day spent w/ friends; perhaps I should/could just catch a photograph later???}

And today's photo can still be taken... after all, it's only 7:59 p.m. EST.
{Hmmm, I wonder what my heart desire to capture?}

p. 365 ~ February's Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3...

Today, I discovered that I'm able to print an index print using HP's Photosmart Premier software that came either with my HP All-In-One or my camera's software, so I used it to create an index sheet of some of the photographs and p. 365 layouts I created during Week 1 and Week 2.
I created the labels, "Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3
{using MS Word Office 2007}
then, distressed them using Vintage photo distressed ink
prior to adding my "highlight's" of the week to each one.
{Of course, my Week 3 isn't completed yet as it will begin tomorrow for me.}

Here's some of my handwritten notes {in case anyone is desiring ideas...}
Week One
Feb 9-14
I discovered project 365
a photo a day
Took that "leap of faith"
trusting, believing,
I Can Do This!
Started taking photographs,
creating pages,
writing in my journals.
Week Two
Feb. 15- 21
2/15 {date} created my purpose of p. 365 tag book;
2/17 & 2/19 cardmaking with my sweet girl & Don;
2/18 Road Trip!
2/20 dinner & cards w/ friends
2/21 A Day of Creating...
{also created pages/pg. elements/cards on 2/19}
photo of Chaos
w/ notation: Constant Companion
Feb. 16
And I have room for Week Three
{when it arrives!}
{Note to self: list of photo's requiring printing on calendar for 2/19, 2/20, and 2/21.}

p. 365 layouts and journaling updates...

*These p. 365 Layouts have been Edited to add:*
photo of me; bird I previously created, and added the cricut branch
Added Alexxis' photograph,
"found object" stamp ovals,
photos of the cards we created together,
and finished my journaling.

Added a photograph of my blog header
{resized to fit the page}

Added my own personalized PSA Essentials stamp,
"From the Studio of Partly Paper"
distressed using TH's Vintage photo distress ink.
Created a tag book to add journaling to...

Close-up shot of details...

Added this photograph here {temporarily}
*need to get photo paper out of studio & reprint*
Off to catch up with the other layouts I've yet to do...

A few of the cards I created and calendar for p. 365...

{I couldn't resist giving one of these to a specail friend. I hope you get well soon.}
and this,
this is to help keep me on track
with p. 365 in conjunction with
my blog and written journals.

Thursday, Feb. 10th
Did some stamping; Created some cards.
{I'll upload them in a bit...}
In The Evening
Don and I hung out at home, stamping, cutting cards, embossing with the cuttlebug TOGETHER! This is the first time he has ever said "Is there anything I can do to help you? when it comes to paper crafting. Needless to say, I was "like, well, yeah." So we sat and I demonstrated, then he went to work stamping images, helping me cut them out, index them and some of the cricut items I've cut out. Then, he embossed some card sized panels for me using the Cuttlebug folders and the Sizzix. It was so nice of him to do this for me! Thank you, Baby!!!
Later, once he ventured off to watch TV and get comfy for the evening, I worked on creating another project 365 page for Feb. 18th's Road Trip. {I wanted to capture the "journaling aspect" of this day while it was still fresh in my mind.} and then, it was time for me to start cleaning up and get ready for bed myself.
{note to self: Add the Cat's Life Press Stamp to my page for this day. I sweetly remember this stamp while cleaning up and getting ready for bed.}
"It's Late, my Love,"
he whispered
"That's enough stamping
for one night...
it's time for bed."
On Friday a.m. we both had a chiropractor appointment; then,
I had a great day hanging out with friends yesterday afternoon and later in the afternoon, Don was able to join us for some fun, good times, and conversation. We decided to have dinner at the Moose; it's been awhile since we've eaten there and Don loves their Fish-N-Chips {as I call it; it's actually Walleye and Fries}. Our friend's seemed to really enjoyed their dinners too, and I know I did! That Chicken Cordon Bleu was delish! Afterwards, we return to their home and played a couple rounds of Euchre before we returned home for the evening.
{I won't mention that who won for the second time around, my friends, okay?}
This morning I installed my ink into my printer so that I could print off the photographs that I need to add to the previously created p. 365, cleaned up my craft area {a bit before a completely new mess :) by adding photos and journaling to those same pages. I also filled out a 2009 calendar with notes to track which is my Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, etc. since I began later and added little "reminder" notes {actually taken from my posts here on my blog! See that was a great idea for me to make a page about my blog --- its such a big part of my life!
Okay, enough ramblin'...
I'm off to upload some of my updated pages, and hopefully, create a few more!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter re-runs....

