Thursday, March 31, 2005

This is the journaling the corresponds to my Tobacco Brown Collage. It reads, "creating with this group of colors ranging form golden tans to reddish-browns to rich, darks are a perfect color choice for vintage photograph collages. Tobacco, like fine wine, provides an antique quality which assists to provide a sense of a memory lovingly remembered." Copyright 2005 Cathy Highland. Posted by Hello

My "Tobacco Brown" Collage was created today in the first Journal RR I'm participating in. I was inspired by recently purchased new stamps with the images of cigar labels and themes. Posted by Hello

My "Tobacco Brown Collage" was created today in the first of the Journals RR I'm participating in. I allowed some recently purchased stamps of Cigar themes and labels to inspire me. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Flat Stanley arrived in my mailbox yesterday! Whoo-hoo! I made some journaling notes to include in the scrapbook I've yet to create to send back home with him. Don is off work today so I believe Flat Stanley will be taking a road trip with us. The weather here has been gorgeous... we hit the 60 degree mark yesterday and are supposed to be in the 70's today. Perfect for taking Stanley on an adventure!

I managed to get all my most recent purchases put away where they belonged in the studio the night before last. Made it through most of the pre-sorted piles and began sorting yet another box into pre-sorted piles to put away later. This seems to be working quite well and is definately making the large task of it more managable when broken down into smaller segments.

I haven't created any new artwork recently, well since Chris was over on Friday. My watercolored papers are dry now from my last adventure. I definately loved creating them and will probably make some more in the future to have on hand when I desire to use them. I am looking forward to one day of nice weather to create some large sheets of paste papers outdoors.

I am waiting on the arrival of one of the Journey Journals RR. It should come in the mail today. It will be a little late for the mailing deadline of April 2nd getting sent onto the next participant in its RR, although I am hopeful to work on it on Saturday. Hopefully, I can get inspired and maybe send it on quickly to get in the originally intented schedule. Of course this will also depend upon the next participant's schedule as well. I am excited to see what has been added to my journal; so far I know it has been received but no new pages have been uploaded to the group.

Well, I off of here to celebrate this wonderful Spring day! Hope everyone is having a good one, too.

Monday, March 28, 2005

I see more organizing on the horizon.....

Chris & I just returned home from our road trip to Hallo's. We had a great time, shopped til we were ready to drop, and spent more than either of us intended. What's new with that, LOL! I stocked up on chipboard, parchment paper, some cardstock, deckle-edged sheets, and envies.

We stopped in Lodi at Scrapbook Outlet, which I wasn't too impressed with. I expected some older product lines and lower prices...... not happenin' there. The stock was pretty current and the prices the same as most scrapbook stores.

We also made a quick run into Pat Catan's while there where I ran across a few bargains on rubber stamps. I picked up 6 nice designs for $1 each; normally 6.99-$9.99 each. Gotta love that! I'm all for finding a bargain. I decided that I really need to get the studio organization going... I'm making progress yet it still isn't up to what I expect it to be so I'll be spending some more time out there this week.

I talked with Don over the weekend re: picking up yet another spinner rack from my friend, Jill and getting it filled with some handmade journals and sets of notecards handstamped by me. I'm planning on putting it in his store and seeing if I can pick up some extra $$$ there to assist with the website and some advertising for my studio.

Well, suppose I should get the boxes of new supplies taken out to the studio and put away. Heaven knows I don't need to put it off to do later.....

Saturday, March 26, 2005

How could I resist this? I love the contrast of the soft and hard lines. Posted by Hello

After organizing a little more, I couldn't resist the urge to get out my Twinklin' H2O's and simply play! I believe I've figured out an item to share in the Journey Journals RR. Love these backgrounds..... Posted by Hello

Had a good evening...

Chris & I had a good evening in the studio last night. We both managed to get quite a bit accomplished. I am down to a few little drawers and one medium size suitcase in the search for metal embellishments to place within my clear acrylic embellishment containers. I went through a large Priority box of scraps, cut them down for ATC blanks and have them now stored in a snapped together plastic floppy disk box with a lid. Chris is giving the remants of those scraps to a few girls in her school who scrapbook and will be excited to take them off my hands.

