Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oh, Just Quickly, Let me show you this...

Do you see it? Wanna know what it is? Do you remember all the trouble I've had with attempting to figure out where to put a table for four or six within our kitchen? Well, recently Don and I had a major discussion regarding our kitchen, while we were actually in the kitchen. Together, we began brainstorming for ideas.
It began with removing the existing table and chairs and simply creating a small eat in area for just the two of us. We kept fooling ourselves, thinking it would be enough, simply because that is what fits into our cookie cooker budget, LOL! Then, I mentioned that if money wasn't an issue, what would we really do? and things seemed to escalate from there.
When we first remodeled our kitchen a few years ago, our main focus at the time was to simply upgrade the cabinetry, counter tops from when our home was originally built in the 1950's. Although I had a few ideas, we had neither the time, money, or energy to actually accomplish most of them. Now, we honestly wish that we wouldn't have rushed it! We could have done this!!!
What's changed my thinking? Well, the laminate counter... for one. The placement of our gas stove and opposite breakfast bar for another; putting the previously existing cabinets back in the back portion of our kitchen., and not having it as functional as it could have been. What a costly mistake!
Anyways, this idea isn't going to happen for some time. It's a very long way down the road but it's what both of us now want. It involves running a new gas line to another wall {where the large table sits currently}, adding in a base and overhead cabinets, counter tops on both sides, a back splash, lighting, and an exhaust fan. {the drawing doesn't show all that as I didn't put them in... but that's the finished idea}...
We'd love to remove and replace the laminate counter top with either Corian or Granite! We're thinking, if we're going to do this, it will be granite! Although, we're not ruling out any other ideas such as soapstone or concrete out just yet! Just trying to think about what's honestly feasible in our area and today's market; although we've no thoughts of selling. Ever.
It means removing one overhead cabinet from the south wall which we'd be able to utilize next to the stove, and possibly adding a base cabinet and counter top beside the refrigerator. Perhaps, even including a built-in for the microwave??? We'd replace the refrigerator with the freezer's current position.
Where our stove is currently located with the breakfast bar behind it, we'd like to remove the small cabinet next to the stove. This would allow us to removing all the counter tops so that a new one could forms 52"x60" large rectangle that would actually function both as table and a center island between the two rooms! The end of the counter top would remain open so that two additional bar stools could be used to increase the seating from four to six!
The freezer would be moved out entirely and a new pantry added where the refrigerator is currently located, and doors would cover it entirely.
Along the west wall, in the back portion or our kitchen, we'd remove the cabinets --- both upper and lower and replace them with a home office area featuring open shelving up both sides. We'd also remove the small table that's currently there, replace it with small sitting area, a pair of chairs and a small side table. {One of the chairs could be utilized for the home office area and moved if needed for a cozy setting area when we have family and friends over.}
The only question now is, when am I going back to work so that we can save the money to do this? That's the only way that I can see it happening! But isn't it cool? I'd so love this... and it's perfect for our home, agree?

A "Naked" Post...