I started to type "winter returns..." for my title, but in my heart it feels more like "winter re-runs" as I'm am so yearning for Spring! Can you believe this was the view from my computer this morning around 6:45 a.m.? Of course, the snow would vary in intensity over that period of time, but for a few moments we were experiencing white out conditions.
{I thought perhaps my sister in Texas may be missing this right about now, LOL! Are you sure you don't want come up for a visit? I assure you it was very different yesterday, with its teases of sunshine, warmer temps...and that yearning for Spring, even if was only in my heart.}
Don and I had a wonderful timeyesterday. We enjoyed one another's company while we took a short road trip to Polaris. Our first stop was Home Goods, where I picked 3 matching glass canisters with label holders on the front of them to use for craftstorage; [and yes, baby. I'm still kicking myself for not picking up those dishes I really, really loved. We may have to go back.]
Our next stop was Michael's, where I discovered a Making Memories Embellishment Storage Box on clearance. I thought it would perfect for allowing me to go through my embellishment cases in the studio, so take I could take whatever I desired to have close at hand with me inside, yet organized.
Then, we stopped at PetSmart. Picked up Chaos' dog food and a new leather collar. I always worry his will break and I won't have another one one hand, so I've been watching this one a little more closely. We browsed in Kirkland's
I made a dash into B&N's to obtain the latest copy of Stamper's Sampler. Of course, I couldn't help but notice all the Somerset Studio publications on the shelves. Somerset Studios. Sew Somerset. Somerset Life. Artful Blogging. Somerset Memories. Stamper Sampler. {I didn't see the new Art Journaling - I'd would probably picked it up for inspiration with my project 365} Anyways, being in that aisle, is like being in heaven! So much eye candy to look at! But have you noticed the prices of some of these "magazines"? I think perhaps I'm going to have to start submitting my work so I can start receiving a few free copies; a girl could broke lusting after all of these and desirin every issue! LOL!
Before, you knew it, we off once again. This time to browse to TJ Maxx, pick up some Jamician coffee for a couple friends; then, on to JoAnn's Etc. where I found the 12"x24" Cricut mat, but didn't purchase one. We stopped for a wonderful dinner before returning to our hometown and visiting with friends for the evening. It was a wonderful day!
Earlier today, I made my way out to the studio, MM Embellishment Box in hand. As I worked to fill up all the little compartments, I was amazed at the amount of stuff this box holds.
I'm desiring to capture a photo of it filled today, along with the jars, for yesterday's project 365 photo. {Can you believe, I forgot to take my camera... and never once thought to use my cell phone?}
I went through and picked out some Spring colored and themed cards from my stash for inspiration to create some cards. I gathered up some pastel cardstock and printed papers. Then, I found myself desiring some of my wood mounted stamps so I packed up a bag and emptied two acrylic shelves, then refilled them with the above theme stamps only. Four trips later, I was back in the house, sitting at the table stamping my heart out!
{I needed a break so I thought I'd update my blog quickly! I'm off to either make some cards or catch up with my project 365 pages.}
Chat soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tuesday Adventures....