In my search for metal embellies, I'm finding fibers, ribbons, stickers, printed papers, collage sheets and elements that have gotten scattered here and there so on today's agenda is to clean up from the creating session last night, set aside the supplies I'm using for the ATC's, and start in on at least getting a few piles of this stuff where it belongs. I'm plugging away at it and it is working in these small managable sections without overwhelming me and totally un-inspiring me to actually do it!

I managed to create 8 Go Postal themed ATC's for a upcoming swap --- one extra to given to Chris. I also began working on yet another ATC swap Out of Time that I haven't even signed up for. Chris & I decided we'd created one extra ATC to trade with one another when the swaps are small as these two were... a 7 for 7 swap. I figure the extra can go into my for trade section and will make great RAK's! Which reminds me I'd love to make a couple binder pages for my ATC binder like I created for Chris's gift. I believe I'll also create a several small cards in the same themes as the ATC swaps to serve as hostess gifts and assist with protecting the ATC while postal. Creating these will be a gift I give to myself for staying focused in managing these small bits of organizing.

Chris finished up a fun and funky book she's creating on consignment. I had to laugh as she was so un-inspired to work on it. The girl, age 16, desired a black and white zebra paper, with hot pink and neon green pages. I on the other hand loved it, although it isn't a color combination I'd personally choose to work with. She also managed to finish up a handmade plastic comb bound book that is absolutely adorable! It was envigorating watching her play and experiment with some gum arabic and pearl ex! She has quite an imagination. I was floored when she applied it to some dry embossed paper and totally changed it from a flat white to a wonderful piece of glitz and glammer.

We planned out road trip for Monday's adventure. We'll be leaving early as Chris will work the library late that afternoon after our return. I think we're both excited to get out and go! Must be catching Spring Fever! LOL!

Don will be working all day today, so I believe a day spent in the studio is just what I need to help me stay focused on these projects. I'm hopeful to begin working on some items for the Journey Journalsl. The ideas have been brewing so I am sure I will come up with something I'll be delighted to add to them as they begin to circulate this way.

I'm begining to get the urge to get back to finishing the computer amoire. There's still a tad bit of painting to be done, a coat of polyurathane, and the search for the fabric or wallpaper to add to the doors. Little by little, I achiving some of my goals......tying up the loose ends of them so I can get on to some bigger and better things! I will be happy if the living room remodel is completed by the end of May; that is with the exception of the hardwood floor --- but that is a project for yet another day! :)

I'll scan and uplate some of my recent artwork later...

Friday, March 25, 2005

Preparing to create.....

I spent some time in the studio yesterday re-organizing. I filled up the two new clear acrylic jewelry organizers I recently purchased from The Container Store. I'll be back out there in a bit to finish up. I need to move a few items out of the containers they are in and place them within these embellishement organizers.

I've been sorting out a few small boxes here and there along the way creating piles of papers, stickers, ribbon and fibers that will be put away next. I'm at a loss on where to keep my new wood mounted stamps and am seriously considering taking some lesser used stamps and shipping them to my sister & neices in Texas to free up some room for the ones I desire to keep.

I truly love UM stamps and wished more companies would offer them as an option. Storing them will be so much simpler for me. I did manage to get the ones I purchased recently stamped once for a stamp index which will assist in locating them. I sort of at a stand still with them until my EZ-Mount arrives {which reminds me to email them to be sure my order hasn't been misplaced; I know they recently were backed up with orders.}

Chris will be coming over today to create. She sounded so enthusiastic about getting back to creating ~ I know it has been a while for her. I'm simply happy that she is back in the grove again after being sick. We've planned another road trip for Monday; so it will be good to get out and have a girlfriend's day!

Tonight, I plan to experiment with a few techniques to add to the Journey Journals RR. I've yet to receive one as Christi came down with a cold, poor thing. It should be arriving by the first of the week which will be great! It will allow me to get to it right away this week and get it out by the next deadline and keep things on schedule. On of the members took the liberty to post the mail dates within the group so that will certainly help.