No, I'm not sitting at my computer without any clothes on, LOL! I simply mean that this post won't be featuring any photographs, therefore, this post is naked. I don't care for "naked posts" but honestly, I have nothing fabulous to show you, unless you wanna see what 79 labelled CD cases of unmounted rubberstamps look like... I assure you that's about as boring as it gets.
I've diligently been working on my unmounted stamp storage this week and I am happy to say that I've completely filled 79 of those CD cases. {I would have never imagined that a gallon ziplock baggie could hold so many unmounted stamps, although I wouldn't recommend it as a storage solution, LOL!} Now, to figure out where the cases are going to go. I had originally intented to keep the stained CD box on the work surface counter, however, I quickly began to realize how much space that would take up, how easy it would be to knock the entire thing over, and what would happen to them once they landed on the concrete floor. I don't suppose that was the smartest thought I've ever had! So, I'll be persuing some other thoughts and ideas on where and how to actually store these. {Does it ever really end?}
I've discovered that I really had no idea just how time-comsuming all this organizing was going to be when I first began. Today, I'm resisting the urge to run away to the studio and play! But my heart tells me that if I don't stay focused now, that this will probably never get done.
I recently joined another Yahoo group called Organized Studios which has motivated me a bit. I found a great article written by Vickie Enkoff. The pdf file has some wonderful thoughts and ideas in it, however, some of them I just cannot imagine finding the time to do. One suggestion is to make to a list of what you desire to do in any space over the next six months to a year. Well, I haven't actually done that but I do have some realistic ideas and thoughts on what I desire the finish studio to be. Therefore, I'm skipping that step. I really don't need anything interfering with my recent progress and I now know just how easy it is to get myself sidetracked doing something else. I've done that for over two years now, LOL! and that is why I'm trying to focus on it now.
I, also, realize that there's some things that are currently working and there are things that are not. So, I'm attempting to work on the "this isn't working" things first. Of course, there's almost always a challenge or an obstacle that gets in the way, such as I don't have certain items I need to really do things the way I truly desire so I know I'll have to improvise for awhile. Unless a money tree just so happens to sprout up in our back yard, I'm doing what I can with what I have to work with. To be absolutely honest, I never realized that I spend so much $$$ on the cd cases and the labelmaker with refills. Although, I'm discovering that I don't regret it for one moment! It's finished and I am proud of all my hard work and the effort it took for me to get here!
The sad part is that I know that this project isn't actually over... I still have my wood mounted stamps to conquer yet, and I don't believe that their gonna fit the way they use to as I've purchased so many more from when we designed the stamp cabinet. I may just have to resort to unmounting some of them which means more CD cases to purchase, work on, and finish. Though somehow, I keep telling myself and attempting to believe that it will all work out just fine.
Well, I'm outta here... heading out to see what disaster awaits me and what damage I can do. Why is that in order to organize one thing, you gotta make a mess of another? And if you just happen to stop by and see me staring at a book, cutting out the pages, attemping to alter the covers, do me a favor and knock it out of my hands and slap me. You have my permission! Now isn't the time to begin an altered book, perhaps, I should chant, "Alter; Falter" as I make my way out there! LOL! See ya soon......

Monday, August 25, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Studio organizing resumes...

While puttering around in the studio last week, I was reminded that I needed to get my unmounted rubber stamps organized. I've discovered that I use very little of them, mainly because I inadvertedly avoiding digging through them because they were haphazardly tossed into a gallon size ziplock. I knew what was there, but there was no real way for me to access them.

Years ago, I had an idea for organizing them, although that never seemed to happen. Thankfully, I had hung onto the supplies that I'd need to make this work. One of them involved staining an old CD crate, which managed to stain the week I was without the computer. There were still some obstacles that I needed overcome, mainly purchasing the supplies that I'd need to make the rest of this work.

So, I discussed my thoughts with Don while we were on one of our road trips, and he encouraged me to begin making those purchases, even if it meant a little at a time. so, when we returned to town, he stopped so I could purchase 24 of the CD cases that I'd need in the future. Thankfully, I made a list of the items and kept it with me, because I never expect him to tell me to purchase those items while we out running errands yesterday afternoon; nor did I imagine that he would actually pay for my purchases. It must have been my lucky day, and I'm still wondering why I didn't ask for a vacation, LOL!

Anyways, I was so excited that I made my out to the studio to gather up all the supplies I would need at the first opportunity I got! While we spent the evening watching, {well, listening to, in my case...} the TV together, I worked, {I use that term loosely, as it didn't seem like work... } on sorting, stamping an index, laminating the index, and placing the stamps upon them, and finally managed to get them into the CD cases, as well as, the spine labelled! Once completed, the CD's were placed in the CD holder and I beamed!!! Isn't this neat? Not to mention, so easy to carry back out to the studio!

The gallon size ziplock is nearly empty! What stamps are inside of it are sorted, and the additional stamps that are still in their packages and in the 3 ring binders are ready and waiting. I have everything else that I'll need to finish this once I purchase another package of CD's. Anyone willing to "spring" for them? LOL!!!

Little by little, my studio is beginning to take on a new shape and functionality. The house maybe is a mess but the studio is beginning to look great! Actually, I planning to do some housework, make some crockpot meals over the course of the next several days, so I can be free to go tackle something else...}

Saturday, August 23, 2008

CED ~ 2008

Although I know in my heart, I'm not quite ready to let go of the last days of summer, I couldn't resist picking up this beautiful vase and autumn silk floral stems when Don and I were in Michael's previously. Autumn has always been my favorite season of the year so it's no surprise seeing all their fall floral arrangements inspired me to create one of my own.
I also loved that the vase was on clearance and most of the floral stems on sale, well with the exception of one. For less than $20, this truly warms my heart when I see it. I could very easily live with all these colors, they are so warm and welcoming. Did you notice how pretty this arrangement works in our living room? Hmmm... if I didn't already have so many things I desire to do, I'd seriously consider utilizing this color scheme in my home. {Of course, I have to wonder just how well I'd love it come Christmas, and Springtime, and Summer rolls back around once more, LOL!}

Thursday, August 21, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Puttering & creating...

