Saturday, May 31, 2008

Family Home - Est. 1862

While waiting for the fabric for Alexxis' curtains to dry, I got sidetracked! I headed out to the studio to attempt to create the top of this piece for use on the Row House Swap and well, one thing lead to another before I realized what was happening, I had created this. I love it and just by chance, it is the exact same size as the previous house that I created for my almost daily journal so many months ago. So, I'm saving this one for use on the backside of that one.

I also dug out my crazy quilt throw. Seeing it once again, I'm now inspired to get to back to patching it the rest of the way... after I finish my Row House swap! I'm so glad I did go to the studio, while creating this piece of artwork, I quickly realized just how rusty my paper art skills are getting --- there's a reason for that saying, "use it or lose it." I'm just ecstatic to discover that I haven't completely lost those skills yet, even if there is always room for improvement!

CED 2008

Here's another vintage image that I have to share. I've more to add, I've just been very, very busy so there's been little time to scan and crop them in. Perhaps adding one with every post will help get them into my computer for using. Feel free to snag this one and the previously posted images for use in your artwork.

I spent a good portion of my day on Thursday cleaning and re-organizing my studio. I'm happy to say that the office area is finished! I'm down to having two large boxes of supplies items that are in need of being sorted and then, put away in their perspective permanent homes. I have a little bit of dusting left to do, but it requires the use of a ladder so I decided to be a bit cautious and what until Don was home and around before I climb --- just in case... I don't believe laying on a concrete floor injured and waiting for hours for help to arrive would be of very much fun!

I've only a few more items left in our home to bring out to the studio --- mainly my stamps, a few ink pads, and my colored pencils. Very easy to grab on any trip out there. The difficulty will come once everything is there and squeezing them in with the existing supplies. I know it will take some time to organize things once again so I'm attempting to finish up all the other things I have going on before I even attempt that. The good news is there's a place to set things until I can get to them and I'll be able to utilize the space to work while I'm waiting. I'll capture some photographs of those areas soon.

With all the coming, going, and doings --- my back and neck flared up once again. So, I spent some time in the jacuzzi, sweeping all the maple seedlings {helicopter thingies} off our rear deck once again. I bet I've cleaned them off my deck and patio furniture a dozen times already and do not ever remember them being such a pain ever before! Perhaps, our memories are greater than we ever truly believe and its that ability to block out the painful things like childbirth, car accidents, and yes, even those pesky helicopters, LOL!

Anyways, while eating the heck out of Tylenol and resting, I've accomplished a lot more journal writing! One of my journals is a 1/3rd of the way filled! Quite an accomplishment in only a month. I believe keeping up with this blog for the last four years has finally installed in me the fact that great things can be accomplished in little spurts of time!

Today, I'm cleaning the home front, finishing up the last load of laundry, and hoping to get Little Miss' bedroom curtains sewn up later today. The "Spongebob" fabric is currently in the dryer...

Our weekend {Sunday and Monday - as those are Don's days off }plans include a little get away, if the weather co-operates. I'm ready for a day adventure, perhaps a little bit of shopping and a nature hike somewhere along the way.

Whatever you're doing, may you enjoy it to the fullest!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CED 2008

I don't have any pictures to share today but I've definitely been creative lately. If you consider washing down more walls of my parent's home creative, LOL! I believe it qualifies as we're creating a beautiful places to live within, in both of our homes.

On our home front, I've been cleaning and organizing a bit more. I cleaned out two dressers and my closet yesterday. It feels good to be able to make space in my life for the things to come.

While returning some of supplies back to my studio, I came across my art easel, where I had previously tucked inside the upstairs doorway. I excitedly to return it to the studio, with dreams of collaging and embellish ing some canvases. I need to remember to pick up a few on my next visit to Dick Blick's or Hobby Lobby but in the meantime, I've plently of supplies to work with on items that I've desired to create for some time now.

