Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you to all who have visited, posted on my "We're Getting Married!" thread, telephoned, sent emails... Wow! I never expected all the responses. My sis telephoned to inform me that we choose an excellent date as her anniversary is on the 7th of December and Tim, her husband, sister Sherry's anniversary is on the 9th. I guess that will make ours easy for her to remember!

We've certainly been busy, creating guest lists... yep, two of them... one for those who must be there and another of "those we'd love to invite", and discussing who will perform the actual ceremony. We decided to ask our dear friend Chuck Gregory to perform the ceremony and to DJ/host Karoke afterwards at the reception and earlier this week, on Wednesday, ... I think... and he has agreed to save the date exclusively for us.

After talking with Chuck, Don and I took a road trip up to Medina, Ohio to visit Hollo's Papercraft in New Brunswick where we purchased everything we will be needing as far as invitations go. We purchased more than we originally decided upon as we will be printing them ourselves and it seems there is always someone you missed when creating your guest list. I wish my camera software was installed so I could show you the invitations we choose, but we both agreed upon them instantly when we saw them. Anyways, they are ecru in color, a tri-fold, with a sketch of a boy and girl running through the grass with gold foil embossing that reads, "Today I'll marry my best friend". The interior or middle panel says, "The one I laugh with, live for, love...". We also purchased non-adhesive goil foil lined envelopes for the invitations, gold foil embossed cards and envies for the RSVP's, a boxed set of gold foil embossed, "Thank You" cards and envies, some 5x7 thinner ecru paper for the directions to Sheila and Dennis's to be written upon or other special notes. I'll need to do some online or stationery store shopping to find some gold foil seals for them as Hollo's didn't have the quanity on hand that we'll be needing.

We stopped at a Longhorn Steakhouse for an early dinner and discussed more of what we desire for our wedding day. It seems we will be able to keep it small and simple, something we both really wanted.... an informal wedding with close family and good friends in attendance.

As we travelled back home, we stopped at Sheila's to show her what we purchased. She was amazed at the price we purchased all the invitations and additional items for and we discussed a bit of the details as far as decorating her walk-out basement for the ceremony and reception. Of course, we and our guests will have the entire house to venture around in so we've decided to stick with our Winter Wonderland theme for so many reasons. It will be inexpensive to pull off as we both already have a lot of Christmas decor and the timing for finding anything we may need is perfect! Then, we ventured downstairs to the basement to discuss things that need to be done, clearing out some items from one corner of the room, painting, possible placement arrangements of tables, chairs, decorations, the cake table, ect. The basement is dry, runs the full-length of the house, has a beautiful red brick fireplace centrally located, and an unfinished concrete floor. I mentioned having some large sections of indoor outdoor carpeting and a few large rugs that we could lay down in some areas where our guest will be during the ceremony and how we could arrange the tables and chairs so they will have a good view of the ceremony itself.

After going back upstairs, Sheila and I browsed through an issue of Somerset Studio's Wedding magazine, discussing some items we could create for our theme, tossing out thoughts and ideas, jotting down notes, ect. We both laughed when I said, "in an ideal world, all these mixed media artists would be my friends in real life and would donate a piece of the artwork to us for use." Sheila's fully aware that I am crazy but we both saw some possibilities of things we could create and use. Anyways, we continued to discussing painting her basement, Dennis and her have decided to go with painting the lower half of the walls black and white on the top. We'll use white table skirts and cloths. I'll be taking my two Christmas trees over, one large 7 1/2 foot and the other a 4 foot. We decided to stick with red, green, white, silver and gold as far as decorations, throw in some silver glitter and faux snow and viola! a Winter Wedding Wonderland will somehow magically appear. Of course, we've discussed other thoughts and ideas.... I've done some online browsing and created a folder of ideas I liked and made note of some of things we'll purchase and we'll play some of it by eye and ears. There is certainly a lot to do and be done...

Monday, August 27, 2007

We're getting "Married!"

Many of my friends and family know that Don and I have been together for eight wonderful years now. We've been throught a lot of ups and downs, good times and bad times, trials and tribulations with each of our children, times of sickness and good health, financial ups and downs. We also have been engaged for several of those years, always believing that "someday" we'd finally set a date, have a small wedding with our parents and a few close friends present, and a reception with family and friends to follow a week or so later to celebrate. Somehow, we never made it past the "talking" stage to the actual "planning" or doing stage, mainly due to not knowing what we wanted and often from a lack of money to actually getting around to the actual, "Let's do it!" part. So, yesterday, while Don and I were visiting with Dennis and Sheila, having a small cookout, Sheila kept hinting around, asking about "So, WHEN is the big day?"