Don will be working all day Saturday so I plan to get back out in the studio then. I believe I'll plug away at the organizing a little, do a little cleaning from tonight's creative episode, and hopefully begin creating Melanie's Flat Stanley scrapbook. My sis IM'd me to say he should be postal by the beginning of next week. There are a few local spots I'd like Stanley to visit: The President Harding Home, his temporary tomb in the Marion Cemetary, the Harding Memorial, the Wyandot Popcorn Museum, a visit with grandma & grandpa, and a special feature --- a trip to Columbus to visit the Titanic exhibit at COSI. Of course, we'll have to eat at the Spaghetti Warehouse while we'll be so close... Yummmm........

Monday, March 21, 2005

This is the cover for Melanie's Flat Stanley book. I had some free time so I looked the book up online. Posted by Hello

A new update....

Chris & I had a great time Sunday! Our road trip took us to Panera Bread where I had a light lunch and a few cups of hazelnut coffee spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg. We managed to beat the Sunday church crowd and enjoyed a relaxing lunch, good conversation before heading over to Prism Art Supply where we both purchased some items we've been desiring.

I finally found Faber-Castell Pitt Pens! I purchased a 4 pack of the black, and two 6 packs in colors: Terra and Basic sets. I love the fact that these pens are refillable inexpensively and also contain India Ink making them perfect for watercoloring and sketching. They are extremely lightfast, waterproof, and smudge-proof once dry. I also picked up a few sheets of watercolor papers, a Canson Montval Aquarelle Watercolor block, and a few sheets of some handmade papers with inclusions, perfect for book covers.

Our next stop was into Stampland, where Chris picked up a semi-flat wooden Tic-Tac-Board for an upcoming project she's desiring to make. We spent some time browsing and feasting our eyes on some amazing eye candy in the form of card samples before heading around the corner to Scrapbook ART. In there we found some new CHA releases and both stocked up on some Basic Grey printed papers and the new Monograms. Also a few sets of the MM Chipboard Letters. I found some unique metal rimmed tags with transparencies inside of them. Not quite sure what I will do with them although I'm thinking Staz On inked images would be perfect! We've made plans for the week after next to take yet another road trip this time we'll head north to Medina for some shopping and possibly a good lunch somewhere. I'm sure we'll make plans to get together soon in the studio; maybe while Chris is on Spring Break. We talked about some of our plans for National Scrapbook Day. We'll be attending it locally through our local scrapbook store, discussed some project ideas, etc. I'm hopeful to have a book created to decorate and jazz up; maybe I'll take some stamps and do some stamping... we'll see.

I spoke to my sister in Texas today. We chat online as much as we can; it saves it some long distance calling --- gotta love that! My neice, Melanie, recently read Flat Stanley in her class and it seems she wants to send Flat Stanley to me for some adventures. My sis and I did some brainstorming: I'm planning to create her a handmade scrapbook where I can journal Stanley's advertures while here. It will be a fun project and I'm happy to pitch in and help out with something like this that she'll be able to treasure for years to come. I've a surprise for her up my sleeve........ Stanley will not be traveling back home alone! I'm creating a traveling companion for him and for Melanie to enjoy! This will be a fun project for me, will get me back into the studio working in between the Journal journey RR. I'll upload Stanley's companion after I get her some clothes created.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Good News!

I had a telephone call from Chris today. She's sounding more like her ole' self. We spent some time catching up, talking about art, and making plans to get together to do some creating. In all honesty, she sounds to me like she's starving for a day of PLAY! Which, by the way, is great for me, I can always use some so additional inspiration. We talked about our plans for National Scrapbook Day, our local scrapbook store is hosting a crop. Chris is going to propose a swap to Jill, possibly tags. Participants will sign-up if interested and the tags will be swapped out on NSD.

Tomorrow, she'd like to take a road trip! No where too far, possibly Michaels', a visit to Prism, Stampland, and Scrapbook Art in Polaris. Maybe we'll do a light lunch somewhere --- Panara Bread sounds great. Good sandwiches, endless coffee, and a place to sit and simply relax. I think I'll suggest it. We also talked about attending a Rubber stamp convention one day. I need to check out what is coming up and where. I believe there is one soon in Novi, MI which would be excellent because I'd love to get back to Hollander's! Chris would be in paper heaven in there!

