Thursday, October 26, 2006


Chaos is worn out from his recent adventures and is sleeping contently at the moment. I browsed online at Flickr today for some shrines and quickly changed my search to assemblage(s) which gave me more results of the nature I was searching for. I saw a lot that inspired me, more things I'd like to create, but nothing that inspired my current shrines.

I'm stumped on what/where to go with these shrines/assemblages. Maybe it just isn't the right time to be thinking about them. I can add the paint to the one and in the meantime simply allow the ideas to brew. I do know that I am desiring some simple found objects for the vintage one. I have the bird, the nest, and a speckled egg. The sheet music for the backdrop. I'm thinking of adding an actual feather somewhere. I'm lost as far as a quote, words, ect. go....... something will come to me, I'm sure.

I did remember that I have a huge pheasant wing in the studio. (Don't ask, LOL!) It was one of those things I seen in a bead, basketweaving store where I purchase my waxed linen thread from and just had to have for its uniqueness. I'm thinking once my assemblage is completed maybe I'll display it on the shelf with the wing beside, behind....

What gets me is I can see in my mind's eye, but not in the details that I need right now. So, I'm waiting.... waiting for the inspiration, the ideas, my muse....... In the meantime, I'm making a list of thoughts and ideas and a few sketches.

Crazy life...

I'm thinking there is a female dog in heat nearby. Chaos has been absolutely driving both Don and I bonkers. He has managed to slip out of his collors; well, he actually broke another leather one! {geesh!} and the second slipped out of. Now, I put these collars on him and you'd think that there is no way he's getting out of this one and then, well, Chaos becomes Houdini!!!

On Monday, we chased him in the truck. He managed to run 5 blocks in 5 seconds! Man, can he ever go when he is in "run mode". After finally giving up, returning to the truck, he comes to the truck and jumps in.

Last night, he slipped out of his collar while Don was attempting to bring him into the house. Scoots across the street {be still my heart!} and runs around the neighbors yards for 20-30 minutes. Don hopped in the truck, pulled in the neighbors driveway where Chaos proceeds to come up to the truck twice but turns and runs. Don returned home without the dog. I try to sweet talk him, bribing him with "puppy treats" ect. until I finally give up and tell him I'm going night-night and he'll just have to stay outside all night. I swear this darn dog understands every word I say, so he runs across the street and right into the house.

I am at my wits end with him. He can be so good, so gentle, so loving then in an instance turns into a total terror performing stunts like this. I've never had such a stubborn, bull-headed dog in my life! And honestly don't know what to do about this situation. I am aware of some of the solutions but unfortunately I'm out of financial resources to do anything at the moment... guess I'll just have to keep pulling my hair out with this one, hope he hurries up and grows up and settles the hell down some, and pray he doesn't get hurt while in "run off" mode!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I browsed through my gallery at 2Peas and can honestly say that it was an eye opening experience. I could see my artwork as it grew, evolved, and became; I could see the use of techniques as I learned them, and I could see how I am growing as an artist.

Some of the art that I created to shared there, looks really amateur-ish to me now, LOL! But I had to remind myself that each and every piece was a part of the journey of discovery and learning. As I browsed, and sort of personally critiqued each and every piece, I thought I could have made this better by {insert any variety of techniques here}. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but rather a learning experience. I realized that my artwork can be better if I take more of my time and think through the process as I am working. For quite some time now I've spent years learning techniques, studying and trying out different styles of artwork, that now I believe I am truly ready to begin incorporating them in a variety of ways into other pieces of artwork that I'll create. I noticed that I really need to slow down, to think more, to experiment more, and that a lot of my artwork is pretty but it could be better; some as simply as using a bit more layers in the creation. What an eye-opening experience! {*smile}

Great Mail Day...

Yesterday I received the last Art Idea Journal RR. The journal is Suzanne's of Quietfire Designs and is simply amazing! I especially loved Suzanne's sign in pages for her journal. She used 3 sheets of cardstock, each cut at varying lengths to accomodate the length of 2x2 glassine envelopes which were adhered at the bottom and placed side by side down the length of each page. Within each envelope is a metal rimmed tag for each participant to sign into. Every tag is decorated on one side in a variety of ways and is signed by the artist on the reverse. I couldn't wait to sit and browse throught the pages of the journal as each and every page is a masterpiece filled with examples of artwork techniques and instructions. Although I've seen these techniques and instructions in the previous 16 journals as this RR evolved; I am always amazed at how different each is within the structure that each participant created. Truly a work of art!

I currently have Mieke's journal in my possession. The longest part of my contribution is completed but I want to add in a page of coloring in rubberstamped images using the same technique that I shared using the Whimsical Writing page, and add in her requested "glue book" style page. I'll have to dig through my magazine images and come up with something for that before proceeding to decorating my sign in page. I'd like to finish up Mieke's journal by the end of next week, hopefully Christi will have completed her pages and have them to me by then.

I can work on Suzanne's Whimsical Writing pages in the evening, and complete the other page while creating Mieke's; this will save me some time. I've an idea for another page within Suzanne's journal that may take me a few hours to complete.

I, also, read in another group, that Lianne has received 3 decos and will be mailing me them one by one as she finishes them so I can work on those as I receive them and get them postal once again. Which is totally cool for me as I can continue working on my personal projects in between.

I'm also thinking it would be easy for me to create the bookmarks for a Christmas gift while working on Mieke's and Suzanne's pages as I'll have the same stamping and coloring supplies out at that time so this should all work out fairly well.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Shrines to date...

The sheet music has been spray painted with a light coating of the gold paint to assist with the aged appearance. I'm thinking I will add some walnut ink to it yet before cutting and adhering it within the bottom of the box behind the nest as nothing is adhered in as of yet. This will done after I add some more paint to the box itself. I'm thinking some medium tones browns and some whitewashed vanilla colored acrylic paints; not too much but enough just to tone the gold some along the inside walls and the outside of the box.
I haven't choosen any images or text to add but as far as placement of them go, I'm thinking an image inside the box lid and possibly extending the text on into and onto the sheet music background a bit or adding a medallion that will be created small and possibly centered into the box lid about a 1/3 of the way from the top and a banner added that extends around the inside sides of the box lid and placing my text upon it. I guess time will tell as it evolves, LOL!

Shrine progress...

I ran into a slight problem with the wooden box that I had spray painted gold. It is too heavy and unbalanced for the candlestick base due to the weight of the attached lid. Of course, I could have removed the lid, but I like it! So, I went back out to the studio to grab an actual birdhouse that I had picked up over the summer and sprayed painted it gold. It has a small finale on the top front but the wood one I picked up still fits back behind it and I like the looks of it. Now, I am working on creating two of them, LOL!

I'm thinking I'll make the birdhouse one in the Winter Whispers scene ---- possibly add some snow tex snow to it for a wintery theme piece that can be displayed in our home. The other will remain just the simple open box with the lid but shrine-like inside and I'll add to the interior of the lid as well and just allow it to sit on my shelves within the studio. I'm thinking this one will be more vintage in style and I'll use my white bird on it.

The ideas for its design are coming together somewhat although I'm uncertain of what ephermera and text I'll add. I have decided that I want to create a paper rosette or medallion for it though. Maybe I can find a small quote or section of one to add to a banner to coordinate with it. One thing I've learned is not to rush the process so while I'm working on Winter Whispers, I can think about my vintage one more. I'm envisioning it, I just need to figure out the details of actually creating it!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Today's "Masterpiece"...

In 2 short hours...