Now, Sheila is a wonderful friend, loves to have parties in her home, and when she gets a thought or an idea in her head , everyone and everything is fair game in helping her to achieve her goal! So it was no suprise, really, to either of us, when she kept chattering on and on about how they had hosted John and Charlotte's Halloween wedding in her basement and home, the decorations, the food, the people who came.

Before I realized what was happening, her and I were half-sitting and half-laying on her bed watching a video tape of mutual friends, John and Charlotte's wedding. Afterwards, she kept saying how she'd love to have our wedding at her home, either inside or out, whenever we're ready, going on and on about how we could go about accomplishing it, the decorating, the food, and actual planning... So, literally non-stop, Sheila chattered endlessly throughout the day, involving Don and I in her thoughts of accomplishing this. As we talked, Don mentioned that December the 8th was a milestone in our relationship as that was when I finally moved in with him in 1999. This date was also brought up by me a few months ago, when Don and I were out sitting in the jacuzzi one evening about a month ago and he had asked me, "So when are you going to marry me?" I nonchalantly began throwing out a few dates and December the 8th was one of them but at that time, neither one of us bothered to consult a calendar. We chatted on and on about what each of had in mind for a wedding, both desiring for it to be small with our close family and friends in attendance. I mentioned how I thought a wedding during the Christmas season would be beautiful and through some simply idle chatter, we just began discussing things, and throwing out hints and suggestions.

Anyways, this small detail didn't get passed us so easily yesterday, when Sheila and I looked at the calendar and was surprised to discover that December the 8th is on a Saturday! From there thoughts and ideas, suggestions, and things began happening in a whirlwind... and to make a long story, very short, I'm finally getting married! We've choosen "December 8, 2007!" as our date and will be having it in the home of our much loved and cherished friends.

Now, I know that we've got to be nuts!!! Who in their right minds plans a wedding smacked dab in the middle of two major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas? Hmm, two people who love each other very much, that's who!

Surprise! Surprise!

OMG! I am so surprised! and stoked! and excited! When I submitted my crazy quilted sunglass case to for the Reader's Showcase, I was unaware of any prizes being involved; I simply desired to share my creation from the wonderful Yahoo Group, CQForNewbies Squishie Mingle that I had hostessed using the supplies I had received from the mingle @ A sweet surprise arrived in my mailbox today, a package with the following letter enclosed.
"Cathy, You are the winer of CQMagOnline Reader's Showcase for the current issue. Enclosed is a Silk Adaptation handbag pattern and fabric kit designed by Mary Jo Hiney. You should have everything you need except the fusible fleece. I hope you will enjoy your handbag as much as I have. They are fun and easy to make. Congratulations! Barbara Blankenship"

Somebody, please, pinch me! Things like this simply do not happen to me! The fabric and pattern is beautiful! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Friday, August 24, 2007

At A Crossroad...

To say the least, Life has been interesting this past week. As I've decided to simply give myself permission to pursue whatever my heart has desired moment to moment. I've accomplished some of the things I've set out to do, like cooking and cleaning our home, spending time with my dear daughter, Amber, and of course, Alexxis! Don and I have taken a few short, closer to home, road trips, mainly to accomplish some shopping for household goods and spent a little bit of time re-connecting with a few friends we've not seen in awhile.

I actually found a few hours yesterday to create several pages of sketches for creating somethings I've been desiring to create. Mostly Christmas decorations, but I even experimented a bit with some crepe paper streamers making pleats, stitching a running stitch through the center and edges, gathering it up --- just simply playing and discovering some of the possibilities I could use this stuff for within my artwork. As I worked, the desire to sketch more of my thoughts and ideas hit me and I began to seriously consider creating a sketchbook filled with some examples, colored penciled images, and photographs once the items are completed but I resisted the urge to start it just yet. For now the loose leaf sheets of paper with my sketches, thoughts, and notes, or "the breathings of my heart" as William Wadsworth would say, about how to go about actually constructing these things will have to work as I still search to determine what it is I am desiring to do. I found the inspiration online and like many other things in my life that I've seen and thought to myself, "I could make that!" LOL! I'm certain that I'm not alone here! Anyways, I'm inspired to actually begin doing so... creating them. Not that I'm against purchasing some of these items, in fact, in the future I may just end up doing just that to save some time.

