Sunday, January 30, 2005

Just a sneak peek...... Posted by Hello

Besides the remodeling.........

I'm continuing to work on the Tag booklet. Did I mention how much I love this little piece of artwork? {wink} I'm desiring to add some B&W pics of my grandmother and more journaling. I don't have any "treasured keepsakes" of hers, however, my mom does. Desiring to surprise her one year by re-framing a needlepoint artwork of The Lord's Last Supper, my brother discovered my grandparent's wedding license hidden underneath. Also, my mom has some pictures in her scrapbooks, her bible, and some memontos that I'm thinking I could photograph, scan, and copy; so all isn't lost.

Desiring that I had some of her things, reminded me to keep some ephermera from my life to pass on. I chuckled when I wondered if my dear daughter would treasure all my art supplies, vintage button collection, bits of fabric, lace, and collage elements as I do....... and wondered where she'd store them all, ROFLOL! Maybe, I should create her a beautiful heritage-styled keepsake box with a some of my treasured bits and pieces. ............just what I need now, another project!

I did sign up for an online genealogy free two trial, only to become extremely frustrated, LOL! I couldn't find any information online. I guess I was too hopeful that I would simply come across someone who had already created it. I do know that both sides of my family heritage has been kept..... my older sister, Karen, has traced my mother's side...... while my deceased Uncle Don had traced my Dad's side of the family. I'm thinking my mom even at one time had some of this information so I need to go visit and ask re: all this while I still have the opportunity to do so. There is so much re: my family heritage that I now desire to know.

Just an update on my recent remodeling.......

My new computer amoire is painted! A deep, dark burgandy........ Imagine black cherry on wood and you got it, LOL! I believe I'll need to purchase more paint, I mananged to get one coat on and there is some deep, dark streaks where the paint brush and roller overlapped. Unfortunately, one coat simply isn't enough.... so another will need to be added prior to sanding, a little distressing, and polyurathaned.

One thing I'm not liking is the dark color really makes this cabinet seem more giantic than it actually is...... so now I'm thinking some beautiful Waverly fabric or wall paper decorated with cabbage roses along with some gold or hunter painted wood rope trim decoupaged upon the doors will create a "faux-raised panel" effect to tone down the visual size of this piece of furniture. At least, that is what I'm striving for, LOL! It will be awhile before I relocate it and finally install the computer within it.

With all the new paint, white ceiling and Churchhill Hotel Vanilla on walls, new antique gold and white distressed curtain rods and gold sheer curtains hanging over white mini-blinds, my printed floral living room set really sets the stage! I'm so loving it and am excited re: how beautiful it will be once the Red Oak hardwood flooring is installed.

I, also, am doing some research re: creating a fabric collage. I thought how kewl would it be to create a fabric collage for my wall! I'm thinking large........ maybe 28" x 34" created in some light off-whites and some light-yellow undertones would be perfect. Of course, I'll add in some cool colored browns and black for some contrast. Tab style hangers for a decorated dowel rod for hanging and maybe a gold curtain pull with tassels for a decorative element. I've been raking my brain trying to figure out how to do some larger fabric transfers using stamped images, and came to the conclusion I'll probably have the office supply store create some enlargements that I can transfer on. I'm open to any ideas others may have re: creating this.... I have an idea of what I desire the finished artwork to look like and a saying picked out to add on mixed media style blocks of fabric. ........ The journey continues {sigh}, guess I really need to ask for a sewing machine for my upcoming birthday!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

ATC Swap Completed!

I received Faith's beautiful Twinkling H2O's ATC's in the mail yesterday. Woo-hoo, girl these are rocking! I so enjoyed swapping ATC's with you........ we'll have to do this again someday soon.

Instant Gratification..........