I've managed to accomplish alot! Also, I somehow turned into "Cathy Crocker", LOL! I've made a small pizza with pepperoni, smoked sausage, onions and green peppers for Don and I's lunch. Dinner, which will consist of baked steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and a veggie is started and in the oven. --- (I fixed us lunch since I wanted to slow roast the steak and we won't be eating again until after Don returns around 8:30 p.m. this evening.}

Inbetween preparing the pizza, yes, homemade from scratch, preparing the steak and getting it in the oven, I baked a two layer round chocolate 9" round cake and finished all the dishes!

I also made it out to the studio to grab my wood box, gold spray paint, a piece of sheet music, and my gesso. My box, candleholder, and the wood finale are now spray painted. Here shortly, I want to paint the sheet music with the gesso, and maybe? add a bit of golden's blue interference acrylic paint to the piece. I so love the little bird with its white feathers! I noticed on the tag it says, "Winter Whispers" so I thought there is a title for my artwork. Well... I wasn't intending this to be or become a winter piece of art but now I'm thinking I really don't have any winter themed big pieces of artwork in my studio, so why not?

I also have a bird nest to add, and I may take one or more of my brown speckled eggs to add to it. Beyond that, I have no idea how this will come together, but I'm excited about the process of it all. Hmmm, I may not accomplish much more if the ideas start to flow as I work but that's good, right?

I'm making some progress....

even thought I woke up with the beginning of a cold coming on. Hopefully, taking some cold meds now will halt it in its tracks before it really takes ahold of me. While checking my emails, groups, message boards, ect. Don vacaumed the bedrooms and living room. Just hearing the vacuam prompted me into action! I dressed, have done the majority of picking up, started on my cleaning, dinners about to be put in the oven. I just taking one of many small 15 minute breaks to accomplish other things so I don't burn myself out too bad, LOL!

In just a few, I'm heading out to the studio to grab my wooden box for my shrine and my gold spray paint so I can spray, wait for drying, turn and spray it again. I have my stamp for the bookmarks handy. And I'm actually "thinking" about cutting the book blocks for my journals; we shall see if I make it to actually accomplishing that. I don't want to get too sidetracked, LOL! so I think I should head out to the studio to do the straightening and re-organization of my supplies on the tabletops.

Well, I am off once again, my break is over......{*smiles}

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Oh! and in reference to my early post....

about "Living life to the Fullest".... Today I did dance in the rain, twirl between the raindrops, splash through some puddles, enjoy the rain on my face, the feel of wet clothes against my skin, feel the chill that is in the autumn air. Even if it was as we darted in and out of Garden Ridge!

I did get to delight in the colors of pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, and the newly fallen leaves from the trees.... except these were artificail and with in the aisles of Michaels, LOL!

I did take the road trip that I wanted and got to feel the vibrations of the wheels as they turn and turn across the highways and byways through my life... so 3 out of 4 isn't too bad!!! {*smiles*}

I am....

once again on "Inspiration Overload!" Have you ever had so many ideas, thoughts, desires, and wishes running around in head all at once that you thought or felt that if you don't do something your head is going to simply explode? Well, my friends, that's were I am at. After having another wonderful day today, with a little, as in very little, shopping, lots of browsing through the aisles of Garden Ridge and Michael's, I'm simply filled with good ideas. I did restraint myself to purchasing only a few things as I had set out to do, so I was a good girl. I purchased a wooden candlestick and wooden finale for my shrine that I've been desiring to create. I already have a wooden box to use, although I had to purchase a Christmas tree ornament of the cutest white curly feathered bird that you have ever seen. Other items were a chipboard block by Colorbox, I believe, since I have no chipboard other than the full sheets I use in my bookbinding. I cannot believe that chipboard pieces and tags have been on the market for so long and I just now getting around to purchasing any, LOL! But that's a good thing, right? That simply means I've been purging and using what I do have at my disposal vs. simply storing it... ha.ha.

My main thought behind purchasing what I did is there is enough in it to share with Amber and to use in Alexxis's scrapbook album which I really need to start on. However, I came to the realization that before I start yet another project, I should focus on the currently involved in ones, so I'm still setting my priorities. The good news is that I can gather ideas, make sketches, and do some note taking in the meantime.

The RR for the Art Idea Journals is nearing completion; the Deco RR is one away from me and is currently held up in the postal system and that is it as far as my artistic obligations are concerned. Therefore, I should be able to finally settle in and begin some serious starting in the Christmas gifts I need to get started on fairly soon. My game plan is to get caught back up on the housework that I need to get done tomorrow and in between the doing, get the stamping done for the bookmarks so they will be ready for coloring in during the free moments in the evenings this week. I want to really make a conscious effort to get out into the studio and clean and get the re-organizing of the supplies off of my tables so that I have a workspace to set up the remaining Christmas projects on.

Another on the agenda thought is to pack up some of totes once again so that I can get back to creating with some of my local friends. Realizing just how much I miss that and my friends, I made a few telephone calls today, talked and chatted, and made promises to get together with each of them soon. So, that is the game plan. I'm thinking if I space things out, work on a variety of projects in baby steps, focusing on what needs to get done in steps for each and everyone, I can make me a checklist to assist me accomplishing them. AND, so I don't get burnt out creating for everyone else, I can continue to work on my gratitude garland and start in on the shrine preparations as a gift to myself. Hopefully this will work out and create some of the balance that I so desparately need right now.

I have some other thoughts and ideas but for now, the above items are enough. Those thoughts and ideas can be here in my pretty little head, brewing, developing, and possibly even motivating me in the right direction. I am so loving that thought!!!! With some direction, and this game plan in place, I should have some items to share with all of you soon!!! Until then, happy, happy creating artlings!!!

Living life to the fullest....

Today I want to dance in the rain, twirl between the raindrops, splash through some puddles, enjoy the rain on my face, the feel of wet clothes against my skin, feel the chill that is in the autumn air. Delight in the colors of pumpkins, gourds, indian corn, and the newly fallen leaves from the tree.... but here I sit, warm, dry, and cozy in my home at the computer.

I want to go organize the studio, dress it up, display my own and others artwork proudly on its walls and shelves, lined with lace and drapes with flowing fabrics.... but here I sit, staring blankly at the computer screen.

I want to take a trip, a road trip, feeling the vibrations of the wheels as they turn and turn across the highways and byways through life... but here I sit motionless.

Its ironic that my mind can dream up so many things to do, to be, to become.... yet my heart isn't in any of the doing part of them. I'm feeling content, loved, satiated, in the afterglow of being surrounded by my ever so loving family and friends. I want to savor the moment just a little bit longer while deciding exactly what I'll do with the day I've been blessed with.

Yesterday was such a wonderful day!

After posting to my blog, I received a telephone call from my dd, Amber. Amber recently found a job cooking and is being trained as a server and bartender. It is part-time for now, however, she is loving it. Anyways, our time together had been spread out far and few inbetween visits, so yesterday she suggested she leave Alexxis with Chris and we go do something together. Isn't that sweet?

We had a wonderful lunch at Bob Evans and spent several hours in WalMart in the baby section looking at clothes for Alexxis, picking up a few outfits for layaways, ect. From there we headed to Toys...and played for several hours, making some selections, and putting in two layaways --- one mine and one hers. I spent another $85 on items for stocking stuffers, a few outfits, and a toy or two. Alexxis's stocking stuffers are mainly items she'll be needing: a new sippy cup which was too cute to pass up --- with a button on the bottom that says, "the cow says mooooooo!" something Amber is always telling her, LOL! Two packages of tights, one with the cutest frilly ruffles on the butt of them. {Hey, I couldn't resist!}, some more spoons, some small lidded bowls, and a variety of other necessities like socks, ect. I ended up with 3 more toys somehow, too.