I talked to Don on the phone after talking to Chris. Needed to butter him up, NOT! I'm beginning to think he's psychic.... he just mentioned he thought Chris & I would be creating out in the studio Friday so he wasn't at all shocked she called today. Since he was so supportive of my going away tomorrow, I decided to be a little extra nice to him today..... I made my homemade spaghetti and meatballs! Yummy.... he's always telling me and anyone who'll listen, what a good cook I am and everyone knows a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, LOL!

Hopefully, I will get a bit of organizing done out in the studio soon. I really want to keep plugging away at it a little at a time. Doing so will be fun, get me organized, prevent me from burning out on it. I guess it is a great time to go shopping!

My Journal has gone postal!

I mailed it a few days ago. I cleaned up all the art supplies I had scattered about my living room and one by one boxes were moved back to the studio. I actually managed to put some things away, grouped a few similar items together on my table tops for organizing further soon. Not too much, just enough to deal with without causing me any additional stress, LOL! I had "good intentions" to get in the studio today. However, it is raining.... so I decided against venturing outside.

I spent my day browsed through a few of magazine that I allowed myself to keep inside for further investigation and decided there were a few techniques I'd like to try. So, I wrote them down for safe keeping.

Next, I got to thinking about the Journal RR again, so I decided to expand on some technique ideas to use within them. I came up with 4 ideas that I believe I'll share within the pages of the journals. Then, I wrote a paragraph on what I feel is important as an artist to share within them. I believe I'm done with any pre-planning for this project as I desire to leave some room for the journals to speak to me on a personal level so that I will something unique and different to share within each.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

More on the Artful Idea Journey Journal

I've not made it out to the studio yet. However, I did create 6 pages for my Artful Journey Journal. It is all typed text, explaining who the journal belongs to with contact info, my excitement in participanting, info regarding my temporary binding, instructions to decorate the front of the page only, number of pages to decorate, info regarding the Canson Mi-Tientes paper I used along with size information, tips and ideas for participants who may desire more surface area, and an introduction to PLAY!

Since I printed them, trimmed them down, I'm thinking of using eyelets and a metal ball and chain to group them together. I'll need to create 2 pocket pages, one to decrease the bulk of the inspiration tags, and one to hold the previously mentioned creations. A eyelet placed upon the background page will also assist with the instructions of my journal from being misplaced while traveling from one artist to another artist.

I was wondering if I should created a 4 page spread in the journal to get things started. Need to decide upon that while cutting the additional 22 pages I still need. I'm sure I have enough paper and am thinking by doing so each artist will learn a little about me. We'll see how that takes shape. I've a day or two before the actually mail date yet, but am hopeful to have my journal postal by tomorrow.

Re-organizing continues....

It is going to be yet another beautiful day here in the Ohio Valley. The sun is shining and the birds are still singing their song. We hit the high 40's here yesterday and it appears this is a trend that will continue here throughout the end of the week.

This means that I will be able to move the VHS cabinet out to the studio for storing my UM stamps in cd cases within. I will have some preplanning to do as I'll be losing one shelving unit although my photo boxes should also fit inside on the shelves allowing to reserve the door space for the cd cases. There is also the option of taking the shelving unit apart and finding a home for it elsewhere within the studio.

Yesterday, Don & I made yet another road trip to The Container Store where I purchased 2 more clear acrylic jewelry organizers. I am so loving these containers for storing my embellishments as each comes with an attached clear lid as well. This makes them so easy to stack and to see within each container without the need to actually open them to see what is inside. These additional 2 containers provide me with a total of 7; which should allow me to have the same storage and get some of my other misc. items out and having them all in one place. They also should provide me with a little room to grow. I like having a sense of unity within the studio and have found using the same storage consistently assists to provide that.