Last night's crop party at my LSS was a great time! I socailized with many artistic friends who share in my passion for paper and creating art work. {Hello, ladies.... waving hand frantically in the air! You know who you are......... } I, also, want to take a minute to say, "Thank you!" for all the wonderful contributions to my Tag Book from the donations of charms, fibers, and beads to the compliments each of you bestowed upon me. You ladies make me feel like a queen, LOL! although you all are equally as talented.

I managed to construct my Tag style book consisting of 22 pages. I, also, accomplished designing and decorating 9 truly magnificance pages! I am truly loving this little book and I believe it is well on it's way to becoming one of my most treasured keepsakes! I'm desiring to add more into it as far as the design process goes and am hoping to add in some B&W photographs along with some other various artful treasures, that I consider to be "keepsakes from the heart".

I believe this to be one of the best handmade books that I've created to date. I'm planning to add it to an artist's portfolio that I'm intent upon creating and submitting to a well-known scrapbook product manufacturer. We'll see how that goes......... for now I simply excited re: the process of it all. I'm still in the beginning stages of some amazing ideas that I am hopeful shall become a reality, so possibly there will be more posts re: all that in the future. For now, I'm simply enjoying the moment, trusting the process, and delighted with what I've created.

*edited to add: By the way, I didn't go with the vellum endsheets, however, the vellum will be working its way into the booklet soon. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Mysterious Mind........

I woke myself up dreaming about creating a Matchbox style handmade book this morning at 3:30 a.m. It is so mysterious how one's mind works........ I dreamt re: the list of the supplies I made for my matchbox style books and subconsciously have been thinking about it throughout the day.

In my dream, I was desiring to create the attaching endsheets of my book out of vellum when I realized it wouldn't be strong enough, LOL! So, I quickly reached for a matching printed paper to lay down first and was angry at myself for forgetting to bring my xyron to adhere the vellum over top! NOTE: to self........ adhere vellum to printed paper prior to leaving for crop or take xyron with.......... I do believe I'll actually use this technique in my books creation!

The Thread Project

I discovered this site completely by accident early this a.m. What a touching story...... I'm thinking re: the "thread" of my life I'd love to contribute to this project. I love the interwoven symbolism of the creator and the thoughtfulness of those who have participated already. I plan to choose my contribution thread with my heart. The project is continuing and more threads are needed if anyone wishes to contribute. All information is on the site link above.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Pre-planning for Friday

I'm sitting here thinking re: my Friday night at the LSS and remembering why my last crop in December seemed to work really well. I took a project I was in the process of working on and managed to finish it up. So, once again, I've decided to do some pre-planning for Friday's crop. { usually I drag everything but the kitchen sink and never touch half of it!}

I'm leaning towards creating several matchbook tag style book structures. So, I'll need my:
  • tools, especially my bookbinding tools!, {awe, waxed linen thread, stapler}
  • a variety of adhesives, paints, foam stamps, and a couple foam brushes.
  • A few styrofoam plates, paper towels, and a container for water.
  • Vellum quotes, a few pens for journaling, and alpha rub-ons.

As far as paper goes, I think I'll grab my K&Co. Antiquities line, matching cardstock and ribbons. Then, my embellishment containers. I believe that will give me a variety to work with and should just about do it. The crop is from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., possibly 2 a.m.? so making several matchbox style booklets should eat the time away. With my cropping bucks, I really need to look for some Coluzzle blades for my swivel knife. Man, is it ever getting dull! I'm thinking I used Chris's last time she was here.

Having this list should assist me when I actually go out to the studio to gather my things up. But, somehow, I've got this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that once I get there, this list is going to grow, LOL! I'll update again with how that goes................

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Art Gone Postal

Today was a great postal day! I got all my recent artwork that needed to be mailed sent on it's way: a birthday tag for an internet friend, a metal embellishment swap sent on to the next participant, and a 3 for 3 ATC swap with an internet friend.