I am considering applying for another job. It is 12 hours a day --- I know... and "No. I'm not crazy!", remember, I said, "considering". Anyways, it is for only 3 days a week, all weekends. 36 hours in total. Of course, it would take me a day just to get rested up afterwards, but the thought of having 4 glorious days to accomplish whatever and the increased in income coming into our home once again is beginning to look very appealing. I'm do have admit though, I am a bit hesitant to take that leap! All the "what if's" are rearing their heads but it is a risk I'm going to have to take sooner or later so I'm thinking why not just get it over with? If nothing else, it will be another learning experience that may just help me figure out whatever it is that I do want to do with my life! And, of course, there are several other options... unfortunately, staying at home and doing nothing isn't one of them. {grin} as lovely as that sounds.... Anyways, I'm considering it...

Today promises to be a very enjoyable day for me as I've a hair appointment with Rita. I so enjoy her company and friendship so I'm looking forward to that. Also, earlier in the week, Don and Shawn made several new purchases for some T-shirt, transfer, and vinyl sign-making equipment that has finally arrived and I want to check it out at the store. Needless to say, my thoughts have been brewing in that area as well. So, it is simply a matter of trying new things, testing the water --- so to speak as I continue on figuring things out for myself. The good news is that I don't have to be in too much of a hurry to do it, but be quick enough so that these opportunities don't pass me by. Does that make sense?

Anyways, I'm outta here... getting ready to start my day... {*waves* and Thanks for visiting!}

Friday, August 17, 2007

Hello! Hello!

A few days have now passed since I quit my job, yet the feelings I had associated with still continue to linger. The past several nights I've actually had nightmares about that place. Seriously, {now, don't laugh.} but I've been wondering if a a job can cause you to suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome? Anyways, I slowly easing my way back into the land of living.

On Wednesday, Don and I took a road trip over to Amish country... out St. Rt. 309 to 288 and over St. Rt. 97 to St. Rt. 39. The weather was perfect for a day of riding in the Jeep with the canvas doors and heavy plastic windows off, allowing the air to flow through our hair! Although, I'm certain we both looked like a disheveled mess as we entered some of the restaurants, stores, and shops in the Walnut Creek area. See? Some things are best left to your imagination, LOL!

I had a Literal "field day" in the "Tis The Season" shop and could have browsed a lot longer than the two hours I did. I can assure you it didn't take me long to fill a willow basket with a few selections to add to our Christmas tree and home decor this year. I was amazed at all the sparkle and glitter, twinkling lights, the coolness of the air conditioning, and simply being surrounded by that feeling of love one experiences that time of the year. Some of the purchases I made were two teal/turquoise various squares and rectangles acrylic garlands. I felt they'd be a perfect accent to the new ornaments I'd purchased during last year's end of the season sale from JoAnn's. And how could I resist a wire and glittered "snow" signs to tuck inbetween the branches? For our living room tree, I couldn't resist three 9" long gold glittered skeleton keys; along with some of the sweetest little resin birds I've ever laid my eyes upon. I believe I ended up with a total of 6 of them, with only one being a bit different mainly due to its size, yet he'll coordinating with the others. Of course, I couldn't pass up purchasing two of the Midwest of Cannon Falls large resin sheep. I've coveted them from afar long enough. They'll look so pretty on the primitive/country cabinet that my dear friend, Sheila gave to me for my birthday last year and could also look good in my, once rooster, now country farmhouse kitchen! LOL! {funny how things like that sort of evolve on their own}. But my most precious purchase from the shop was also from the Midwest of Cannon Falls line, a pair of large white resin vintage ice skates trimmed with fur trim and tied one to the other with vintage shoelaces!!! You'll have to trust me, they are adorable! {As it'll probably be Christmas before I find and install the disk so I can once again use my digital camera to show you, LOL!}