After puttering around in the studio yesterday and not actually accomplishing anything, I soaked in the jacuzzi for a while until Don and I made a stop into our local Hobby Store so I could purchase a few more strands of trim. I've seen some beautiful tassels created on and and desired to take my hen and chick ornament and turn it into a tassel and have it hanging off it's usual spot on one of our kitchen cabinet's knobs. The black bullion fringe was part of a piece I had left over from my previous shower curtain project so I put it to good use here. I'm thinking the remaining trims could be utilized in the altered book, when I finally get around to starting on it.
I also wanted to mention an issue of trust, especially when one is in a big box store. No one was in the fabric department when I carefully choose what trims I wanted and no one came when I rang the bell at the fabric cutting counter. However, laying on the counter were a pair of scissors, the blank tickets they write up, and a pen, so I cut my own trim, wrote up the order, left the trim laying on the counter {just in case someone needed to check my trim lengths and prices out}. When we made our way to the check out counter, I explained to the sales clerk that there was no one there to assist me so I took the liberty to cut and write up the slip myself. The sales clerk didn't bat an eyelash as she rang up my order! However, I did notice that she'd noticed there were real no really significant lengths to the trims, I'd only cut a maximum of a half yard of one. Figuring she wondered what I was creating with it, I told her what I'd seen online and desired to create myself. She must also be into crafts, or possibly an artist, or something, besides "just doing her job" because she even pitched in with some suggestions of item that they carry that would make some amazing tassels! I loved it! It was a relief to carry on a conversation, especially after being in a few big box stores previously where not one person said a word to us as we browsed and another salesclerk only asked, "Did you find everything okay?" No acknowledge of our presence in their stores, no "Hello's" or "Have a good day/evening" or whatever. Wouldn't you think with the economy in the US today, you'd at least hear a "Thank you for shopping with us." Well, I'm not one to complain, especially when it comes to the issue of trust. I know it certainly beats being followed around a store by an employee as if you cannot be trusted! Perhaps, time are changing for the better...
{I'm still haven't decided on any decorating changes to our bathroom so I'm going to allow my thoughts on it to "brew" for awhile. I'm still open to suggestions...} And I may just move that black painted chair out to my studio. While I was in there yesterday, that idea struck me. It would make a nice contrast to my wooden stamping table and the oak veneer slat wall behind it. I love possibilities! {especially when they seem to work out like that!}

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On another note...

I made some progress in the studio yesterday. I cleared half of the "L-shaped center island's top and utilized that space to sort through and get four boxes of supplies put away! Okay, two boxes were greeting cards that I obtained for $1.00 I put them in three photo storage boxes and those are plum full! Sorting them into categories is on the "some day" list; getting them out of the boxes and off the floor was my main goal.
I sorted and organized two of the three drawer organizers. One is filled with adhesives, the other an assortment of tags, envelopes in a variety of sizes and papers such as vellum and glassine, and some small craft boxes.
I tackled my "paper scraps". Meaning, I gathered all the loose ones up that were scattered about the studio and housed them in a plastic paper storage container. Then, I began getting some of my unmounted stamps into what empty CD holders I had on hand at the time. A trip to Office Depot last night for 24 new ones, should store the remaining stamps along with a little room to grow!
I swept a large section of the floor after removing the previously mentioned four boxes and resisted the urge to work on a decorating project. I'll be heading out there in just a few to put in a couple more hours... this is going to take me some time as most of the things needing to be done are time-consuming little things like sorting, then organizing them where they'll permanently live... but I'm making some progress, as well as attempting to use what I have available to me vs. having to make any further purchases for storage. I've started a list of items I've an abundance of that will one day get purged from the studio, something else on the good old "To Do" list that never seems to end! LOL!

What to do with this?....

I captured two photographs, one with the overhead light on {below} and without it, so you could see the actual lighting fixture {above photo}. Please excuse my reflection and note that I'm in the process of replacing the clear light bulbs with cool white bulbs --- gradually waiting for them to burn out, LOL! Also, we don't have any $$$ set aside or saved to make any changes to this space, but I do have Kilz primer and flat black paint on hand. A can of silver spray paint, we can afford, LOL!