Yesterday, I cooked up the best Pepper Rustica I've ever made in my life! After a nice dinner, Don and Shane installed our window air conditioners while I found some time to relax and pour through some of my favorite old magazines. As I stumbled upon some quotes and some reading that I liked, I grabbed my journal and began writing within it. I've almost filled half of it with the breathings of my heart and all within less than two months! Quite an accomplishment for me!

My thoughts have been on creating a new altered book, but I haven't began gathering supplies yet and I'm seriously considering beginning an art journal techniques book, filled with notations of supplies and techniques with an example of each used in a piece of art. I've been thinking it would be very easy to come together if I simply created something to add to it as I start back to working on creating more artwork. What's creating one more thing as I work?

Today, I'm heading out to the studio to finish cleaning and organizing the shelving and office area of my studio. Don works today and my dad will be working on painting their crown molding for their living room, so it will be a day or so before my assistance is required to get it re-hung.

I've decided it's time I took advantage of the time inbetween all of that to accomplish something that I'd love to do! I'm remaining hopeful that I can at have the bases for the Row House Swap cut out and perhaps get started on some of the design elements before I head out of there today. Perhaps, I'll have something I've accomplish to share soon...

{Oh, before I forget, I'll scan some more of the contents of the box soon... I want to get out in the studio now --- gotta strike while the iron is hot, LOL! Look for more images soon...}

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vintage Image share...

Been busy...

Life certainly has a way of interfering with the dreams and desires of my heart! Thinking I'd be the "good daughter" that I am supposed to be, Don and I stopped by my parent's home the other night, expecting to "just visit" and see how a redecorating project they've been working on was coming along. You'd think I'd know by now that this is dangerous territory for me, as somehow I always seem to be volunteering my time and services. Needless to say, I certainly got put to work!

My parents recently had a new roof put on their home. A much needed roof, that after a year of so patching and repairing led to replacing it. Along with the roof, ceiling tile in the living room also needed to be replaced, and "hey! while we're at.... Let's paint the ceiling throughout the living room and the adjoining hallway." No, I didn't help with those projects, my father did them, but I did help my dad the next day with removing a pull-down style attic stairway so that it could be replaced. An old painted and peeling board promoted its removal from their home. The problem laid with the manufacturer of the said product utilizing rivots vs. screws so that the entire thing had to be removed and replaced, vs. simply replacing one piece!

Before I make "my great escape", my Mom requested my assistance with helping her wash down her entire living room. Now mind you, she's now in her early 80's, so there's thoughts of saying, "No." So, the past two days have found me climbing up and down a ladder, scrubbing walls, moving furniture, vacuuming, shampooing carpets, assisting with the removal of a chair and an end stand. You'd think that would be enough, right? Oh no, there's more and it keeps getting better...

I've now offered to measure a cabinet to see it if will fit where the chair was previously located, and if it fits in the desired space, Don and I will be bringing the cabinet back downstairs of our home {the same cabinet he just moved from my studio less than a week or so ago...} and will be loading it up, along with an end stand that we're no longer utilizing in our home and taking them over for them to use. Along with that, I'll be going back over on Tuesday to begin washing down paneling in their adjacent hallway.

So, much for my thoughts of starting to work on my Row House Swap and figuring out what materials and supplies I love to utilize to create myself one of these to display within my studio.

I'd like to believe that there will be "plenty of time" to create all these things later, but somehow in my life, "later" never seems to come, LOL! I suppose this is going to be another one of those projects that comes together "bit-by-sweet-little-bit" and I'll have plenty of time to think about what supplies I desire to use!

The "good news" is, my mom decided she needed to take a few days off from all of our hard work and efforts. Perhaps, by Tuesday, I'll be able to walk without pain! LOL!
The things we do for love! {smiles}

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Vintage Image Share

Here's a few more vintage photographs and postcards from my personal collection. Please feel free to click on them to enlarge them for your own resizing and saving for use in your artwork.