Amber and I were discussing Christmas and thinking since Alexxis will be only 8 months at Christmas that we'd both wrap some toys up for Christmas and keep the others to give to her later. That works well for me as we both purchased a lot of educational type things and some are beyond her current scope of concepts and can easily be given to her later. We also talked about having her picture taken at Christmas and another one with Santa, how she'll love the gifts we each choose for her, things we want to teach her, discovering the world with her, ect.

Amber is an excellent mom, She's so much fun to watch interacting with Alexxis and is just as silly as the baby is. She full of laughter, delight, and imagination and is teaching Alexxis these things. She talked about tapping Alexxis's hand the other day and telling her "No." for the first time and how it upset her when Chris's mom said "she's too little to understand that." Amber is a firm believer that no age is too young to start anything.

We also talked about family traditions. Things that her and I did together, sillly things, like having "an upside down day" Were we stayed in our pj's, had meals backwards, watched TV, and just spent time playing together. Amber remembers those days and me spending time coloring with her in her coloring books, LOL! We talked about the importance of family mealtime, table manners, and Amber was surprised when I told her about my childhood. How Sundays had a "blue law" and you couldn't shop or buy anything so Sunday's were spent at Grandma's preparing meals, eating together, and playing games. Amber was like, "I didn't know that, Mom. That is so cool! Can we start doing that with Alexxis?" {Yes, honey, of course we can.} We talked about Amber finding a church to belong to, how she worries about some of the things she does, her concerns, etc. However, she knows the importance of teaching her early and the social skills Alexxis will learn there.

Around 6 p.m. we arrived back at Ambers. Alexxis was in her swing when Amber bent down in front of her and said, "Mommy's home." As she smiled at Amber, I peeked at her from up over the top and said, "Grammies here." Alexxis' little face lite up with lots of smiles and she reached for me! I tell you she is such a little sweetheart! I spent a few hours just playing, holding, cuddling, stealing kisses, ect. before finally wearing her out enough to just sit and cuddle her to sleep for a while. Around 8 p.m., I returned home, happy and content to have had the day to spend with my girls. I wouldn't have spent it any differently even if I could have! What a sweet blessing!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Remember the kiln???

Well, we paid for it and have yet to pick it up. As I previously mentioned it will be going to the backroom of the store until such a time comes when we can afford to have Gary, our electrician, add 220 to the carport. Thankfully, when we designed my studio we planned for a bit of updating with a new electrical box with plenty of whatever it is that allows you to add more to it, LOL! How's that for "technical terminology?" LOL! Anyways, last night while we were out, we ran into Annie who found the kiln for us and she is going to hook us up with molds, glazes, catalogs, paintbrushes, ect. I'm so excited!

Annie has been a friend of Don's for over 30 years and unfortunately she is terminally ill. Last night she made a comment about someone enjoying her things and it made me so sad. I couldn't help but think and feel how that must feel and I thought more about my own art supplies, ect. It was then that I really realized that there is no way my offspring could even begin to store all that I have and that I hope they choose their favorites and a few of my favorites as heirlooms and whatever is left, either sell or give away to bring someone pleasure.

Recently in a discussion, something similar in nature was brought up by Lianne. She said that her art is a gift and should be used to bring pleasure to someone else. I love that and ya know, she is so right! Right now, I am excited about obtaining Annie's things, knowing that they once gave her pleasure and brought happiness into her life and I'm certain knowing Annie, to the lives of so many others. So, I made a decision that should we obtain her molds and supplies, I want to share them with others. So, don't be surprised if some of you find some bisqued 3D items in your mailboxes or possibly more supplies than I am able to store, LOL! Of course, I first have to learn how to pour and mold and release them...

One of my dreams is to one day see an Art Center here in my hometown. I wish I knew more about grant writing, obtaining funding, and such... I'd so love to be involved in something of this nature that would assist promoting artists, especially children to explore their creative sides. Ahhh, if only time and money where of no consquence..... but until that comes, I'll just have to discover alternative ways to do my part with making my knowledge and artwork a gift to others.

And speaking of gifts, can I talk about RAK's? RAK, for those who may stumble across it here, are Random Acts of Kindness. The can be anything that you kindly do to make the day of someone else but in the art world it is usually a piece of artwork or mail art, if you will, that you give away. I've been in groups that we set up especially for this purpose and I've dropped out of them. One of the reasons was that sending a RAK was mandatory once a month... now I'm fine with the "logic" behind that concept to some extent. It prevents one from receiving only and not giving but on the other hand, it kind of took the meaning of being an RAK into being an obligation. Does that make sense? Anyways, sort of feeling that way, and the time and money constraints that it put on my personal creativity, I had to give those groups up although I miss a lot of the group's members. I also finally came to the realization that I cannot participate in each and every swap that I feel interested to participate in. It is sort of like seeing artwork online, or reading about other artist's new purchases of stamps and supplies, you gotta realize that this is many artists and not just one of them, LOL!

Anyways, I finally realized that and I've been happier since. Of course there is that sense of wishing I had more time, more money, more resources to do more RAK'ing and swapping... unfortunately, the reality is I cannot. So, I'm learning to start setting some priorities, determing what is truly important to me, and narrowing it down to where I can participate yet not get so bogged down that I'm neglecting my own art creations. I think that I may have stumbled upon a way to still participate in some of these without a lot of time and money involved but for now, I need to find the time and a way to juggle it all. Hopefully, then I'll have it made and will be able to participate more.

I guess what I am trying to say, is if anyone has sent me something, please know I haven't forgotten your kindness, your thoughtfulness, and that it was gracefully and thankfully received. I promise as I work out things within my own life, I'll return the favor either to you or to others.

Other creative things....

I talked about time and doing things in a timely manner... I know a lot of people struggle with time management, finding a balance in their lives, ect. yet this seems to be one thing that I struggle with the most. Finding a way to do it all... fitting it all into my life. I truly believe taking care of oneself is the most important thing a person can do. Not only for themselves but for all the significant others in their lives as well. So, yesterday I took some creative time for me.

Not artwork, but related to it. I browsed online, with a pen and a tablet of paper handy. As I visited some stationery supply stores online, I jotted down three pages of ideas simply for addressing envelopes. LOL! I swear, I've written my name, address, city, state, and zip more in the day yesterday than I probably have ever at one time in my entire life. But I learned a lot. It isn't just about lettering styles, it is also about presentation.

Although, the rough sketches I created are currently on lined notebook paper, I am desiring to re-write them onto some blank sheets of paper that will later be bound into a new address book, or added to an existing spiral bound one, or possibly to a lunchbox tin made into a card organizer. I haven't exactly decided which way to go with it yet, but I'm thinking the later will probably end up being the way to go for me as why should I try to recreate the wheel? Other things I'd like to add is dimensions of cards, bookmarks, ect., a metric conversion chart, postal information for like a standard postcard size and other postal regulations. I thought it would be wonderful to have all this information in one spot and be added to my existing staionery suitcase.

I've previously typed up and printed a perpectual calendar in MS Word to be copied and reduced to fit the divider sections for the months of the year. I just need to remember to make my template for the dividers first, take them to Office Depot with me, and resize them accordingly.