I looked at another option for 12x12 paper while visiting Archiver's. The Cropper Hopper Vertical storage unit, however, I quickly changed my mind re: purchasing it. The main reason for me was lack of shelving or countertop space to store them. I'm all for having storage that works although I like to use the cabinets along the west wall simply because it hides a lot of the clutter. I'm not one of those artist's who needs to visually see what supplies they have. Having an assigned area for supplies, I know what is where and believe me things get used! So, I decided instead of purchasing more storage for paper, to use it! I'm shocked I actually walked out of there without purchasing one sheet of paper!

I did purchase a few more of the Slick Writer pens. Both black in a fine and a broad tip. These pens are so versatile, they'll write on anything! Vellum and transparencies are some of my favorite surfaces to use them on. Another purchase was the Creative Imaginations Skipping Stones; not a new release from CHA - they've been available for a while, I felt they would be the perfect accent for a nature journal cover embellishment. I'm hopeful that I will get out more this summer and do some sketching and watercoloring. I also purchased a small storage box from KoKuyo, designed for floppy disk storage; I plan to begin using it for cutting up my smaller scraps of cardstock for ATC blanks.

I'm still stuck on the organization of all my ribbon spools. I've seen some really cool storage ideas within other's creative spaces. Everything from wrapping around the old-fashion slip over clothes pins decoratively displayed in baskets to wrapped around slivers of cardstock. Personally, I like keeping them on the spools. For me this means less time winding them around something else and it prevents any creases of the ribbon. The recent CK featured an article which used dowel rods inside a photo storage box which held two different sized spools of the ribbon. Larger grommets where set along the longer sides of the box with bits of ribbon strung through for easy viewing. The lid also would provide protection from light and dust. This may be an option I'll explore further at a later date.

Another challenge with organizing is for all my large sheets of watercolor, handmade, and imported papers. Currently my large sheets for personal use are stored in the larger mailing tubes, while I rolled scraps up and placed them within a galvanized bucket. I'm uncertain of how I desire to display sheets of this once I begin buying for retail sales. Guess we will either create a free-standing unit or hand some decorative curtain rods on the door to the upstairs storage area. The paper could be folded over and spaced appropriately to allow for the additional thickness. I'm certain we'll come up with something that will work!

The good news is my studio is clean! I've a little dusting of the shelf to do before it gets too out of hand but overall it isn't bad. The tables are clean and cleared off of all items so I can work on putting some of the supplies still in boxes into separate groupings until I finally get them where they belong. There is still boxes within the house and attic that never quite got moved out there from where actually made the move, I keep hesitating to move them, LOL! I think I desire to keep the re-organizing in the small managable chunks that make this do-able vs. one huge overwhelming pile!

My intention today is to get the Canson Mi-Tientes cut down for the Journey Journal RR. Add those pages to the book, package it and get it on its journey! After that, I'm hopeful to begin attacking the boxes of supplies yet to be tackled and get some organizing done. Every box that gets emptied is a step in the right direction!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the Agenda for Today....

I'm heading out to the studio today to do a thorough cleaning and some re-organizing before the Journal Journey begins. I need to cut a few sheets of the Canson Mi-Tientes paper to add to my journal. I am also considering creating one last pocket page to place some of the Inspiration Tags into to decrease the bulk of the first for mailing purposes.

The journey for the journals has begun; one participant has actually gone postal with her journal. My intention is to get mine in the mail by Thursday, March 17 at the very latest, for the expected mailing due date of March 19th. My journal will travel to Michigan each and every time before being sent on to the Canadian artists.

The artwork within the group's files and photos section is beginning to fill up with some amazing artwork! Many of the participants are beginning to feel the twinges of self-doubt, self-critic, and sense of inadequacy that I experience from time to time. It is a gently reminder that one is not alone in thoughts and feelings, and that not every piece of artwork that one creates turns into the masterpiece you originally intended and expected.

Speaking of intentions, I am intending to get started on the actual creating for these journals. Determining some content to use, examples of it, and some brief instructions. I'm leaning towards including a few photographs of my studio since it is my sacred place that I create within. I am hopeful not to do so much pre-planning, that I can save at least one page within the original participant's journal that I can allow room for the journal to speak to me and create at least one page unique to every journal. I guess that is my way of breaking up the congruency and allowing room for some individuality between receiving each journal.