I stopped into our Dollar Tree to see what was new that I could alter; but decided last minute not to pick up anything new. I probably own enough to keep me creating for a long, long time. Stopped by my LSS {local scrapbook store} signed up for a crop on Friday evening. This will be the first crop for me for 2005. I tend to hibernate within the walls of my own studio so it will be great to get out and socialize with some like-minded individuals. I still will need to pack; I'm thinking of possibly creating something to work on so I can travel lightly.

Not much going on today, I'm on a hiatus...... resting up for the next burst of energy!

Monday, January 24, 2005

Cabin Fever?

I'm not sure if it "cabin fever" or if I'm still being bitten by the organizing bug, but whichever it is, I'm hoping it stays for a while. I didn't manage to create any art today, but instead washed down my kitchen walls and cabinets. Even my sink is shining! I did move some boxes that need to go out to the studio to the back door for my next adventure out there. I'll have a few hours to be in the studio tomorrow evening, hopefully I can get a few things put back away.

I did receive a metal embellishment swap in the mail today. I choose a few items that I'll replace with some other metals from my stash. Tomorrow will be a great postal day,as I've several items to take to the P.O. I believe I'm gonna treat myself to a trip to the dollar store to see what goodies I can find there to alter.

Sunday, our contractor finished converting a large cabinet into a new computer amoire for me by adding a shelf and a support. I kept the keyboard tray, a drawer and all hardware from my previous too big and bulky desk before tossing it and those were also installed. Unfortunately, I need to wait a bit to purchase the paint I need to dress it up.

All in all, it's been a good start to the week; hopefully this trend will continue....... {smile}

Sunday, January 23, 2005

This is a Mail Art envy I created today since I've got several swaps and a tag to mail. Will one of my lovelies be coming to a mailbox near you? In the event that one does, feel free to rip, tear, or cut it up for use in your own artwork!  Posted by Hello

"Be a Fool, Darling" is from a vintage ad. Posted by Hello

"Love wrinkles" reminds me of all the laugh lines I'm getting as I age {gracefully, I might add!} "Family all Star's" is an adorable vintage photo from my stash. I adore that little girl's expression!  Posted by Hello

These are some ATC's {Artist's Trading Cards, mini 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" pieces of artwork} that I created today for an online trade with a new internet friend, Faith. Posted by Hello

Although I've created many handmade books and altered a few, I felt it would great to create new covers to an existing spiral bound journal. This journal is small, approximately 4"x6", therefore, taking it apart to alter the covers wasn't so bad. First, I used two bookbinder's clip to keep the text pages straight and aligned before loosening the spiral by simply bending it back so I could remove the front cover. Once that was accomplished the bound together pages came out all together and the back cover was removed. I covered the front, back, and endsheets of the cover before re-assembling. It took a bit of playing to figure out exactly how to rebind the spiral and after a few mistakes I mastered it!  Posted by Hello

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Whooo-Hooo! I'm easily amused!

I managed not only to get my stamp cabinet organized, I found my much loved India Ink! My stamp cabinet looks great once again. Inks are sorted by type --- pigments, dyes, chalks, and a variety === VersaMark, Distress Inks, and Opalites. I even sorted through some stamp supply drawers; condensing and grouping like supplies together and was able to free up an entire drawer!

Organizing again..........

Today, I'm cleaning out my stamp cabinet. Re-sorting my stamp inks, jars of acrylic mediums, adhesives, ect. I had intented to play with my Twinkling H2O's; however, I'm in search of my Superior India Ink pad. India ink is perfect for stamping images one desires to watercolor as it is virtually smear-proof; and the good news is it actually eliminates the need for pigment inks, embossing powders, and the heat embossing tool. It simply makes watercoloring so much easier and funner as you get right to doing what you desire to do..... color stamped images. Well, since I cannot locate the required pad, I decided it times to keep going on the re-organizing, LOL! I guess this is one way to find missing items..........