Inscribed on the back of this postcard, in what appears to be German to me is "Rothenburg ob der Tauber" Jakobskirche - Foto Verlag, Hiuldenbrand Goppingen, Best Nr. 5436

This is another postcard. It is of a Inscription of a Tablet, originally placed over the door of the Second Trinity Church, located at Broadway and Wall Street in New York City. I thought it would be wonderful for collage backgrounds.

This is another postcard of the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, New York City. The postcard states that it was published by the Laymen's Club of the Cathedral in 1923.

CED 2008 ~ Creative Thoughts...

I haven't made it back out to my studio to begin designing anything for the Row House Swap but lately it has been on my mind nearly every waking moment. I've been doing some online research, pouring over past issues of my Somerset Studios magazines, and I'm truly beginning to feel inspired. I know that I'm desiring to begin working on these early, so that I can sort of allow things to evolve as I work on them and I have an idea in mind that I need to get sketched before I lose that inspiration.

The past several days, my thoughts have been on creating those, finishing up the studio cleaning, and then moving on to re-organizing some of the items in my studio that I know I need to begin tackling --- before they get any further out of hand. I've been seriously considering creating another altered book for some time. I've always admired Nina Bagley's altered books and if there was ever anyone who I would desire to take a class with, Nina would be at the top of the list! I simply love her eclectic style. So, I'll be hunting for a book to begin altering soon and I'm certain that I have a few in my stash of supplies. I'm thinking this will be a wonderful long-term project that will allow time to focus on the other areas of my life that need and require my attention.

Besides thinking about ART and the studio, Saturday found me spending the day with Amber and Alexxis. We had a wonderful time shopping for clothes, eating a nice lunch out, before we returned to Amber's to put the little one down for her mid-afternoon nap. While Alexxis napped, Amber and I watched a movie together before turning our attention to cooking dinner on the grill. Don worked all day but was able to join us afterwards and we all had a wonderful dinner together.

On Sunday, Don and I took a trip to Columbus. It is the first road trip that we've taken in awhile, so it felt wonderful to get out! With the rising cost of gasoline, we've been attempting to stay closer to home and shop locally. After shopping for clothes, we browsed through TJ Maxx's home decor items and I saw some items that I now wish I'd purchased for the studio, but knowing my budget was tight {Thanks to paying so much for groceries and gasoline recently}, I opted to wait for awhile to see if my income tax return comes back soon. I'm hoping to get lucky and a few of the items I saw will still be available.

Yesterday, I had a good day with Alexxis. She's such a good kid, even if "the terrible two's" are beginning to rear their heads in her personality. While cooking us breakfast yesterday, she became a little upset with me when I refused to pick her up so she could see what was going on on the countertop and the stove, and I firmly told her she needed to push the kitchen chair back over to the table after she attempted to bring it over and climb up on it so she could see what was going on. She wasn't liking that answer and decided she'd try throwing a little temper tantrum. I wish you could have seen the look on her face when I told her "those ARE NOT ALLOWED at Grandma's house." LOL! The tantrum came to a complete stop and with a bewildered look in her eyes, out came the pout-y lower lip. I was able to distract her by handing her plate and silverware so she could set the table and calm quickly returned to our home. I try to involve her in our everyday lives as much as possible, but her little two year old mind doesn't comprehend that some things just aren't safe for her to be doing. Needless to say, I felt a little bit guilty afterwards for having to be a bit firm with her, so we made up a batch of blueberry muffins after breakfast was eaten. She didn't even mind helping washing and rinsing the dishes! Amber laughed when I told her what I had done and believes she's going to try the "those are not allowed" at home. I certainly wish her the best with that one, LOL!

Well, I'm going to scan a few more images for sharing, then head out to continue cleaning the studio. I'm looking forward to start working on the Row House swap soon...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Vintage Photographs

Here's another 5 photographs for collage, mixed media sharing. Each can be clicked to save the enlarged version, if desired. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Vintage Photos ` Continued....