Little Miss arrived, bearing gifts of nature once again, so I was able to capture this photograph of her gifting me with an old, dried up leaf from our front yard. It was so funny as she made Daddy carry her up to the house from the car, but once inside, had to do a U-Turn to grab me a leaf. LOL! {At least now I have a great photo to go with the previously picked up leaf.}

And you know, "I wanna make cards!" followed very quickly.
Well, today, we had to improvise as I just wasn't prepared this time around. No cards cut or folded - no problem Alexxis can do that. {Hey! They may not be the straightest cuts or folds but bless her heart, she tries. LOL!} So, what's grandma to do? Well, drag out the Sizzix and the Cuttlebug dies; surely she's able to emboss...
Warnings we're issued re: what parts of the machine to keep our fingers out of and why, so Alexxis opted to help me bring the handle down only, making certain to tell me,
"Watch your fingers, MaMa!"
and all of us crafter's know how hungry all that paper playing makes us...
so Alexxis needed to stop and eat a bowl of fruit.

and "our" cuttlebug creations...

before the bike, the TV {gotta have Noggin on!}, climbing all over grandma, and Chaos became a bit more interesting! I didn't get a thing created for my next several pages for project 365 but I had just enough energy left to journal about our day.

Probably needless to say, Alexxis can certainly wear me out. By 8 o'clock, this girl was heading for bed! Yes, Me. Too many trips to the frig. prepping food, feeding, cleaning up afterwards, making dinner... picking up toys, picking up Alexxis - yeah! I know... taking the dog out, letting the dog in...playing Chutes and Ladders {Hey! We can make it to almost "twenty" now before she loses interest. Thankfully, Don pitched in and did up the dinner dishes! But I wouldn't trade one minute of our time together for anything else.
Love you, sweet girl. Mama.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Photo for today....

While uploading and creating the previous posts, I couldn't help but to notice this:

Faithful Canine Companion.
Never too far away.
that he cannot be at my side
at a moment's notice.
{I love you, my loppy-old earred buddy!}

project 365... Birthday layout, thoughts about my age...

The "overall" page...and how it's laid out...
{photos captured in various stages of creating...}

Close-up of some of the little details...
{I've enclosed a card, a tag, and I label I've created {along with "more"
The tag says, "What an amazing day!"
The card's journaling was inspired {and completely LIFTED} from someone's siggy I had read on 2P's that day. It touched me and reflected my feelings on this day, making it perfect for using!
"Life is short..
break the rules;
forgive quickly,
kiss slowly,
love truly,
laugh uncontrollably,
and never regret anything that made you smile."
{If this is your siggy and your quote, I'd be more than happy to credit it to you! Shoot! I probably should have asked in advance! Please accept my apologies.}
and the label, is a Making Memories "old school stash" Birthday definition that I layered over some product packaging {from K&Co. Life's Journey} and an embossed paper.
just because.
I'd completed some writing in my personal written journals about my thoughts and feelings about turning 48! {Did I just admit how old I am? LOL!} Now, I just need to re-write them and attach that page inside.

I believe I'm going to simply do a pamphlet stitch along that fold to hold it. The good news is adding these small tag books and creating things like this, provides me plenty of room for journaling and photographs.

Also, I'll be adding some photographs of my day!
{I'm thinking I'll probably just make a mosaic of these pages once all my photographs and journaling is added} and I'm certain there will be times, when I won't share my journaling that is more personal and private. I often feel like I'm going out on the limb now, LOL!
But it's a great feeling!

project 365 {recently created pages}...

I apologize for the low light of this photograph... {it was a little cool to go outdoors and the indoor lighting makes it even funkier... but here goes....} page 5/365...
my tags... and tag book...

I tore and adhered a sheet of printed paper from of one my favorite paper lines! Adhered tags and tag book, leaving plenty of room for any add'l journaling and the PHOTOS.
{I haven't forgotten them... just haven't added them as of yet. Possibly due to too lazy to clear off countertop so I can pull printer out and install ink cartridges or either not enough time... I'll let you decide... {wink}...
Close-up of tag book with some quotes/journaling on the front sides...
I did a "the purpose of my project 365" tag book for a sort of title page.
*added these quotes*
Embrace each new endeavor with your heart {heart is hand drawn}
the rest will take of itself.
{I made a notation... "I AM SO trusting this!"}
I AM so loving the path I am on RIGHT NOW.
I hope to see the beauty of things around around me...
just as they are.
The most precious gifts.
This is what I want to capture.
I love being free to be who ever I want to be,
& I look forward to becoming.