After leaving the "Tis The Season" shop and determining how it got it's name, as I felt the emptiness in my wallet, we travelled some back roads, thirstily drinking in the scenery. It was just what my heart needed, to be surrounded by God's beauty and seeing and soaking in a simplier way of life. We passed a few Amish friend's in their buggies and like little kids we enjoyed waving and stopping a second or two to say, "Hello!" I swear I could live that lifestyle without any regrets. Later in the afternoon, we stopped at the "Der Dutchman" in Walnut Creek, dined on a wonderful Amish buffet of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, fresh creamed style corn, cornbread biscuits, a small salad, and peach cobbler for dessert. The view inside the restaurant was just as gorgeous as we sat close to a row of windows overlooking the scenic hillside outside. There was a mural painted on the wall behind the buffet that was painted by a local artist that I felt I could look at forever. It simply seemed to pull at my soul and was so realistic I felt I could just step into it and be beside a gently winding creek where an Amish boy was fishing surrounded by the hillsides and fields a plenty. Definately, breath-takingly beautiful!

After our dinner, we took a walk to sit in the gazebo behind the restarant when I spotted a sign that spoke a bit more to my heart. A simple little ornate arrow and one single work, "Bookbindery" and my passion for books, reading them, and creating them came crashing back to me. I felt as if it a whisper from God telling me that I'm once again on the right pathway --- something I haven't felt for quite a long while. When we walked back from sitting and soaking in the view, I couldn't resist looking back at that quaint little sign with a sigh of relief and smile that seemed to come from my soul. Of course, I whispered, "Thank you."

Next, we made our to the Carlisle Gift Shop. You cannot go to a Der Dutchman restaurant without at least one brief visit there. Their selection is always fresh and amazing, and is there a a better way to pamper oneself than to surround yourself with things you love? Stacks of Heritage lace, quilts, teapots and teacups, home and garden decor, bath products such as soaps and lotions, pottery filled every nook and cranny! I found myself drawn to a couple barrels filled with seashells, starfish, and other gifts from the sea, such as coral and had to purchase a few to add to our rear deck surrounding the jacuzzi. I've been attempting to create my own spa-like atmosphere there and avoid the beach theme, but a few scattered shells here and there amongst an ornate pot of lavender and other flowers cannot hurt, can it?

Yesterday, I found myself feeling like a stranger within my own home. How, you may ask? It occurred while I attempting to make dinner for us consisting of Pepper Rustica. Now, I'm certainly no stranger to cooking but I couldn't for the life of me seemed to get my act together. It began while boiling the italian sausage and realizing awhile later that I hadn't set the timer on the stove so I had no idea how long these had been on boiling. After sticking a fork in them to test for doneness, I drained and began slicing them into thinner pieces to pan fry the remainder of the way. Only after adding the onion and green pepper, did I remember to drain the fat from them once again and how do you make a pasta dish without a large pot of boiling water? Yep, I forgot that, too. Anyways, after a few remedies and time, Don and I had a wonderful dinner. {smiles} I noticed feeling that way awhile later when attempting to do some cleaning. I had to second guess where certain supplies were kept and remember laughing at myself and thinking, "Gee! Has it really been that long?" LOL! Perhaps, I shouldn't share that with you, but hey! I'm human afterall and what fun is life if we can't laugh at ourself once in a while?

Today, I spent my time on the computer once agian browsing art blogs, etsy, some of my favorite message boards. I've yet to visit any of my online groups. I'm not exactly certain why but I know I really don't feel like attempting to explain any of these things to my friends. I know that's probably crazy, but here, on my own blog, I feel a sense of some sort of anonymousity, where no excuses are needed and I can be free to simply be ME. I'm certain that in time, I'll be ready once again to join in. Anyways, back to soaking in art. It was just the ticket I needed to get my mind to considering creating it. I've had the urge but no time to create it and then, there is this lingering fear that has me asking myself, "what if I can't?" What if it's like the "stranger in the kitchen" feeling I experienced yesterday and nothing I touch comes out right? I know how paralyzing that fear can become, if I let it and I also know that just like cooking in my own kitchen, it'll come back. I just need to familiarize myself with it all over again..... so what did I do? Ordered me a vintage image CD from So, here's to "creating art" once again, inspiration is brewing!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pleasantly Surprised...