It just dawned on me while writing this post that those sketches would also be useful for addressing postage for swaps, RAK's, ect. and for decorating the envelopes. Not only using that info for filling in my return address but for addressing them to others as I send things. I'm also thinking of adding in just a plain small black cat's eye pad and putting some mail art style stamps in a decorated cd tin --- just to have handy.

My cards are still blank. I haven't gotten around to decorating them yet although I did find some online sketches for cards at designed by Becky Fleck that I find interesting. I may just have to trek out to the studio today, pull a stack of printed paper in the same color schemes and choose a few of those sketches to start with. I'm thinking instead of trying to accomplish each sketch to start with, to simply chose 4 or 5 designs I'd like to create and then make 6 or 8 cards from it. It would be a start anyways and often that is the hardest part for me with any project ---- simply getting started!

I also am desiring to stamp out the image I've choosen for the bookmarks that I want to give along with the gift certificate to Barnes & Nobles. I won't be finishing them, however, once they are stamped, I can color them in while watching TV or relaxing in the upcoming month.

I think I'm going to make a day just to do nothing else but creating the journal covers that will also be Christmas gifts, and another day just to cut the book pages. Since I will be making two different styles of books, some coptic stitched and some accordians, I will need to set aside another day for one or the other.

As I write this, I'm realizing that I am accomplishing some of my dreams and desires. Although, there isn't a beautiful piece of artwork to show for it... I'm making some progress! {*smile}
Ok, where was I? Chaos is now out of the crate, given reinforcements in what is acceptable behavior with more "down" and "off" commands and is now successfully outside. Hopefully, he'll want to stay there for a moment or two.

As a pet owner, I can easily get a bit frustrated with him. Now mind you, he isn't a bad dog, just a pup with too much energy trapped in a gigantic body, LOL! You know it when 85 lbs. of solid muscle jumps on you. My biggest concern is that one day one of us or someone else is going to get hurt by his actions . He is so easily excited that he simply choses to conveinently forget all training he's had but I know it is time to buckle down on him. For his own safety as well as that of others, so my last several days have been spent working more with him. I am certainly hoping it does some good and as he matures more we get through this! {*wish us luck! we're going to need it. LOL!}

So much for doing anything in "a timely manner"...

I never made it out to the studio as I got sidetracked around the house. Oh well, Chaos smells good and is ever so soft! Don and I wrestled him into the bathtub and it took everything we both had to keep him there. What a lug! I don't believe we will attempt this again; next time we're definately hitting the pet spa. It is so much easier on both of us and our poor aching backs.

I'm not exactly certain when this began but I remember blogging about it before, Chaos being touchy about his legs when bathing him. Well, to make a long story short, I almost got bit! Thankfully, he let out a loud growl and a warning to stop or I'm certain I would have gotten it; I've never heard a growl like this one. It's definately no soap, rubbing or lathering on the legs.... what's up with that? Also, I don't know how anyone else feels about a dog biting, but I know he'll only get on chance to do that here and we will be looking for other options for him--- another home with a handler or putting him down.

He has been so rambunctious lately. {And yes, I use that word a lot! Is there any other way to describe a Lab puppy?} I know some of it is due to the cooler temperatures and the rain as we don't get him outside as much then and he is loving being outdoors most of the day when the weather permits. I feel so awful sometimes for him.... we really need to get some of our fianances under control and get a fenced in area for him to run. {Before anyone feels we are neglectful pet owners, I assure you that isn't the case. Chaos is well-loved, taken care, and exercised! We do our damnest to use the 5 minute rule: 5 minutes of exercise for every month of age. That is over an hour a day and trust me, he can wear you out! and then there are days when more is required. A tired lab is definately a good lab!!!!

I try so hard to work with him regarding the obedience training but I have to admit he is stubborn, always trying to pull rank on you. Well as of today, it is boot camp time! No more Mr. or Mrs. nice guy... he will learn to mind or spend a lot of time outs in his crate. {Where he is now for disobeying the "no jump", "down" and "off" commands after getting overly excited about going outside.} Gosh, I feel like a parent, LOL!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Yesterday, Don and I both felt a little restless so we took a road trip down to Polaris last night. I made a quick stop into Michael's and picked up the latest issue of this:

I'm loving how it is filled with some of the clip art to be able to either re-create the project or use them in some of my own creations. I also picked up some off-white satin ribbon by the roll and a few vintage style rose sprigs and baby's breath to use on the covers some of my own journals. I've been desiring to cover them using some handmade, imported, and embossed papers created more in a dust jacket style/slipcover. I need to purchase the paper yet, so we ventured into Papyrus at the Polaris Mall to see what they had available. Lots of pretty giftwrap paper but not quite what I had in mind so I left without purchasing any.

Our next stop was for a light dinner at the Olive Garden. We dined on salad and breadsticks and shared a pizza. If you haven't tried the pizza there, you got to! Delish!!! Filling up rather quickly, we brought half the pizza home in a take out box.

Next, we ventured into Barnes and Nobles. I browsed quickly for Sally Jean's Pretty Little Things book. Luckily, it wasn't yet available or my budget would have quickly went out the window, LOL! I'll have to wait a week or two and then order it online. I may even treat myself to a signed edition from the artist herself. That's a lovely thought! Afterwards, I headed to the periodicals section and purchase two more magazines which I am desiring to loungingly linger over this evening while Don is working.

This afternoon's agenda is to head out to the studio for some straightening and cleaning. I've got to get organized so I can focus on more of my heart's desires and get to working on some of this year's Christmas gifts. Wish me luck for getting things done in a timely manner!


In my last post I shared my contribution within Rebecca's deco, a bit of my artistic process, a favorite quotation, some of my personal insights into human behavior but I believe their was a hidden desire within there as well. That desire is one of my own, to surround myself with beauty!

I believe this can be accomplished in a variety of ways, everything from a clean and well cared for body:, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally; a clean and cared for home, the way we act and react with others, especially those closest to us; and by having at least one little something within our lives that we are truly passionate about.

Like so many other people, I struggle with finding a way to balance it all, but I also try to make a conscious effort to do my very best at it. I don't always find time to fit it all in a day, nor do I no longer attempt to. I've found that by scheduling allotted amounts of time within the week works best for me but I believe others should do what works for them in their own ways.

Lately I've been focusing more attention to our home. Cleaning, straightening, organizing, painting, and decorating. Of course, there will always be that never ending list of things to do but I'm a firm believer that everything has its seasons. I'm desiring to finish painting our kitchen, especially before the upcoming holidays. I'd love to be able to just go out and purchase the things that I desire so that it would be completely finished, but then I realized that I would be short-changing myself of the beauty of the process of it all. I'd love to have new kitchen curtains, I've been back and forth about having them custom created, purchasing some, or making them myself. I've found I'm fond of the latter because I could also create some additional items: placemats to match, a toaster cover, use some scrap fabric to tie in with some of my decor, and maybe even create my own rag rug!

I'm behind in a few things: cleaning the studio, washing the fabric for my quilt, cutting it, and beginning to sew it together. Creating a few Christmas gifts. Working more on some personal art projects. But I know one day I'll get there and when I do, I'll admire not only the artwork but will be truly able to say, "it was a labor of love" and "I truly enjoyed the journey."

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As Beauty Unfolds....