This is a birthday tag I made for an online friend. Many of Michele's friends decided to surprise her on her birthday today by sharing our tag creations online. Michele will receive our tags via snail mail to create a tag book she'll treasure forever. My tag uses Bazzill cardstock as the base; a layer of mulberry paper; stamped photo image; stamped and embossed bookplate; eyelets, fibers, and a monogram. Definately a little out of my normal color zone, however, I love the pink and black combination! Posted by Hello

Good Morning!

Awh, what a beautiful Ohio morning it is! I enjoying waking up early, before fiance stirs, it is my "quiet time of the day" where I sit enjoying the peace while savoring that first cup of fresh-brewed coffee. It is quite beautiful here today! Already this a.m., I saw a beautiful thunderstorm with snow vs. rain; although it appeared very wet! I wasn't venturing outside in my pj's to actually check it out! There is at least 3-5 inches of freshly fallen snow laying untouched across the acre in our backyard. The "path" fiance shoveled out to my studio is now covered once again and there isn't a trace of any footprints left remaining from my artistic adventure last night.

My friend made it over later than usual, so we decided to go out for a late dinner. Spent the time discussing art, our dreams, goals, and ideas. We talked and shared our ideas re: designing for manufacturers and spurred ideas off of one another re: breaking into the fast growing, ever-changing Paper Arts Industry. We did manage to accomplish a small amount of art, Chris with a SB Box and I finished up my Valentine's Tags for a upcoming swap. Hopefully, I can get out there and play some more today!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Understanding Adhesives

With so many types of adhesives on the market, one could literally spend weeks researching and writing about them. I personally haven't worked with many adhesives that I simply dislike! unless "Super glue" counts and you like prying the skin off your fingers to get them separated once again, LOL!

I like to use a wide variety of them within my artwork and have found that many Paper Art Artists are very knowledgible re: them and are willing to share most information with anyone desiring to learn what adhesive they used in a piece of artwork. For the most part, use of adhesives are a very personal choice and vary from artist to artist. I say simply play and try new ways to experiment with them, one never truly knows what you may discover along the way.

A good web reference for gluing almost anything to any surface, is the website.

Understanding Rubber Stamp Ink Properties and Qualities....

Other products that I use besides watercolors, acrylics, colored and graphite pencils within my artwork are rubber stamp inks. I'm aware that there is quite a bit of information on rubber stamp message boards written by those with good intentions, however, I've learned for complete understanding of what types of inks are available on the market, learning their properties of what they can and cannot do, learning and knowing how to use them to achieve the desired results within one's artwork can often be confusing.

What I've found works best to really gain a complete understanding of inks is to visit the manufacturers websites. Nearly every rubber stamp ink on the market today, lists the manufacturer and often their website. I suggest to truly know if an ink is capable of producing the results you are seeking, you take the time to visit their sites and search for the product information. Many sites, like Ranger's link above, also now contain a helpful FAQ's page. I like to visit the website and will often copy and paste the information into a blank MS Word document. This allows me a quick and easy reference tool.

While you are on the site, also, look to see if the manufacture features a gallery of artwork produced with the products they sell. Many companies feature artwork that is created using their products and often list the type of ink, the color of ink(s) used, and the techniques used to create the art.

Understanding properities of art mediums

Some terms defined..........

Iridescence - A surface displaying a lustrous rainbow-like brightness resembling colors seen on oil slicks. The effect is sometimes produced by some glass, glazes, and textile surfaces. Iridescence may also be seen in changeable colors within a range of hues, as in the feathers of some birds and the wings of some dragonflies and/or butterflies.

Opalescence includes iridescence, however it is best achieved upon a white base.

Opaque - is something that cannot be seen through; the opposite of transparent.

Translucent – a quality that allows some light to pass through, however the opposite side of image is greatly obscured. It is often referred to as a quality that is between transparent and opaque. Materials that may be translucent include glass, papers such as glassine, and some plastics, such as lucite and plexi-glass, and porcelain. But it is important to remember, that it is quite possible for one person to describe something as translucent even if it is merely tinted, and for another to describe it as transparent because it is so easy to see through it clearly. It is a matter of perception.