my personal journaling on the reverse...
(collected from many random thoughts from my written journals)

"Instead of looking at my world being ALWAYS full of possibilities and seeking what "could be,"
I really desire to take at least one moment everyday just to savor the
"here & now." I'm hoping that project 365 provides me the opportunity to speak about the things that MATTER TO ME. {and I hope I grab it with both my hands & my heart!}
I desire to delve deep down inside myself in a way I've never done before.
That... "in this moment, I __________ <--- (insert whatever here).
I'm thankful for whatever reason, this matters to me! I hope to do this without being paralyzed by fear. I know its all here {another hand drawn heart} somewhere. I just need to look to discover it.
Every day is cause for a celebration."

The tag at the upper left corner is stamped with a journaling stamp...
{I'll let you know who makes it when I find that info}, then journaling was added. It simply reads, "opening my eyes, making observations"
and the small tag holds the


taken from the backside of the bar code scan label of Danielle Steele's Honor Thyself novel I'm currently reading. {very slowly - I might add, LOL!}

As you can see there's plenty of room for a some photographs and the cover of Danielle's book.

My birthday and weekend update....

Saturday turned out to be a fabulous day!
I slept in a little, enjoyed my morning cup of coffee at the computer, checked and answered a few emails, visited a few bloggin' friends, scattered a few kind comments around, spent a few moments with my hubby before he went to work, then, it was time to get myself ready for my birthday lunch date with Amber, Chris, and Alexxis.
Since Don had to work, earlier in the week, Chris offered to take me out for lunch to celebrate. We had an enjoyable time at Applebee's , then, returned to their home to visit . It was wonderful having time to catch up with my dear daughter and her family. {And can I add in here, just how proud I am of her! She's certainly an amazing woman... I wonder if I tell her that often enough?} Anyways, we caught up a bit with each other's lives, shared some laughter, strolled down memory lane, and tried to calm Little Miss! who was having "a terrible two's" day.
After working, Don was able to meet up with us and he helped Chris go to pick up a new mattress and box springs for Alexxis' big girl Princess bed at home. {Bye, Bye Toddler crib!}
I felt so blessed as I watched Alexxis attempt to make her bed with the new bedding set we'd purchased her at Christmas, although, it wasn't easy when the tantrums came as she got frustrated, but wanted no help! After that fiasco, we returned home and friends of ours came over to play some Euchre. So, all in all, it was a quiet evening, spent enjoying our home, love, and laughter that friends share.
Thank you, each and everyone one of you! {for the cards, comments, and gifts, but more importantly, for helping me celebrate my birthday.}
After our company had left, {we made it an early evening...}
I continued to work a bit more on my project 365, finishing up a few loose ends. I went back and added some journaling to the pages I'd previously created and finished a a tag book I started the evening before. {I was down several pages due to my birthday weekend... and creating my previous pages...}
The tag book is double sided, titled "the purpose of my project 365" included is some quotations on the front sides, and my personal journal writing on the reverse side. I used a small ball chain to keep them all together and tied on a rick rack shaped piece of crushed velvet.
I stamped another journaling stamp and added some journaling to it. Then, created another small tag. {I really love this one! It was one of those "happy little accidents". When I peeled off the price sticker off of Danielle Steele's Honor Thyself book, I discovered that on the reverse side of the scan barcode and price label, the title of the book and those two simple little words that have been meaning so much to me lately:
Honor Thyself.
{Of course, I had to save it so I can journal about the book and the discovery!}
And I wrote in my actual journal some thoughts about my birthday, my age, and my thoughts on all that!
On Sunday, Don and I puttered around the house... mostly cleaning up, from my lack thereof this week. While working on my artwork, creating these pages, documenting my thoughts and ideas, I have to make some sacrifices, so what if the vacuam isn't ran or the house didn't get dusted... It isn't like it is going anywhere! And I was so right; it was still here on Sunday!!!! LOL!
After helping me with the house, Don and I visited the Flea Market and Deli to pick up some luncheon meat for lunches this week. It was a good time, seeing people who I used to see every weekend, checking out what's new, who's new, seeing what's happening there. We took a stroll through the Antique place. Although, I saw a lot that captured my eye, we didn't purchase a thing... well, except for a small pepperoni and cheese pizza from Shabby's Pizza. All that walking made up both realize that breakfast hadn't stayed with us for long.
Once back home, we watched "Momma Mia" OMG! I loved it! The scenery is to die for! The set, the props, the costumes... It's a must see movie; You gotta see if you already haven't!
Afterwards, I made my way out to the studio! {Gasp! You know what that means!!!!} Yep! I gathered some supplies to drag into the house. But, in my defense, I believe I did good.
I grabbed an empty 12x12 album, a box of page protectors, emptied a 12x12 plastic holder for storage! {see I was thinking! In the the "here" and "now" moment...}
Next, I gathered some embellishments that I could use, some printed paper, and who knows what else...
I did get it all sorted: cardstock, printed paper, scraps in the storage box,
and embellishments sorted and stored in another container.
Then, I created another project 365 page, catching me up!!!!
{I'll capture photographs of my pages later and add in the little details. There's not as much distressing on these pages due to "attempting to get caught up" but I love them, just as they are... and they are an accurate reflection of how I am in real life.... sometimes, loving the clutter; sometimes, loving "simplicity"."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...