Many of my blog readers are aware that I am involved in a Deco Round Robin and some of them are also involved in this project with me. Although I love creating deco's {small handmade and embellished books}, it is unfortunate that not eveyone gets to see what others have created within them as the deco travels from one person to another. Okay, you may get to see the artwork contributed in a scanned image, but it isn't the same as holding the artwork within your own two hands. Nor do they get to peak inside of the mind of the artist at the time the artwork was created. I, myself have often wondered about what were their thoughts, their feelings, their inspiration when a piece of artwork was created as well as what techniques and supplies were used. So I decided that I'd share my contribution within Rebecca's "Inspriration and Encouragement" themed deco and my thoughts behind the image and the quote that I choose. Below is a scan of the page I created.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love roses. More specifically, Pink Sterling Roses! They are my favorites, so I chose to use one for my image. Searching the internet, I was able to find just the right one which inspired me to use the quotation that I did. I know someone may be wondering why a rose for an encouragement and inspiration themes, so I'll explain a bit about my thoughts and my feelings at the time the artwork was created.

I've always loved roses. The soft tenderness of their delicate petals, the splendid greenery of their about to bloom rosebuds, the sturdiness of their supporting stems, along with the gentle reminders to be cautious with their beauty hidden gently tucked away in their thorns.

Roses reminded me of people. Just how often frail and fragile there human spirits can be. They remind me that tenderness, caring, honesty, and integrity are the most important gifts you can give to them --- like the gently guidance brought about by their supporting stems. We need to support and encourage and inspire one another.

As a rose releases its fragrant perfume, it sends me off into the galaxy of remembrance, passed the sun, moon, and stars of so many yesterdays. Then onward, onto clouds of softness with their pink precious petals, like the delicateness of a feather bed they offer a safe place to fall; within their fragile curls, their gentle slopes, and enticing depths.

People are like them. I am like them. Often inviting others to explore with and within me, into my thoughts and feelings. But one has to be careful and use caution not to get too close. For when I feel a bit too vulnerable, I'm just like the thorns and my actions can cause regret, causing one to back away, to stop and admire my beauty once more. Admiring a rose's beauty can lead to unknown places within; in the depths of memories and into the heart and soul of yourself where you will stay until your ready once again to unfold and bloom once again.

I choose the image for several reasons. It is my favorite rose and I loved the way the light comes from within its precious petals. In turn, it reminded me of this quote:

"People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within."

~ Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Once I had my image and the quotation I desired to use, I looked through my stash of supplies until I chose the crystal dragonfly to represent the stained glass. I removed portions of the silver from the back side to increase the transparency to reflect that of our human nature. The gold butterfly was choosen because I believe people are a lot like butterflies, changing, growing, metamorphosing until the one day that they are ready to open their wings and fly. Both insects are attracted to the beauty of a rose just like the human spirit is.

I loved the ideas of "sparkle and shine" and of the sun shining, so I chose some blue cardstock to add some visual contrast to the artwork and spray painted on some gold paint to add a shimmering quality to the background. Upon this the image was matted and then covered with a piece of delicate pink torn vellum to represent the fragility of the human spirit. Once completed, I felt I had adequately expressed my thoughts and ideas, how attracted we are the true beauty within one another, how fragile that attraction can be, how we all experience vulnerabilities from time to time and without realizing it we pull away as if stung by the sharpess of the thorn. How once we tend to retreat within ourselves to the memories of what makes each of us unique and to once again discover our own true beauty are we encouraged and inspired to bloom yet again.

I hope you enjoyed both the artwork that I created and my thoughts behind the artistic process.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Did I mention....????

That we were browsing at a new car? Well, not new as in a 2006 or 2007, but new to us one? It was purchased new with one previous owner, a 2004 Ford Taraus. I instantly fell in love with its platinium gold color, small yet roomy interior, the thought of taking Alexxis with us on some of our adventures. Trust me, its hard to fit two adults and an infant in a car seat inside the cab of a Ford Ranger, LOL! Well, anyways, our loan for it fell through!!! I can understand some of the reasons behind it not going through...... as the recently new roofed and vinyl siding on the garage project and the Jeep is through this same company. However, it didn't stop the disappointment for bomb-barding in upon us and the fact that we could have gotten the loan had we be interested in putting the house in for a second mortgage.... uhhhh, "No, Thank you!" So therefore... we're back to working on knocking down the existing loan and trying to save $$$. We really NEED another vehicle but thankfully the truck is hanging in there!

Don has talked about purchasing a rebuilt motor for the Jeep Cherokee, however I, myself, am dead set against it. It's a '92 for crying outloud! It's age isn't the only factor, but the biggest deterant for me. That and the fact that it has been a $$$ pit from the first time we purchased it. However, I felt it sort of ironic that after attempting to obtain the Taurus, I was all for this decision of his to drop another motor in it. It must be the thought of having a vehicle to fall back on in the event that it requires more later, LOL! Isn't that crazy how our minds "justify" things?

Who knew?

That one day I'd be so excited over a cake pedestal? LOL! Or that I'd actually care if our dishes were washed, dried, and actually put away in the cupboards? That I'd so enjoy cooking a meal for my family and friends, having guests over, and lingering in these still small moments? I find it so funny that just 5-6 months ago I was saying, "Don't call me grandma!" to now thinking that there isn't anything else I'd prefer to be called.

I would never have guessed just how much I would change and reminence over my own values and their beliefs, and think and mull over all the littlest things. But since Alexxis has been born and I look at her with all her childhood wonder and curiousity, her willingness to explore the world around her, I realize just how important all these things are in influencing the choices and the decisions that she will one day face. Never before have I wished for simpler times, a simpler lifestyle, a more relaxed and laid-back pace to my life than I do right now in this season of my life. And it is all because of her!

I want to spend all the time I can seeing the world from her point of view, exploring with that childlike curiosity with wisdom to know about the dangers that lurk around some of life's corners. I want to make our home her safe haven, her sanctuary, her soft place to fall when the world outside our door becomes too much for her to bear. I want to share with her the delight that is found in the ordinary, everyday moments of time that we tend to often take for granted when caught up in the hustle and bustle of life's busiest moments. But most of all, I want to teach her that is okay to get caught up in life sometimes and that it is perfectly okay to find pleasure in life's smallest treasures; that there is absolutely nothing wrong with desiring to get back to the basics of living a life filled with joy! That is okay to capture stolen moments in time and to just be present in the here and now, savoring them.... one second at a time. That these are the most important moments of all... those that restoreth one soul when the world becomes too much, too full, too big, powerful, and overbearing. There is definately still delight in the little things.

Love you, "Lexi! Ever so proudly, Grandma...
Yesterday's drive was pretty amazing! Although the fall foilage really took a hit in the Hocking Hills area as well. The trees are near peak, however the beautiful, vibrant reds that are normally present are all but non-existance. {sigh.} The leaves have either been blown from the trees due to the force of the recent winds or have given away to the more brown colors due to the cold temperatures. There were lots of greenery still in the trees, sprinkled with brows and the most magnificance yellow-gold colors that are really just glorious, especially when viewed shining in the sun. I did snap a few photograph which I'll have to upload later as I left my camera under the front seat of the truck. Please know that this is something I don't normally do, however, I really needed both hands to carry this in:

Isn't it beautiful? I've been desiring a cake plate for quite some time now and have looked at many in some antique malls, flea markets, ect. My big hang up was that I didn't want to pay a small fortune for one because I actually want to use it! My fear was that if I purchased a beautiful antique and paid more for it, I'd be scared of something actually happening to it so therefore it would be more for display than actually something functional. Does that make sense?