OMG! Coming in from enjoying the jacuzzi, I decided to browse a bit more online so I began blog-hopping once again. Well, you know how that goes, one link leads to another and another and before long you don't even know how you ended up wherever you are. Anyways, I discovered a CQ blogger who had a link to CQ Magazine Online {just add the .com}. As I was reading the July issue, I remembered that I had sent an email to the editors to submit my CQ'd sunglass case for their Reader's Showcase! That seems like an eternity ago and somehow along the way I'd forgotten all about it. But "Lo and Behold" there it was! Thank you, CQ Mag Online, I am pleasantly surprised! Off to browse some more.... {*waves}
There are so many things that I desire to do in my life. Not having the time to pursue and do them really helped to put so many of them into focus for me although, a bit of uncertainty remains. For the moment, I intend to simply take one moment at a time... to give myself time to recoup and recover from the events of the past several months. A lot has happened to me, to us...

I've feelings that I never fully got to experience any of them because I didn't have the time to deal with them. I've come to realize that is why God gave us feelings, to actually "Feel them!" I need to acknowledge their presence in my life, accept them for what they are, not to deny them and brush them away like some discarded bread crumbs. Life Lesson #____, learned. LOL!

I really need and desire some time to return to simply being ME! I intent to do what I need to do, to take care of my obligations and commitments in my life, starting with myself working from the inside out, discovering once again how to balance all "the wants" and "the needs." in my life. First,I want to simply BE, here in this moment, not rushing off, headlong into a list of "Things to Do". Hopefully, taking some time to do this will provide me with some much needed clarity. So, I'm off to enjoy the nature that awaits outside {that I've so longingly missed} while, lounging leisurely in the jacuzzi. Maybe even hang my new hammock up outside, toss on a huge throw pillow and my favorite quilt curl up with a good book! {smiles}

"Lightning crashes..."

You know "It's Been Awhile" when.... I have forgotten the password to my own blog, LOL! After several failed attempts and tries, I finally managed to combine the right combination of words, letters, and numbers to somehow managed to begin writing this post. "Failed attempts" and "trying" somehow seem to have become a re-occurring theme in my life before I finally came full-circle to simply saying, "I NEED to try this AGAIN!"

Never mind that I'm a bit stubborn , bull-headed, and attempting to be optimistic, trying to remain hopeful, searching desperately for a single flicker of light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. I was hoping for the silver lining on the dark, grey storm clouds that threaten to rain on my own parade. The only problem was that the light stopped flickering. I somehow became enveloped into a darkness that I found stifling to my spirit and soul. My heart became filled with sadness and a loneliness that I thought no one would ever understand. I know that during it all, I wasn't understanding nor "getting it." Tears quickly began to fill themselves within my heart and threatened to embed themselves there permanently, quietly stinging somewhere below the surface, and threatening to spill out, tumbling all over the place. I began feeling angry, cheated, unbelieved in and my entire universe began looking that very same way. In a nutshell, I felt lost, dazed, confused and last but not least, hopeless.

Another actual thunderstorm stuck during the mid-week for us to endure and survive. It ---the storm --- literally left us in the dark for a period of close to 48 hours without electricity in our home and at my workplace. After arriving home from work on Thursday, the storm plummeted us for over an hour. My head and my heart felt as scattered as the deck furniture, the fallen trees, and the broken branches surrounding us everywhere in its wake! During the storm, the flashes and crashes of lightning and the sound of thunder echoed the very feelings that I was feeling deep within my soul. The cause these feelings was my job! I had little to no time for the things that I enjoy! All the long hours, the physical, and mental demands placed upon me, and the negativity that seemed to lurk and permeate the very air that I was breathing was sucking and suffocating the life right out of me! There wasn't really any time to even think about these things, they simply seemed to be happening all at once, on into one big, huge mad dash that seemed to be leading me nowhere and to a place I really didn't want to go.

On Friday morning, as I woke to return to work, I was still envelope within the grasp of the darkness within my soul and, literally, in my world. We arrived at the plant at 4:47 a.m., surrounded by it. There wasn't even a star within the night sky to offer a glimmer of hope; just people: coworkers, friends, and acquaintances milling around, waiting, and wondering if we'd be working at all that day. Shortly after 7 a.m. the president of the company appeared, informing us that the electric would be out for a bit longer as the electric companies were swamped, attempting to restore power and some sort of order to the chaos. We were asked to return at 11 a.m. Leaving, Don and I made our way home {remember we've only one vehicle so he stayed with me during this ordeal...} to clear out and save whatever we could from our freezer. After making our way back from our store to home, we attempting to tidy up, restoring some sense of order the madness our lives had become. In yet another mad dash, I made way back to work at 11 a.m., as requested, to endure more dishevel and chaos left from 2nd shifts dash out of the building when the thunderstorm struck leaving them without electricity. All the while the storm that I felt within my heart and the core of my very soul, continued to rage on while I worked and learned we'd be required to work yet another 8 hours on Saturday!