I decided to scan the reverse side of the photograph with the young man as I sometimes love the look of old printed text in my artwork. It is actually the photographers information but it would also be perfect for use in backgrounds. There's no writing or identification of who the people in the photograph are, although there is some pencil writing on the back of one of the previously uploaded photographs of a mother and child that is unreadable, but the date states it was taken in 1901.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Vintage Images To Share...

Over the years, I've used a lot of Vintage Images that other collage and mixed media artists have shared for use in my artwork before I was able to begin finding some cabinet cards, old photographs, and greeting cards of my own to use. So I thought that it would be nice to share some of my finds with all of you who visit here.

I grabbed a photo box from the studio yesterday and I will be scanning and cropping them as I work to create myself an electronic version for my own artwork, please feel free to enjoy them as well.

Each photograph is "click-able" so that you can download them to your computer. I hesitated to resize them as I know that often I prefer to resize my own image depending upon what it is that I am creating whether it is a large collage or an ATC or even an art inchie. {For those who may be new to those terms, an ATC is an Artist Trading Card. It's 2.5" x 3.5 inch piece of art that is available for trading with others. If you "Google" Artist Trading Cards, you'll find a lot on information on them available online as well as places and people to trade them with. From my experience, almost everyone I've ever contacted regarding an ATC trade has been willing to create and trade at least one with me. {Thank You to those who have! I'm beginning to get quite a collection of hand-created art} Art Inchies are 1" x 1" pieces of art. The mediums used to create all these things vary by the artists creating them, whether it be paints, pen and ink, fabric, paper, and fibers or any combination of the above plus some.

If you do not have a program available on your computer that allows you to resize images, one good way of resizing them is to import them into MS Word. Once the image is in the document, if you click on it, guidelines will appear that will allow you to make an image larger or smaller. From my experience, it is easy to make an image smaller than it is to make an image larger without the image becoming distorted unless the image was scanned at 300 dpi resolution and I personally have no idea of what or where mine is set at. Anyways, Enjoy!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

My center island curtains are hung!

While Don began mowing our back yard after supper, I sewed up the two curtains that I needed to for hanging at the center island. After a quick trip, in and out at Menard's, a screw for starting a pilot hole, and Don's trusty drill and I was all set to go! Five minutes later and here's the finished results.

The studio has really taken shape the past few days. If I just stick with it, imagine what I can accomplish in the next two days!!!

Now it's time for some much needed R&R. As a reward for all that I've accomplished, I'm treating myself to a comfy pair of pj's, a tall, cold glass of ice tea, and a good movie... we rented P.S. I Love You! From the reviews I've heard, it's a good one!

CED 2008 ~ New Curtains for the Center Island in the Studio

Not to bad for someone who just recently taught herself to sew, huh? This it the second curtain that I've sewn up today to fit across the storage portion of the center island in my studio. I didn't have any patterns for curtains, so I sewed these up using the same basic design that I used when I created the curtains for the bookbinding table. The only difference in on those curtains I added decorative trim across the top and on this set, there is none as I do not have enough to cover both curtains. Oh well! It isn't that big of a thing to me... covering up the clutter within so I can create there when desired, and cover it up when I simply desire to just relax! Besides, how hard is to create something that will fit over a cafe style curtain rod, LOL!

I'm starting to love my sewing machine, even if I've only touched the tip of the iceburg in discovering how to use it. I am begin to imagine the things that I could create using it.... now let's just hope we don't start seeing a new obsession coming on! I don't believe I have room to store a ton of fabric..... { huge grin}

My Studio - continued....

This photograph was taken while I am standing behind the bookbinding cabinet in front of the paper rack shown in the previous photograph. It shows the center island from the backside and the paper racks lining the opposite wall, or the wall to the left as you'd enter my studio. I'm attempting to organizing my most often used tools, supplies, and adhesives in the shelving areas below and the additional work surface is a god-send.

The center island storage area, holds my various paper cutters and additional storage for my most often used adhesives. These container will be probably be next as far as my re-organizational effort goes. The box on top of the center island is supplies that I am completely out of storage for, normally those would be placed in two of my Crop In Style Paper/Sticker Binders which are also stored below.