This cake plate is huge! The base measures 13.5" across and the dome is 11" but it was another cool feature actually sold me on it. Flip the base over, flip over the dome......... and TA! DA! It's a 5 quart punch bowl! Now I very rarely ever need a punch bowl and when I do there are plenty of them around to be borrowed... but I loved the thought of owning my own and the fact that it does double the duty works perfectly well with me. I'm excited about purchasing some cake doilies, baking, and decorating my first cake to display within it. Carrot cake, anyone? With cream cheese icing, of course! {*wink}

For anyone who may be interested, this cake pedestal and dome is from Anchor Hocking and is the Victoria style. I captured the photograph from Amazon so there are plenty of them available online.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Our travels yesterday took over into the Lexington, Ohio area. I didn't take any photographs as the recent rain, cold temperatures, and the strong winds have all but stripped the majority of the leaves off of the trees. There are still some trees with leaves however, this section of Ohio is definately way past its peak. We stopped for a wonderful dinner at the Dutch Heritage restaurant and dined on some amazing Amish cooking. After browsing in the gift shop and purchasing a key ring filled with some antique replicas of skeleton keys, we drove into Galion briefly before heading over to visit with Dennis and Sheila. We had an enjoyable evening, catching up on one another lives, making plans to get together soon. It was well after dark when we headed home and I spent my time being on the lookout for deer. With the farmer's pulling in some of the fall harvest, it unusual to see them near the edges of fields or jumping and running out in front of your vehicle. We did spot a doe with a pair of carefree fawns frollicking on the edge of a cornfield near sunset.

Upon arriving home, I noticed my sister, Mary had IM'd me while I was gone so I telephoned her. First words out of her mouth when she saw my recent photograph was, "That's not Cathy!" LOL! Normally my hair is a bit longer, darker when natural, and blonder when colored. See! I told you having this done took years off of me... I'm much younger looking and at my age, you definately gotta love that!

Today's agenda is to take yet another road trip. This time we're intending to head south. I'm thinking maybe I'd like to visit the wetlands, maybe head down near Lexington, the Hocking Hills area. It is so gorgeous in the fall! Hopefully, we won't be too late to catch the fall foilage!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My "new" cut...

Not one of the greatest hair days but this photo will give you idea of the new cut and color.

We found a kiln!!!

A large kiln!!! I'm talking this baby's like 5 ft. tall! and the best part is the price was right! and if that wasn't good news enough... the sellers are throwing in some molds! I've now idea what the molds are as of yet, but hey! their FREE!

I'm uncertain about when we will be actually picking it up and I know it will be going to the back room of the store for a while but I'm certainly excited!!! So many possibilities with having a kiln of one's own. I can venture into the precious metal clay, purchase clay by the pound and do some free-form creating, make my own ceramic tiles........ whoooo-hooo! I'm imagining it will be awhile before we get the 220 ran to the carport/new garage and we can actually get this baby moved but I'm so loving the idea!

Of course along with it comes some re-organizing, getting rid of some material stuff that has been lingering around our home for far too long but both Don and I are excited about the process. We've been desiring our own kiln for far too long. Did you all know that long before I became passionate about paper, my first love was ceramics? Yep. Playing in clay, firing into bisque, pouring molds, cleaning, glazing, refiring.... painting... ahhh, I loved the painting. Watching something being creating from dust, into the 3D shape of an ordinary, everyday object and taking it from something plain into the creation of something beautiful. I'm not entirely certain about having the time to do it all but I know like everything else in our lives, I'll somehow manage to create or make time for it. For now, I'm loving all the possibilities of owning it, LOL!

It's a beautiful day!

The sun is shinging in the bluest sky that we've had recently in Ohio, speckled with white fluffy clouds, and autumn with its beautiful glory is displaying itself so magically. The trees are near peak here and from what I've heard, in the majority of the state. I absolutely love this time of the year... it is definately my favorite season. {Although, I love all the seasons for a variety of different reasons.} There is slight chill in the air, from the recent cold front that has passed through and is lingering around just a bit, but the warmth of the sun on your face certainly makes up for it. I'm excitedly waiting for Don to return home from work... I'd love to grab my camera {or maybe the video cam} and go for a ride.. somewhere... anywhere. Not too far, as it will be getting dark in a few hours, but get out and enjoy the day.

I'm thinking this evening maybe I'll make a quick stop at the store for some cold cuts, cheese, fresh fruit, and bread, and milling spices for the apple cider I recently purchased. I'm thinking I'd so love to get up early tomorrow and hit the road. We haven't packed the cooler and had a picnic on the road in quite sometime so to me that would be lovely! Besides, my spirits longing for some wanderings and roaming... visiting some of the Metro and State parks, stopping off at some of the roadside markets and maybe hitting an antique market or two. I definately want to capture the moment of the season before they fade....

Don and I have been discussing our preparations for the change of seasons. Getting the furniture in off the deck, cleaning and organizing the studio, creating some heartwarming meals, and all that needs to be completed before the holidays are upon us. But for now, those things can wait... I'm in a Capre Diem mood!

I love compliments...

I can remember a time in my life when I didn't like being on the receiving end of compliments. They somehow made feel so self-conscious, in a put-in-the-spotlight kinda way... like a deer caught in the headlights, LOL! I could myself blushing, shyly slinking away... And for the longest time, I didn't honesty know how to accept them gracefully, just silently wished that people wouldn't do that to me, LOL!

But last night, I received so many of them! Anyways, I felt great as so many friends and acquaintance showered me with compliments last night. It's so funny how you change one little thing and everyone's asking, "Did you lose weight?", "You look fabulous! Did you go on a vacation?" "There's something different about you..." Everything from the way I was dressed, to how pretty my eyes are, and even the perfume I was wearing was complimented and genuinely made me feel really good about myself.

I slept in this morning, to wake up to a note that Don had left me as he had already left for work, which read, "You looked really pretty last night. Keep it up! I love you and I'll talk to you later." As I read it, the myrid of compliments that I received last night came flooding back to me. I thought to myself... no I didn't lose weight but I'd love to shed 20 some pounds. No, I didn't go on a vacation, but if you are offering... I'm ready! And as for, "there is something different about me"... Yes, there is! {It is this new hairdo!!! that I'm so loving! but I'm not telling you that!} and the perfume.... It is Estee Lauder's "Beautiful" who doesn't love it? But the compliments really boosted my self-esteem! I am truly inspired to get back to exercising, taking care of myself and our home better, improving my relationships with those that I love! But most of all, I realized that a genuine compliment is something that I myself desire to share more of with my friends and family. Afterall, don't we all need a boost once in a while? And what is more perfect than a geniune, heartfelt, "Thank you!" {*smile}

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A better view of my box collage...

Inbetween the cloudiness, the snow flurries, and the clearing skies, I managed to captured a better photograph of my box collage today.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My hair appointment went amazing well. Although Rita was out of my first choice of hair dye, we were able to improvise by mixing a couple of colors that came real close to the sand blonde I wanted. Since my hair was a really light blonde, from almost 9 months of highlighting, we decided to start with a clean slate by coloring it all over then going back in using thin highlights in the gold blonde. The result was worth it!

It darkened the previously highlighted sections and lightened my natural brunette color. It is now light brunette color with a little of my naturally brunette/red tint with thin streaks of golden blonde - just enough to add some sparkle and soften my face. After a cut, and I do mean cut! my hair is no longer limp and lying, but layered and full of body, just a bit above shoulder length. It took a few of years off of me, LOL!

Upon returning home this afternoon, I started in making dinner. I love to cook every now and then; although I also welcome the opportunity not to have to do it every day. The Pepper Rustica came out amazingly well and was so delish that I had to help myself to a bit more earlier this evening. Here's the recipe, if anyone is interested.