My thoughts are to remove the light bulbs, prime and paint the light fixture entirely... an inexpensive silver spray paint for the actual outside of the light sockets, and then black to the wood laminate portion. Spray paint the wooden frame of the mirror silver. Then, remove the hardware from the sink cabinet base, prime and paint it black. Replace the hardware with polished silver and add a new rug to the floor in front of the sink.

{Adding wood trim, either stained or painted, to the top of the paneling and the corners of the short wall is already being planned into our small budget for this make over.} One day, we'd love to update the lighting and the fixtures in our bath --- for the time being, these must say the same as they are shown here. Any thoughts on my ideas? I could use some help...

CED ~ 2008 - It's All in the Details...

I mentioned previously some of the accomplishments that I made while I was without my computer, so today I took a few photographs of some of the updates that I made to our home's only bathroom. The linen cupboard's top was cleared and cleaned off prior to updating it with a doily {taken from another room in our home}, a silk palm in a woven basket {a recent clearance purchase from Kirkland's}, and two of the apothecary canisters which we already had. I love the sparceness of it now, it was too cluttered before. I sat on the rug and hand-sewn the bullion fringe onto the shower curtain in all of 15 minutes. It was the perfect solution for the shower curtain that shrunk upon washing and allowed 2 1/2 - 3" of the shower liner to show! I love that quick fix, what a wonderful decorating solution.

The framed picture is another recent purchase, that helped to fill a previous bare spot. The print has a soft quality to it and the colors worked perfectly in this room. The paint has been in this room for several years now, and I still love it as much today as I did the day that I painted it. It a slate gray/green color that seems to change depending upon the lighting, although I no longer remember the brand name or the color, I'm thinking it's Valspar? Anyways...

The above wall grouping was completed without costing us a thing! I previously had everything pictured here. Previously the nature print in the center of the grouping hung all by itself and looked so lost and all alone all by itself. Moving the bird hooks to this wall and by adding a piece of the matching wallpaper border {that I'm thankful now for never getting around to getting it hung} to a pair of small frames. I'm still considering whether or not to paint the frames black and use a touch of the red paint from the kitchen to paint the ball portion of the bird hooks; both ideas would tie in wonderfully with the shower curtain! What you think? Paint them or leave them alone?

Here is where I have to issue a disclaimer! I was totally against this idea, but sometimes you gotta go with the flow! I desired beadboard for the bathroom and someone else {hmmm...} decided to go with paneling... I won't mention any names... I'm just saying! So, I've done my best on making it work! Although, I do have to give credit where credit is due, and say that I ever so thankful that the previous person was in complete agreement with me on the "faux laminent" trim, so we removed it! Adding wood, real wood, either stained or paintedtrim is on our "To Do" list... until then, we'll do what we do and simply make it do.

The photograph below is an experiment by "yours truly". It is another "update" and "To Do" project that I'm on the fence about. Painting laminate pieces that are in dire straights of updating... I agree with so many others that doing so is an inexpensive solution to problems areas of one's home, but I have to admit that I am one of what seems a dying breed of Traditional style decorating. With that said, I thought I should note that the bathroom in our home has seen it's fair share of changes over the years. This room has been "redone" prior to my arrival... the sink area is now located in what was once a hallway that led to the nursery/laundry area. By walling and closing that area off, we were able to put our laundry room on the opposite side of the wall, and one the first floor of our home {to get it out of the half basement. It was a wonderful solution!} and make for more room in what was previously a "cramped and crowded" bathroom.

So, what's the problem? Let me show you... {I'm putting that in a separate post... and would love some feedback as far as what improvements we could make --- inexpensively as possible...}

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CED ~ 2008 - Thoughts, Ideas, & Accomplishments...