Here's to "No, Creative Block" while the journey begins! :) {raising coffee cup gently in the air}

Saturday, March 12, 2005

I decided that I would like to have more Faux Postage for some of artwork, to RAK to friends, and to share in the Artful Journey Journals so today I am playing with the rubberstamps I recently purchased. Most of the images are Stampers Anonymous, printed paper is Daisy D's and Pixie Press. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

On the Horizon........

Besides the remodeling project that has been temporarily put on hold due to the colder Ohio temperatures, I've been also working on more to get my business, Partly Paper, up and running! I recently decided not only to leave my reserved domain name with GoDaddy, but to actually create a website there!!!! I've been dilengently working on the content that will be featured on the site, writing up classes, class handouts, and creating an events calendar template to be used in conjunction with my class information. I'm hoping for a complete launch of by the end of the year!

My goal is to one day have a full-service Art Center here in the area with open crop/stamp times. I will be teaching classes in Scrapbooking, Rubberstamping, Mixed Media Collage and Book Arts. Also, on the horizon is to eventually become a host for some guest speakers and local artist's featuring classes in a variety of mediums and using local talented artist to establish a design team that will be featuring the art techniques in the above categories. I will be seeking some advice from a friend who is doing something similar in nature online.

There are still some kinks I'll need to work out re: this endeavor, logo design, local advertising, more purchasing for retail sales, but the good news is I'm staying more focused and getting things done! More information to come.......

Good News to Share.........

Not only was CA's ARTfest fun, I discovered this morning that I won yet another prize! That makes for a total of 3, Whooo-hooo!!!! I won a $25 GC from a CTMH Featured Sponsor along with a current catalog to choose my prize. This was from the Sponsor Scavenger Hunt. I won one for the "ARTfest" word challenge and just today realized I won one for the Fabric and Button challenge! Cannot wait to see what goodies will arrive in my mailbox soon.

I was also featured again in Suzanne's March ByHand newsletter! One I expected, the other I was totally surprised about. Suzanne asked to use my review of the book, "Making Pearls: Living the Creative Life by Jeanne Carbonetti" for her newsletter and also a quote I shared with her that I discovered within the book. She turned it into rubber! and yours truly will receive one free!!!! How kewl, is that?

Suzanne's March Newsletter can be viewed here:

The 9 ATC's I created to get Chris started. Posted by Hello

The "For Trade" ATC divider. Posted by Hello

The Received ATC divider. Posted by Hello

Cover of the ATC Binder. Cardstock, 7 Gypsies & SEI printed paper, stamped images are Stampers Anonymous, Lasting Impressions, and Above the Mark. Posted by Hello

A Gift for a Friend

Desiring to play with some of the new Stampers Anonymous stamps I purchased at the Heirloom Productions Convention held in Indy, IN., I decided to create an ATC 3 Ring Binder as a "Get Well Soon" gift for Chris. She's been desiring to begin creating and trading ATC's so I thought I'd give her some inspiration to get her started. I created a binder cover that will slide into the protective cover of the 3 ring binder, two dividers: one for "Received ATC's" and the other divider is "For Trade ATC's" Inside I placed 20 ATC page protectors and created 9 ATC's to fill the first page. I believe she's gonna flip when she receives this!

I tried to upload the pics this a.m., however "Hello" is sending me an Network Error message. I'll try to upload them again later or post a link where they can be viewed online.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Life is Grand!!!!

Can I tell you just how much I love my fiance? He truly is the best! My biggest supporter and definately my biggest fan {besides my Mom...} Anyways, on Friday, Don & I had a conversation that went something like this...

Me: Honey, do we have any plans for this weekend?

Don: Well, I have to work Fri. & Sat., nothin' going on Sunday. Why do you ask?

Me: I was browsing online and discovered there is a rubber stamp convention in Indianapolis, Indiana. How far is that?

Don: Indianapolis? About a 3 1/2 - 4 hr. drive. Would you like to go?

Me: {Would I like to go?} I'd love to!

All day Saturday I offered him several chances to back out, making suggestions that if this wasn't his cup of tea we could find something else to do, that there would be other conventions and maybe Chris would enjoy attending one with me this summer. Saturday evening, Don looks at me and asks, "What time do we need to be up an out of here by?" Now, I on Cloud 9! I'm going to Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp Convention!