1 pkg. of mild Italian Sausage
Approx. 1/3 cup of chopped onion
Aprox. 1/3 cup of chopped green peppers {um, I'm guessing here as I don't actually measure; just chop and toss!}
1 can of seasoned diced tomatoes
8 oz. of Penne pasta noodles
6 oz. of spaghetti sauce {I used Ragu today... as it was what was on sale this week}
3 oz. of mozzarella cheese

Put on a pot of water to boil before slicing the mild italian sausage into 1/2" - 3/4" chuncks. In another skillet and over a medium heat, brown the sausage, stirring and turning as needed. When almost cooked thoroughly, sprinkle in the onion and green peppers, sauting them for 3-5 minutes. Add in the diced tomatoes and spaghetti sauce. Turn down the heat to medium-low and allow to simmer, stirring as needed. Add penne pasta to the boiling pot of water; cook approx. 7-8 minutes. While the sauce is simmering and the pasta is cooking, grate the mozzarella cheese and set aside. When the pasta is fully cooked, drain and pour into a bowl. Stir in the sauce over the penne pasta, mixing until covered. When making the plates, sprinkle the top with the mozzarella cheese.

Makes a lot! Enough for a family of 4. Freezes well for reheating in the oven later. Prep and cook time: approx. 30 minutes.

After eating, watching a bit of TV, this blustery, gray day.... I felt tired so I took a nap! A nice short nap but a nap nonetheless. Just me in our nice, warm, comfy bed! Pure heaven...

This evening Don and I took turns wearing Chaos out by throwing his ball around some before putting him in his crate while we headed to WalMart. I needed to purchase a package of copy paper so that I can get started on the some journals I'll be creating for Christmas gifts this year.

Good Morning!

We woke up to the start of a blustery day, raining, windy, and a lot cooler temps. Here in Ohio, we are expected to be in the low 40's by the end of the week. Brrrr... and something that I myself am not quite ready for yet I know there will still be some warmer, sunny days left to enjoy. At least I am hopeful there is! Taking fall photographs is one my favorite pastimes.

Today's agenda is to get my hair cut and highlighted once again. I have an appointment at 11 a.m. with Rita. I'm thinking that I'm going to go with a darker shade of highlights so that they will be a bit more natural looking and go with the upcoming seasons. I've also made preparations to cook one of Don's favorite dinners this evening. It is Pepper Rustica --- browned Italian Sausage, sauted onions, green peppers, and diced tomatoes within an italian red sauce tossed over penne pasta. Absolutely delish!

Other than that, who knows what the day will unfold.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Regarding my recent posts...

The photographs below truly do not reflect the beauty that each of these pieces of artwork truly possess. I'll try to re-photograph and replace them when we get some nice weather and more light.
Shot at an angle to show the dimension of the collage box. Posted by Picasa

9x9 Box and Lid...

I created this box this evening. It is a 9x9x1/2 box that I picked up on my last visit to The Container Store... hmmm, back in June/July!

I desired some of these to not only decorate but to hold some of my vintage ephermera. I have more to create in the same size and my thinking was that once each of them have been created, they will be stacked one on top of the other and tied with a tea or walnut stained stamped twill. I'm desiring to stamp words like "vintage", "found elements", and "ancient ancestors" on it and tie it on the top side. This is intended to be the top box; the others will be a little less dimensional to assist with stacking them.

I used two acrylic paints, some partly assembled puzzles, a vintage image, a doily, skeletal leaves, and a brass stamping. Faux typewriter keys spell out, "Beauty." I used a Charlotte Perkins-Gilman quotation, stamped using the Hero Arts Printers alphabet that reads, "To be surrounded by beautiful things has much influence upon the human creature; to make beautiful things has more." I used Golden's gel medium to adhere a gold 1/2" ribbon to the sides. Posted by Picasa

The 2nd Card

Another card created using the same supplies. Posted by Picasa

Christmas Card

This is one of the Christmas cards I created on National Card Making Day {October 7th}. Papers are K and Company, and stamp is Anna Griffith stamped using Colorbox Chalk in Red while the sentiment was heat embssed using a fine gold embossing powder. Posted by Picasa


I created this collage a few days ago and photographed it using my digital camera. It isn't exactly the correct color but close. The background paper is Basic Grey. I used the Hero Arts Printers alphabet to stamp the quote. The image is Oxford Impressions which I colored using Prismacolored pencils. Posted by Picasa

How ironic...

I'd say I've done no new artwork only to receive one of the deco's from the OFP group. Lianne also included a nice rubber stamp for me! Rebecca's deco theme is Inspiration and Encouragement and very well created. Lianne added a beautiful page and immediately upon soaking in all the eye candy and reading the text, I knew what I wanted to add! So, I set to working on it and completed my page. {Sorry, I didn't scan the image as my house scanner died and I've yet to uninstall and install the scanner that is in my studio. However, I did ask the next recipient to please scan it for me so maybe by the week's end I can add it here.}

I also managed to put my embellishing touches on the 3/3 ATC swap that I'm involved with Rebecca. Rebecca, also hosted the recent Postage Stamp ATC swap, and it is all together in a package ready to be taken to the P.O. tomorrow.

I've just a page to complete in Mieke's Art Idea Journal. I'm waiting for Christi's contributions and my own journal to be returned home to me. I cannot wait to see it!

After finishing those up, Don and I ran up to the Mad Scrapper in the search of some of the Art Institute Glue. I didn't have much luck in finding it there so I'll have to search online. I definately need to restock my adhesives.. my supply is running low. That is one thing I never thought I'd hear myself say as normally I've so many options that it won't all fit within drawer. The good news is that it also means that I've been creating!!!!

No new news nor artwork...

But I did spend my day yesterday cleaning house. A lot of it was inspired by an unexpected little visitor... a field mouse! Yuck! I hate those things... How can something so small scare something so big??? I am terrified of them, LOL! Well, yesterday was spent wiping down every surface in my kitchen with softscrub with bleach and removing all the little traces of the critter, setting traps {Don, not me.. I don't touch those either, LOL!}, conversations of De-con and placement of it around our home, and me jittery and jumpy at every little sound. Chaos also has the nose for them, he scared it out of a corner of my bathroom while I was in there. Let me tell you it is hard to sit on the toilet as one of those runs across your floor... the good news, I had no problem peaing, LOL! Totally too much information, I know!

After cleaning, moving things back to where they belong, clearing the clutter, ect. I should be starting on painting the back section of my kitchen soon and touching up a few areas that need that one extra coat in the front section.

After cleaning house the majority of the day and getting caught back up on the housework, I spent some time browsing online. Message boards, emails, websites, and blogs.... I felt truly inspired to create and lots of ideas flowing through my head. I'm definately inspired to get back into the studio, spending some time cleaning up so that I have room to create something soon. I believe I'm going to light the heater and keep it on low so the studio will be nice and warm and cozy when I'm ready to visit there. I've so many ideas and thoughts of items to start.... and gifts to create yet I'm still waiting to finish up a few of the loose ends. Well, the waiting is over... I've got to get started soon!!! I should have something to share soon....

Monday, October 09, 2006

I love Autumn......

It is truly beautiful here in central Ohio! The trees are starting to turn and bathe themselves in their glorious red, brown, gold, and green colors. Farmers are beginning to clear their fields for the fall harvest, rolled bales of hays litter the golden fields. In Amish country, cornstocks are stacked neatly into bundles. Farmer's markets are open everywhere, filled with bushels of baskets of indian corn, goards, pumpkins, and some of the most beautiful fall mums.