My thoughts are once again returning to re-organizing my studio. I know that I need to start with clearing off my work surfaces - eg. center island and stamping table. Those areas are covered with remenants of a past project, some previous organizing efforts, and supplies taken out of our home. Although it's hard to tell in the photograph above, but that is actually a large tote filled with craft supplies I won at an auction for $1.00 I was elated. {At least until the realization set in that I'd have to sort and organize it along with several other boxes, LOL!} There's some good stuff in here that I can utilize and one very unique item --- I've never seen anything like it in all my years of creating one sort of craft or another. I'll have to remember to capture a photograph of it, perhaps, someone has seen it or knows something about it, or could share some information on how its created.
And does anyone know or have any idea what those clear acrylic containers are for? My first thought was for thread spool storage... but I haven't tried storing a thread spool within them yet. The second one has smaller raised forms, perhaps for threaded bobbins? Anyone????
I suppose if they don't work for that, I may be able to find some other use for them... altering perhaps, if nothing else.
The shelf is another project... I'm uncertain whether to strip the stain off or to give it a thorough cleaning and paint it black.

Speaking of painting, I still have to touch up the kitchen. I've also been considering painting my studio! {gasp! Although that will be a long way down the road!} but I've been gathering ideas, and inspiration photographs of what I desire to do. That may include adding these plaques. I was a little put off when I first saw these plaques in Hobby Lobby a few months ago. These were made in China, but it was iobvious to me that they were "knock-offs" of Sid Dicken's Memory Blocks, which I'd love to be able to collect! At $68.00 per block, I opted to purchase these on clearance for $2.00 each {this is just a sampling of those I purchased, I ended up with 8 - each different.} I do, however, find them inspiring, as in wouldn't it be fun to play with some plaster and create your own? Hmmm.... definately, a maybe, someday project... in the meantime, I'm pondering whether to hang them in our home or in the studio. For now, their simply laying around, most still in the packaging!

Perhaps, after the studio is organized again, I can begin focusing my attention on completing a lot of "I've bought the supplies to complete" projects and begin decorating it in the dreams of what I desire for it to become.


My Crazy Quilt throw that I recently "patched" some more. I''m almost 2/3rds of the way with having this project fully patched and ready to begin embellishishing it. One day this will be added to my studio recliner, just as I envisioned it to when I began it a few years ago.

I'm off to the studio to get started! Hopefully, I won't get lost in there. Or side-tracked... although I know in my heart that I could accomplish so much more, if it were simply organized. I hope to have more art to share soon. Until then..... *smiles and waves*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Testing... photos...

I re-installed my camera software today, so I had to take a photograph of something --- you know, just to be certain that everything's working properly. So, I quickly took a picture of the yard sale chair that I refinished while without my computer this previous week.
It's really much more beautiful than shown here, the light in my living room is wonky today, due to the overcast Ohio skies. The paint is actually a flat black, so the chair isn't the least bit glossy as it appears here and the fullness of the leather covered seat will flatten with use so then I can straighten the row of furniture tacks on the right side. Thankfully, I purchased more than enough of those for this project.
I've been being quite lazy the past several days. My back and neck have been acting up like crazy so back to the chiropractor I'll go in another couple of days. Don and I will be taking Chaos out to the Pet Spa first, as there's no sense in me going to the chiropractor, then, having the dog pull me all back out of place. I suppose I'll just have to grin and bear it for another day.
My thoughts have been on getting out and re-organizing my studio, but I've decided to focus on cleaning our home and doing a bit of shopping so I can use the crockpot for meals. That will save me so much time, once I actually get back into "getting things done.
I'll post again soon and show you some of recent updates and the progress that I've made. Until then....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CED ~2008 - What a wild week!