I have the entire west wall of the studio to clean and re-work. That area also has several functions... one to store additional supplies, die cut machines and accessories, additional paper, and a display area above. My office area is also located there. It contains a computer, printer, scanner area that I am able to use, although currently I do not have internet access there. I did have access there previously, until last year, and my computer router was struck by lightening. Its just something we've never replaced. Perhaps, someday....

I'll try to capture some photographs of those areas as I rework them tomorrow to show you. In the meantime, I've dinner to prepare and curtains to sew! I hope you enjoyed the tour!

My Studio - continued....

The photo below shows a close-up of my relaxing space. Directly behind my recliner is what I refer to as my book-binding table. The curtains hold supplies for book binding and a variety of items for altering. I made the curtains for the book-binding table a year or so ago and soon I'll be sewing another set for covering the supply area of the center island in this same fabric.

You can see I have some re-orgainizing to do along the top of the work station wall yet to be accomplished.

From another angle... The top of the bookbinding cabinet, paper racks, and the shelf above provides me with a display area of items I've created over the past or so years. You can also tell from this angle that there's plenty of space to walk through behind the recliner for easy access to those supplies.

My Studio - continued....

As I mentioned previously, I'm cleaning and doing a bit of re-organizing, so I only tried to capture the areas that I have finished with for now. There will be more narrowing down with my books and magazines, but for the most part, this section of my studio is completed.

This is my stamping table area. To the right is the outside of my stamp cabinet, then the table that I tend to stamp at. This allows me to keep my stamp close at hand, once cleaned, their ready to be put away more easily. New to this space is the Making Memories Embellishment Center that Don gave to me as a birthday gift this year. It hold ribbons, some metal embellishments, and a few of my favorite stamps.

This is a close-up shot of my two bookcases. While the photograph below is taken from the opposite corner of the room where my office area is located. It shows more appropriately the space between all the items in the room... which is plenty to maneuver around.

CED 2008~ Studio Cleaning and Re-Organizing

I've been very busy cleaning and re-organizing my studio the past two days. Yesterday, I worked out there from 11:30 a.m. until a little past 7 p.m. Today, I worked from 11 a.m. until approximately 3 p.m. It is really hard to capture photographs of the studio as you really have to walk around the center island and in the pictures it appears as there is little room. I assure you there's plenty of space here, the rooms size is 20' x 24'. This is an overview of the studio as you'd enter through my studio door. The laminate counter at the bottom of the photograph, is on portion of the "L" shaped center island which I mostly work at standing up while I search for a bar height stool to add to this area.

We purchased the leather recliner and the wicker stand beside it last year. I provides me a cozy place to sit and read my magazines and books. To the right of them, is an older video cabinet which stores my card supplies, and my stamping table. Not in this photo is my stamp cabinet that hold most of my wood mounted rubber stamps, a variety of paper punches, and a variety of adhesives, paints, and gel mediums.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Artist Studios

Have you seen this magazine?Isn't it gorgeous? I love seeing where other woman create. The atmosphere of the studios, whether it be a closet, a small established area, or an entire room or building.

One day last week, I needed to run into our local Hobby Lobby to purchase a ball of jute so that I could begin creating a hanger for the hand-blown glass orbs that I'd previously purchased from Arhaus. I probably have a ball of jute somewhere within my studio but I also knew I would have no conceivable idea of where to even begin to look for it, so I found myself keeping them wrapped in the tissue paper within the shopping the bag and moving them from one area of our home to another when I needed them out of my way. What a pity! Those orbs are so pretty and here I was not enjoying them the way that I should.