Transparent – anything transparent simply allows light to pass through so that objects can be clearly seen on the other side; the opposite of opaque. Window glass, cellophane and watercolors are usually transparent. It is quite possible for one person to describe something as translucent if it is merely tinted, and for another to describe it as transparent because it is so easy to see through it clearly.

Opalescence - A white surface having iridescence. this "play of color" is caused by the refraction of white light which occurs in various sized wavelengths. The colors seen depend on the amount of light, size and distance between the spheres, an object’s structure, as well as an art medium used to achieve the desired results.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Begin each day as if it were on purpose. Create soul paintings. There's no such thing as an ordinary day! Posted by Hello

Be known for your free spirit..... To thine own heart be true. Posted by Hello

Look for life's little blessings everywhere for one never really knows where you'll discover them. Posted by Hello

Home is the heart's garden......... Posted by Hello

You never know who may be watching due to their honest admiration. They'll follow wherever you lead, for you are their Hero ---- and they may desire to be Just like YOU!  Posted by Hello

Be grateful....... Thank God........ you may never pass this way again or experience it quite the same way. Posted by Hello

I still love you.......... Posted by Hello

Trust your intuition......... Posted by Hello

Touch the heart of another.... Posted by Hello

Borrowed keepsakes - leaves, flowers, feathers, kisses....... Posted by Hello

Time keeps on slipping into the future..... Always remember to make time for you! Posted by Hello

Things I'm passionate about.......... creating art! Posted by Hello

I love you this much........... Posted by Hello

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Inspired........ Posted by Hello

Spilling Open - quotes, feelings, & other insights is a journal I recently started with Soulful Discoveries. Unable to make it out to the studio today due to the snow, I used my colored pencils to decorate my previous written words. Posted by Hello

Monday, January 17, 2005

This is the inside of the Family Secrets book cover also using PVA to adhere the both the printed paper and the cardstock as well as the majority of decorative details. I've found that my rubberstamp brayer comes in handy for smoothing both paper and cardstock when adhering PVA. I hope this information is helpful and provides some further understanding. Stay tuned for more bookbinding tips, techniques, and possibly some handmade bookmaking and bookbinding tutorials. Posted by Hello

This is a book cover that I created last year titled, "Family Secrets" The paper was adhered to a heavy chipboard using PVA. Posted by Hello

PVA - Polyvinyl Acetate

This is in response to a question asked by an internet friend.

PVA is an abbreviation that stands for polyvinyl acetate. It is available in both archival and non-archival formulas in pints, quarts, or gallons. I personally prefer the Jade 403 PVA (polyvinyl acetate) adhesive for my handmade bookmaking and box-making projects. Jade is one of only three brands of polyvinyl acetate adhesive (PVA) which has been found to maintain a good pH level during natural aging tests, making it suitable for box-making and other book and paper uses. In box-making, for example, the important factor is that it has minimal detrimental out-gassing. Of the three, it also shows the least yellowing during the natural aging tests. Note: PVA must not be allowed to freeze, therefore it is shipped in insulated boxes to or from colder climates in winter.

PVA closely resembles Elmer's Glue in consistency and workability. Differences that I've personally noted is that PVA has less water content allowing it greater adhesive qualities. It is a clear drying artist's glue. One you are sure to immediately fall in love with.

The Decorated Page by Gwen Diehn

An awesome book filled with artist materials information for the creation of Journals, Scrapbooks & Album Made Simply Beautiful. A great read and one of my "artistic bibles" in my art library.

ArtLex Art Dictionary

An online resource for understanding art mediums and artistic terminology.

Another collage on illustration board using Claudine Hellmeth's peeling paint technique. I especially enjoy this piece of artwork as it is way off the beaten path from most of my artwork. Posted by Hello