That is exactly what Don and I experienced yesterday as we drove up St. Rt. 23 N towards Findlay. We were heading up to the Hancock County Fairgrounds where an Christmas craft show was taking place. It was the perfect day to do so... sunny and warm, with just enough chill in the air to keep you from getting too hot; at least until later in the afternoon. We arrived shortly after 2:30 p.m. with just enough time to wander leisurely through the barns and the booths filled with some amazing pieces of handcrafted goodies.

There were vendor's selling both Autumn country crafts and Christmas items; everything from home decor to candles and scented rose hips. I saw some very unique pieces, as well as the occassional booth of pre-purchased items --- although most of these were scattered in among the myrid of other items. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the prices... some things were priced high, while others were fairly reasonable. I saw one booth of nothing but handmade creating cards... a lot of scrapbook supplies and SU stamps went into the creation of them. Each consisted of an envelope and clear bag and sold for $2.50 each. The girls booth wasn't busy and I felt a bit sorry for her as I realize the time and effort it took to painstakingly create each and every one of them. I must say that she did some beautiful work! Had Don not been a bit tired of walking, looking, and shopping, I would have liked to have had time to stop and chat with her a bit.

I did purchase just a few items... a rusty barn star and an 8 oz. container of some pear scented rose hips. MMMM, it smells heavenly! There were some other autumn and christmas scented ones that smelled just as yummy as well. But I walked away with a lot of ideas and inspriration to create some items for my own home. Although, I gotta admit that I love the clutter look and the eclectic mix at these shows but absolutely hate it within my own home. Maybe its because I'm the one who has to dust and clean and take care of it all.... LOL! Anyways, I am inspired to add some of my own fall decor pieces to our home, after I clean house today! It is that time of the year for some fall cleaning and planning for the upcoming holidays.

Speaking of holidays, I purchased a few more things for Alexxis. 2 new outfits.... one I'll keep out for her to wear now and the other will be wrapped up for Christmas. It is a cute 3 pc. outfit with blue jeans, a long sleeve printed onsie, and a vest with Elmo! It was simply too darn adorable to resist! {At this rate, no one may get any presents, LOL! I gotta start on my craft projects soon and do some thinking about what to purchase for family and friends soon.}

Saturday, October 07, 2006

A 12x12 Collage for my studio

I created this collage last night to frame and hang within my studio. My digital camera cut off the right side, however it is enough to give you the idea. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 06, 2006

BOO! Banner...

Here is two of the large bats used in a BOO! Banner that I hung across our living room mirror. The pumpkins were created using my CM ovals and layered with the center one on pop dots. Chalk adds to the appearance of a realistic pumpkin adorned with the word. Orange organza ribbon, a sparkly orange-red fiber, and black eyelash fibers add an eerie element. Posted by Picasa

I've gone batty!

Inspired by an ad in a magazine, I decided that I could mimic the bats they had created only mine would be made using black cardstock. I folded a white sheet of text paper in half, drew half of my design, then opened it and traced the patterns for one large and one small bats onto my cardstock. This is the result after they were cut out. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

On the Art Scene...

I accomplished quite a bit recently. I have the Postage Stamp ATC's completed; along with a 3 for 3 ATC swap to be traded with the swap hostess! I'll upload them after the swap has been returned to all the participants.

After painting and re-arranging my living room on Sunday, I sat and started to work on Mieke's Art Idea Journal and managed to get my Whimsical Writing pages with the instructions created. I have one piece of artwork that I desire to create for her journal, then created a glue page that she requested. From there it is simply a matter of Christi getting my own journal and Mieke's pages to me so I can mail it on! Yippee!

I packed back up almost every art supply that I've brought into my home recently and got those taken back out to the studio. I did keep a few things in here to work on, like the Halloween garland and the papers that I'll need for creating Christmas gifts soon. I think I'll gather up only what I need to create them in the house and do all the decorating of them within the studio since the days are a lot cooler now. But anyways, my intention is to get out there one day this week, and begin re-organizing and putting those things away once again. Of course, I'll keep some works in progress close at hand.

I also want to look for some of the fall decorations that I had used within my booth to decorate our home with. Not too much, just a few that will be easily packed back up before I start decorating for Christmas

I am also thinking of switching out the journaling table in my studio for the one that is currently in my kitchen, since it is darker wood and would actually look better in the kitchen. I'll be bringing down four chairs out of the attic that belong to our glass top table that we stored since the kitchen remodeling due to its large size. {One day I may purchase a smaller glass table top for it and actually use it again.}

Since I worked so hard this weekend and managed to finish up the swap and RR that was pressing, I'll be able to focus my attention completely to working in a smaller deco swap and on getting my Christmas gifts created. I didn't choose too many to make, but a few of them will be a bit time-consuming... like the Coptic stitched books. The others are easily created in a few hours time. Gotta love that! {I'll try to photograph the items that I create that will not be going to family members who read my blog. I wouldn't want to ruin there surprise now, would I?} {*wink*}

And another...

My lamps are old but I still love them. They are nice to light up just the lower sections for some soft light while watching TV in the evenings. The brass hurricane lamp is a yard sale find from many years ago and the figurine of the baby bird in the tree trunk with its mother looking in is another Home Interior piece. Posted by Picasa

Another glimpse...

Years ago a group of my girlfriends and I would take turns hostessing Home Interiors & Gifts parties in our homes. All of us were on limited budgets at the time, so we took turns hostessing the parties and purchasing the items we loved. For two years or better, we helped one another to obtained the pieces each of us desired. This picture and figurine is one of the pieces that I instantly feel in love with and treasure with those memories to this day! Posted by Picasa

A glimpse of our home...

Since I didn't want to show you pics of our living room until the baseboards and the chair rails are installed, I decided to show you some of the wall groupings that I've put together. This shelf and mirror hangs above our secretary desk that our friend, Dennis makes. We us it exclusively for mail. The bird figurine was purchased on Labor Day when we went thrifting in Sunbury. I simply love this piece! Posted by Picasa

Our weekend...

On Saturday, I only grabbed my ID, checkbook, and pen to head out to Lowe's to purchase a gallon of paint to begin painting the chair rail in our living room. As I was leaving Lowes, I had my checkbook in hand and climbed in the truck. Upon arriving home, I instantly began painting and during the evening when preparing to go to WalMart, I realized I couldn't find my checkbook with my ID tucked inside of it! I retraced my steps mentally from the time I left home with it to the time I got home and the last time I actually remember seeing it was in the truck. What is strange however is that I had laid the receipt from Lowes on top of my checkbook and I found that. I'm thinking in my haste to get started on the painting, I put my checkbook up somewhere within our home. After searching the majority of Sunday for it to no avail, I decided on Monday to contact my bank.

So, yesterday was spent at the bank... stopping payment on all the checks written after Lowe's up to the ones in my "new" pad of checks. Upon leaving there, I had to go to the BMV and get a new ID created. $47.00 later, I have some peace of mind, in the event that I did actually lose it while walking up to the house. Sheesshh. {The sad part is that I never do this.... I always take my entire purse when I leave home, but in my haste to get the paint, and the painting done, I couldn't for the life of me remember or find/figure out what I had done with it. I hope I never do this again...}

Anyways, I did managed to finish up the last of the painting on Sunday, and I got our living room re-arranged and everything back in its place. We also managed to score a T.M.X. Elmo for Alexxis. She'll be receiving this for Christmas and it is a relief knowing I won't have to be scouring the ends of the earth during the Christmas shopping season in search of the elusive toy.