To add insult to injury, when I was approaching the checkout counter, I spotted this issue of Cloth Paper Scissor's Studio publication and guilt instantly struck again! My studio is another "neglected" area of my life so I purchased this issue hoping it would inspire me to begin once again to put my studio back into order. I know it's a shame to have a studio, a ton of supplies, and not be utilizing them the way that I could or should be. Over the last several years, I have really been limiting the amount of supplies that I purchase, mainly for that reason, and the fact that I'm running out storage space for what I already owned. Hell, I even had to check my blog archives to see and determine when the last time was that I actually created anything there, as I am notorious for going out to the studio, grabbing what supplies I need and dragging them back into our home to use them. I'd box them back up, and return them when the clutter become too much for me here. And those boxes filled with supplies are still sitting there! Isn't that sad?

In my February 2007 archives, I discovered some pictures of when my dad and I worked out butts off to remove four tables so that we could reconfigure the space to and create a center island for me to use. That project took us several days to complete. I remember thinking how cool it was going to be and how I would set up that area so that I could create there more efficiently! I worked in the studio for a few weeks on re-organizing the supplies that I own, hoping to become more efficient and actually begin to use what I own vs. simply storing it. I sewed up curtains to assist with creating a visually calming space for me to create within. I knew seeing that clutter bothered me! [But not nearly as much as the clutter that is there now!}

A few weeks later, my daughter moved and I offered to allow her to store some of her things there and my studio was never the same afterwards. I simply couldn't move and get to the things that I wanted because there was almost something in the way! Boxes and boxes of stored items. About six months ago, Amber moved and along with her went 3/4 of those boxes. Perfect! I thought... now I can get my studio back, but the truth is that never happened either. Instead, I got wrapped up in our living room redecorating and furniture and other items got taken out and stored there and now, those items are also in my way!

Needless to say, the guilt of storing all this "stuff" has been eating away at me. In my mind, I see the beautiful space that that I was hoping to create there and surrounded by the artwork that I had hopes of creating. The truth is, none of that happened either!

The truth is... IF I don't do something to rectify this situation now, I don't know when I ever will. So today, I've decided I'm getting off my butt, I'm going out there, and I'm going in! I don't know what or how much much I'll actually get accomplished, but I know that I need to do something to rectify this situation. Not only do I want to create a beautiful studio for me to create within, I want to begin a new routine of actually creating there! I know in my heart that neither of these things are never going to happen unless I begin to work on it now. So, if I disappear for a while and I don't post here as often, please know that I'm working there. Perhaps, as I begin and I begin to make some progress, I'll post some photographs to share once again. Right now, I really have my work cut out for me!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Mother's Day and an update...

This is picture was taken after I had potted the flowers in the pot for a Mother's Day gift for Mom Reams a few days prior to Mother's Day. On Sunday, I woke up from sleeping in to discover it was raining then it turned into a sudden downpour. I felt my heart flutter within my chest when I remember a few moments later that this saucer, planter, and flowers I had purchased and potted for Mom Reams was out on the deck and was receiving a thorough soaking. Oh No! Attempting to revive it, wasn't happening, so after taking me to lunch at Panera, purchaing me a new Spring outfit , I was thankful when Don suggested that instead of giving the flowers {now drenched and drooping} to her that we stop by WalMart to pick up a box of chocolates, a card, and a gift card for her. His idea truly saved the day!
While in WalMart, I also purchased another box of chocolates and a card for my dd, Amber and after visiting with Mom Reams we stopped by to deliver those to her. I had given my Mother's Day gifts to my Mom a few days earlier so Don and I were able to go back home, tuck ourselves in, and relax while watching a movie.

On Monday, I watched Alexxis for a while and after going grocery shopping and returning home once again, I gave her my gift. She looked so cute and adorable wearing her new apron as she helped me put the refrigeratored items away. Nevermind, that they all went on the bottom shelf as it was the only shelf she was to able to reach, I knew I could rearrange it later.
Here she is, enjoying "dressing up" and playing "little momma" and "housekeeper" all in one! I love this picture of her... and I didn't do too bad at freehand sewing that with no pattern. She's even has "room to grow" into it...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Lovely Photograph...