This, my friends, is my most cherished vintage Valentine's Day postcard. I love the embossing on this. The border, the bird, the flowers, the individual blades of grass, and a bird bearing a four leaf clover, what's not to love?
Whatever you're doing today, I hope your day is filled with love & laughter, family & friends,
and lots, and lots of chocolate!
Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

project 365...

It's amazing how the subjects that are truly near and dear to my heart are coming more and more to my attention. I love how I took notice of my blog header yesterday and felt inspired to create this page. I used the cricut {Plantin Schoolbook} to cut out the the two "P's" and with a little trial and error, finally figured out how to manever the Stone Script so that I can weld some of the lettering together. Perhaps, the calligraphy would have been a better choice for me, but that's really neither here or there.
The rough cuts on my lettering were created accidentally when I adjusted the pressure off to medium, thinking that the K & Company cardstock wouldn't need as much pressure as the Bazill did. I was wrong! So, the jagged edging occured because I simply inserted the mat again and cut it again. Hopefully, I remember how I achieved this look later when I really desire to use it. I added in some charcoal black chalk to the lettering, then outlined it carefully using a Sharpie mini! {that's hard to capture in a photograph!}
Not everything in these photographs is actually attached to the page.
Only the 2 P's, the script spelling out the remainder of "Partly Paper" and the bottom
left corner details. I used an old, old prototype business card that I had designed for Partly Paper and since it included our old home telephone number, I added a postage page from a recent newsletter I'd received and a pop-dotted stamp clock. The swirl is another cricut
creation from the Home Decor cartridge.

In the first photograph, there's a sheet of K & Company cardstock set aside. I want to make an envelope or a pocket to hold a small tag style booklet, {perhaps, I'll use some of my chipboard coasters}with some of my favorite things about my blog tucked safely inside. The handwritten strip reads "est. Friday, December 31" and I want to cut the year {2004} out in about a 1" size to add yet.

The tag is walnut inked and stained and my journaling one reads,
"first post...

The Dreaded First Page

Things I collect:
art supplies, buttons, vintage images, epherma, and books.

I haven't gotten my blog header printed yet, but it will be added in here someway, somehow, along with some journaling of what blogging means to me and to wrap it all up, I may include whatever my last post is the day I finally this layout {or even yesterday's post/s} with a notation like "five years later" and "I'm still blogging" and I want to include at least one of my "From the Studio of Partly Paper" stamped images.
Yep! I'm gonna need that "mini-book" LOL!

Thank you, all my family and friends who visit, who comment, but most of all, "just being there".