Saturday arrived and the storm within me seemed to keep on brewing. One thing after another piled up on top of the mountain of mixed emotions, threatening to come tumbling down, burying me under yet another pile of rubble. After leaving work, I went on and on to Don on the cellphone about the crappy day I had, the things I somehow endured, and I never felt so unhappy in all of my life! Michelle, a co-worker, and I had a heart-to-heart as she so graciously provided me a ride home, but nothing we said to one another seemed to help or offer either of us the hope we both were so desperately searching for. Shortly after arriving home, Don showed up unexpectedly. Here he came, bearing a gift for me that he'd purchased earlier in the day, consisting of the most beautiful basket of potted plants and roses that I had ever laid my eyes upon! But it was what he'd so lovingly written within on the card attached that seemed like rain to touch some dark, barren, desolute spot left within my soul. It read, "To the most beautiful lady in the world: My Cathy!" As I read those words, my heart began to grow wings. I felt a stirring within me that once again to allow my spirit fly and soar! I regained a sense of confidence that "just maybe" somehow, someway I'd find my way through this.

On Sunday, my one and only day off this past weekend, Don and I took a very long and relaxing road trip to the Lake and while riding I did some much needed soul-searching. I asked myself every conceivable question my mind could think of. I made a mental list of all the pro's and con's and when it came time for the balancing act at the very end, the con's outweighed all the pro's.
But instead of listening to my heart, I just had to give it one last chance so when we returned home on Sunday evening, I made my routine preparations just like I've done for the past several months and diligently set my alarm clock for 3 a.m. Arriving at work, and as I was working, I could just feel my life's blood being once again sucked out of me. As the day continued on, I resisted the urge, not just on one break --- but all 3 of them! to simply pick up my cell phone and call Don to come and get me. As I write this, I'm uncertain how I resisted that urge, how I managed to ride out the storm that engulf me, threatening to suffocate everything that I know and love within my heart. But I made it through!!! 10 of the most grueling hours, plagued with indecision and filled with doubts. I wondered "what if" I'm making the wrong the decision; "what if" I regret this later, "what if" things were different, "what if" I'm the person that could a difference? "If only's" seemed to be becoming my new best friend and I realized that I was afraid. Afraid. Me... I'm no scaredy-cat, deep down in my heart of hearts, and speaking of hearts, why in the hell wasn't I listening to mine? It was approximately 3:45 p.m. when that realization struck me. Don and I were sitting in Shawn's Jeep, making a deposit at the bank, when I said, "Don't set my alarm clock for tomorrow, I'm not going back" with firmness and a renewed sense of determination. I know this is simply the beginning, that there will days when I may wonder "what if" and think those "if only's" all over again but I know I did what I knew in my heart I needed to do.

Today has been a wonderful day! I saw the sunrise as I let Chaos out the back door and sat on our rear deck to have my first cup of morning coffee. I felt my heart flutter in my chest once more as I browsed online at Kari's http:// blog and hostess of the party, leaping with excitement as I clicked from one link to another of artful blogger participants. I'm sorry that I missed this but I'm so happy and excited to announce that I'm back! I can say that I now know what it is like to go from one extreme to the other --- from having too much time on my hands to literally having none at all! I'm filled with a renewed sense of excitement, as I begin to embark upon yet another journey, this one a new beginning, where I'll search and seek a way to begin to balance it all.

Monday, August 06, 2007

It's been a long time...

since I've last updated. Lots has happened in our lives --- to make many long stories short! We lost two of our home computers during a thunderstorm when a severe lightning strick hit an electrical transformer near our home several weeks ago, so we're in the process of replacing those. Thankfully, I have a computer to access for the internet for a bit, while we're waiting.

My job is going good; still working the same ole' long 10 hour days --- finding time for family and friends and one another when and whenever we can. An unfortunate situation kept me from being able to work today, but it wasn't all bad... I'm in good health and will return tomorrow. The day did however provide me the opportunity to get in back in touch with my creative side --- pictures and explainations to come. I miss my good friends and frequent visitors, regardless of how little they are. So, please, if you drop by leave me a comment. I'd love to know you were here!