Yeah! I got my computer back last night! Unfortunately, I lost everything and we weren't able to recover anything, but it is now up and running - working even better than before! We upgraded the Norton system and added a router to prevent an attack like that from ever happening again. I'll definately be saving and burning disks a lot more often. One of my first priorities, is learning to run a new burning program. I am truly thankful that my computer system wasn't completely ruined!
The good news is that I've had a very productive week! I've been writing in my journal, and one of the two that I purchased in May, is a bit over 3/4 full! My sketchbook is 1/3 of the way filled, and I spent some time sketching some ideas for an altered book, as well as drawing some everyday items discovered around our home. So far, I'm doing good keeping up with those!
Since last Monday, we've been to two auctions, one outside of Sandusky, Ohio, the other in Morrow county --- Don attended one with me, while I went to the other with friends. I was able to purchase some pretty amazing stuff {at wonderful prices, most only a $1 a box... although I did pay more for a few things}. Some of the items I got: a large old framed print, a box of old books - some perfect for altering, some with amazing images, a few filled with nothing but sheet music! A huge box of old and new cards, some glass candle votives, a good sized wicker box with a lid, a large outdoor light with 3 candle style lights inside that I want to clean, paint, rewire, and hang somewhere, possibly indoors, and an entire tote of craft items, that was quite an assortment.Perfect for use in creating artwork! At one auction, I spied some vintage sewing drawers, but we didn't stay long enough for them to get them, {sigh...}
I've accomplished quite a lot of things that have been on my "To Do" list. I began washing down the kitchen, in preparation of touching up the paint in the upcoming months, kept our home clean, and cooked a lot of homemade meals.
I stained an old cd holder that I've been desiring to stain for what seems like forever. I intend to use it on the surface of my studio island for holding my unmounted stamps, labelled of course! Purchasing some of the old blank cd cases is on my "wish list"...
I worked on patching my crazy quilt throw. I'm now happy to say that it's coming along nicely --- I've a 18"x 12" area to continue patching before it will be 2/3rds of the way done! I went back to it on Monday and added two more patches in a 15 minute mini session while allowing supper to simmer on the stove. I'm hoping to continue patching on it, so I can begin the embroidered embellishing seams this fall and winter.
Another set of new neighbors, down the road from us, were having a yard sale, so Don and I visited with them, welcoming them to the neighborhood, and I loaned them two of my long tables. We purchased a wood chair and a wooden shelf, both cheap! I worked on cleaning and painting the chair with a flat black enamel paint. While waiting for it to cure, we took a trip to Hobby Lobby and WalMart. At HL, I purchased 2 1/2 yards of black bullion fringe, a package of small wooden barrels, and a beautiful thick clay urn that was on clearance. I was desiring red bullion fringe, but they only had a burgandy, so I decided to go with black instead {of course, I bought some extra to create a tassel for our kitchen.}, and the new urn looks beautiful holding a silk plant we already had in our living room!
While cleaning the chair and removing a well-worn seat cover that had been nailed on, I discovered the chair originally had a leather seat, but it had dry-rotted. So at WalMart, I purchased 2/3 yards of leather, a seat cushion foam, and furniture tacks. Once home again, I set out to recovering it. It's now a finished project! although I'm uncertain of where we'll actually use it yet...
Later in the day, I sewed the black bullion fringe to the bottom of our shower curtain. It had shrunk when I last washed it, allowing the vinyl shower liner to show a good 2 1/2 - 3 inches. It was driving me nuts every time I saw it, so this was a good decorative fix!
We've taken several day trips, out of town, just to refresh our souls. At Home Goods
I found a beautiful print, that was perfect for our bathroom. It fills the wall space above the toilet, an area that I've wanted to do something with for some time! We also purchased a small silk fern in a dark wicker pot on clearance from Kirkland's. The following day, I scrubbed the bathroom, did a bit more de-cluttering, hung the new print, created a vignette on top of the linen cabinet, re-arranged some items in a wicker basket that's on the back of the commode, and put out fresh, clean towels.
Amazed at the difference these changes made, I pulled out two small frames that I had stored, replaced the pictures with a wallpaper border that matches the shower curtain {that I never quite seemed to get hung} and I created a grouping on another wall. These changes freshened the room up so much, that I'started a "To Do" List to complete it. I've been considering painting the bathroom sink cabinet black, along with the light fixture, but since re-decorating a little, I'm sort of one the fence about that, so I opted to paint an old wooden soap dish to see if I like it before taking that next step. For now, I'm allowing the ideas brew, while keeping my options open!
What else? We had Little Miss overnight and for a day visit. Both Don and I loved having her here. She's quite the character! We visited with my family for a little while, and visited friends for a night of card playing...
and so you don't all think I'm all work and no play, I did take a few days off to sit, relax, and read two new books: 1000 Journals and Living the Creative Life. So far, I'm love with both books.
I apologize for the long post, I suppose it comes from not having computer access the past week! I so missed blog-hopping, visiting with my internet friends, leaving comments, praising other's efforts, and catching up with their lives. I'm hopeful to have some pictures to share of these things soon, once I re-install the camera software. Until then... {*waves*}

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'll be AWOL for at least a few days...

GRRR!!! My computer was attacked with an .exe file on Monday and I am currently unable to log in even to Windows. Thankfully, a friend allowed me to use her computer to post here and check my email. My computer guru currently has my modem and I'm hoping he is able to recover my files, my photos, and restore my system. I'll update as soon as I am able. Thanks!