OMG! I'm so stoked! We just returned from attending Heirloom Productions Indianopolis, Ind. Rubber Stamp Convention where I purchased a lot of Stamper's Anonymous, A Stamp In Hand, PastTime Rubber Stamps, Stamp Camp, Lasting Impressions with Ponache rubber, some collage sheets, some way too cool embellishments......made a few wholesale accounts and will be introducing some new product lines to carry in my studio! Lots of cool ideas and things in the works....I'll be zipping around home here the next couple of days, cleaning my house and my studio so I can PLAY!!!!! Okay, maybe not necessarily in that order....... :D

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Accordian Book Tutorial

These are instructions for an Accordian Book Structure using 12"x12" paper.......... This is a book that I designed completely by hand as I desired to use up some of my 12x12 cardstock stash! This will create 14 6"x6" pages within an Accordian book.

If I desire to use rubberstamps or create any collage work to my pages, I like to decorate my pages prior to actually assembling the book structure, although it isn’t necessary. As with most of my bookbinding tutorials, I suggest you read through them first as I scatter hints and tips in along the way. Please respect my copyright, in the event that these tutorials are posted elsewhere on the web, respect me as an artist and include my copyright along with it. Thank you!

1" brush for glue
PVA {polyvinyl acetate - a white archival artist's glue found on many online bookbinding supplier sites - do a google search. I buy mine by the gallon, which is actually 4 quarts from} I use the Jade 403 PVA for its archival properties. It is a clear drying white glue that cleans up easily with soap and water.}
Bone Folder
Brayer {optional}
Ruler {optional}
Paper Cutter
Ribbon {12-14"}
Mat board or Bookboard
Fabric or Paper for Covers
Paper for inside Covers
4 sheets of 12x12 cardstock

Cut 2 6 " L x 6 1/4" W panels from book board or heavy duty mat board

These form the covers of the book.

Cut 2 6 1/2" L x 6 3/4" W panels from fabric or printed paper to cover the book boards

Cut 2 6 1/4" L x 6 1/2" sheets of printed, mulberry, or imported papers; these form the insides of the covers.

The first thing to do is to find the grain of the book board or mat board and all papers. Finding the grain is easy; it basically is finding the direction that the paper naturally curls. The grain should always run parallel to the spine of the book so that the paper can be folded easily and will resist warping. You can basically balance the paper on your forearm; the paper will bend naturally one way or another. Try it first on side, then turn it one-fourth of turn and try again. One side will bend. When starting, you may desire to draw a line with two arrows at each end to remind you of the direction the grain runs.

Apply PVA to the book covers one at a time. Center it on the wrong side of the printed paper or fabric. Brayer or use your bone folder to assist with adhering.

Next, miter the corners. This can be achieved a number of ways. Either fold the fabric or paper over the corner in a diagonal, or use a ruler and mark a 1/2" across and down from each corner, make a pencil mark in each spot, then draw a diagonal line. It is important that you don't cut too close to the corner of the book or your mitered corners will not meet. As I general rule, I leave approx. 1/8" from the corners of the book covers. Cut along the diagonal line.

Apply PVA to the leftover edges on all 4 sides. Along the long sides of the book, Fold these first. I like to stand the cover up vertically and fold the cover itself over towards me; this provides a crisp, clean line. Then, fold the top over and then the bottom. Set aside to dry and repeat for the other cover.

Next, I take the first cover I set aside and using my glue brush apply PVA to the center of the book in a vertical line to adhere my ribbon. I fold my ribbon in half lengthwise and place it in the center of the cover over my glue line and unfold. I usually brayer it to be sure it adheres although you could burnish it in place using your bone folder. Set aside to dry. This cover will become the back cover of the book.

Pick up the other paper you are using for your inside cover sheets. Apply PVA to the wrong side of the them. Center these over the inside of the covers. Set aside to dry while creating the pages of the book.

Determine the grain; place it so it runs lengthwise top to bottom. Cut all 4 sheets of cardstock to 6"x12" sheets. Set one aside. You will only need 7 sheets. Remember to keep the grain of the paper running parallel to the spine {top to bottom}; create a fold at the 6" across to form a card style page with all sheets.

Take 4 of the previously sheets and line them up vertically in front of you. They will resemble an open card one lined up after the other in a /\ formation. Next, take the other 3 folded sheets and flip them over. Line these up between the /\ formation in this fashion V. They should alternate like this /\V/\V/\V/\. You will now adhering PVA to in between each section gluing each “card” to the one behind it. The back of card one in the first row to the back of the card in the back row keeping the above alternating pages in mind. I like to brayer my pages after I glue them to assure adhesion of each as I work. Assemble all pages in the above manner. Set aside to dry. This will take approximately 15 minutes as PVA dries fairly quickly.

Now, we’re ready to move on to actually assembling the book onto the prepared covers. As a general rule, I like to always start by adhering my pages to the back cover first. I’ve discovered it is so much easier to align the front cover after the back one has been set in place. Ready? Take the last page in Accordian-folded pages and begin by applying PVA to the right side of the /\. Press this page so that it is centered on all 4 sides onto the inside of the back cover. Brayer or burnish with your bone folder to assist with the adhesion.
Repeat this step for the front cover using the first page of the Accordian fold, this time using the left side of the /\. Accordian fold all the pages of the book and adhere to the inside of the front cover. Make any necessary adjustments at this time so that the front cover aligns with the back cover. Use the ribbons to tie the book structure shut. You can tie them over the front of the book or along the left edge. Decorate the front cover as desired.

Your book is now complete!

© 2005 Cathy Highland

Friday, March 04, 2005

Creative Chaos....

Creating the temporary binding for my Artful Journey Journal truly awakened my passion for creating books by hand. Lately, all my thoughts seem to be drifting towards creating more and more of them. I'm loving this stitched binding! Although, I'm certain that I don't want to end up with a ton of blank books, however if I keep practicing I could definately RAK them to friends. I'm certain many of them wouldn't complain, LOL! My sis, has already her name to the list....

The last several books that I've made are small versions and would be perfect to hold ATC's, mini collaged cards, stamped, altered....... even the binding itself would be beautiful junked up with danglings, bottles, and charms.

I'm sort of torn regarding what to do today... do I work on decorating some pages to be bound later into a book, create some collages, or learn a new stitched bookbinding ---- there is a beaded book binding that been calling my name. Then, so haven't my stamps...... and then, there is a new technique I've been desiring to try.

What I really need to be doing is cleaning my studio! What a mess I've made! I should admit that it isn't just the studio, but my living room..... from all the stuff I drug back into the house to be close to the scanner for ARTfest, LOL! Which by the way, really needs to be returned to the studio along with several boxes of supplies that haven't made it out in the first place. Then, there's always housework, the cabinet shelf that still needs one last coat of paint and varnished, and one last living room wall to joint compound, sand, and paint along the rest of the ceiling.

So, what am doing???? Playing on the computer.....updating my blog, visiting some online groups and message boards, the day's still young! :) for a little while anyways......

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One of my goals.....

in creating handmade books and bindings is to learn how to coptic bind a book. So, today, I decided that if I want to make that goal a reality, I should practice at sewing bookbindings first. Well, at least those a little more complicated than a pamphlet stitch. Looking through some of my bookbinding books, I decided to create this simple chain stitched book today. I covered the covers of the bookboard with papers I purchased a long time from a ClubScrap supplier. I used a heavier text weight paper and cut the pages down to 5" x 8.5" and folded each in half. There are a total of 14 signatures each containing 4 pages. I did measure a little more waxed linen thread than the book suggested, seeing how this is my first creation of this style of book, and I've learned from experience that it is best to allow a little room for error.

I'm not quite sure what I will do to decorate this book, although I do know I am excited to practice and create yet another one! You can see the Chain Stitch Binding and Book Cover below...... remember, this is my first one.... like everything I'm sure I'll get better at with age. :)

This is the cover of the Chain Stitched Book. Posted by Hello

This is my first ever Chain Stitched Binding. Posted by Hello