Since the scanned image of this artwork blurred a bit when I scanned it, I thought it would be nice to obtain an actual photograph of the artwork, along with some of my favorite pieces that remind me of my own "Memories of Home" The beautiful battenburg lace tablecloth was a gift to me from a long ago treasured friend with whom I long ago lost contact with. The pearl necklace I wore on my wedding day, the rose --- is an actual napkin ring from one of cherish and treasured collections, my Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose dishes, and the dainty little bracelet a gift from my husband on a trip to the Antique Markets in Springfield, Ohio.

CED 2008 ~ Memories of HOME

As soon as I saw Kathy's amazing creations that she created for a Row House Swap {see her creations here:}
I knew that I would love to have some Row House to decorate a shelf in my studio.

So, I proposed this as a possible swap theme to a group of ladies that I've been swapping and sharing artwork with for years, and the response was overwhelming! Having worked out the details, establishing a database, and everything that goes along with hostessing a swap, I've slowly began to wrap my own heart and mind around the concept.

Today, while working on another project, my thoughts kept returning to ideas and inspiration for this swap. I'd recently been resting and doing a bit a reading so I certain that the thought of typing a page appearing to look like it was taken from a novel for my background was influenced by that.

Pulling up MS Word, establishing the page boundaries in a 5x7 inch size, I slowly began writing. What poured out me was truly amazing! I couldn't believe that little old me typed these words:

"She wandered slowly through her home, smiling to herself. It was so good to finally be back. Back to the comforts that only she knew lie within, the rooms that they had so carefully filled, some completely with appalling, extravagant purchases, yet contained the little things that pleased her so much.

She was so suddenly surrounded by her family’s photographs, their heirlooms, paintings, and object de arte that she and her family had purchased on many of their travels. There was something warm and friendly here something that she knew in her heart that she’d never find traveling anywhere else in the world.

She never felt such a sense of love, of belonging, ever before in her life, as she did on this day as she entered into her HOME. It felt as if her home was hugging her back. It wasn’t until she gently reached out to touch to his face, contained within the time worn photograph that she longed to once again feel, to remember…."

Don't ask me where those words spilled out from, for I truly do not know all I knew for certain was that I wanted the artwork that I create to reflect upon my own feelings of what home means to me, to my heart. So after deciding this was what I desired, I printed off two copies. One to play with and another to photocopy for my swap obligation. Next, I browsed through the vintage images that I have on my computer, choose the one I used above, and from there things slowly began to fall into place. I've decided I like this and it will become a beautiful page in my "Almost Daily Journal" and continue to inspire and build my confidence that I, too, am able to create a beautiful work of art.


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

CED 2008 ~ A gift for "Little Mama"

In an attempt to become more familiar with my sewing machine, today I decided to go ahead and create Little Miss Alexxis an apron! Doesn't every future mother deserve a gift for the upcoming Mother's Day holiday? {Actually, I didn't desire for her to feel left out when I present something for her mommy --- so creating this to gift to her was a perfect solution!}

I've had the fabric in my little old fabric stash and the polka dotted fabric was purchased inexpensively from either K-Mart or Wal-Mart so I figured I had little to lose in the event that I may or might have messed it up.

For some reason... mmmm, perhaps the tension wasn't set just right? I lost some stitches while sewing the gathered section of the apron's skirt to my waistband/apron strings and since I really have no idea what-in-the-heck I'm actually doing, I decided to dig through my stash of trims for a section that I could sew over top and conceal these with. All in all, I'm pretty excited with my effort since I didn't have a pattern to follow --- just an idea in mind of what I desired the finished project to look like.

I hand sewed on the button simply because Alexxis has suddenly become fascinated with them and the pockets within and on her clothes. I didn't realize after I began this project today that I had previously loaned my iron to Amber and she has yet to return it, so please excuse the wrinkles. Now, I simply cannot wait until Mother's Day so I can present her with this! I can see her now, wearing her little apron while runs the sweeper, helps Grandma dust her house, and we continue to do some baking in the kitchen. I do believe that she is going to love this!
{I'll try to remember to take a photograph of Little Miss actually wearing this and post it in the future --- for now let's just hope it actually fits! LOL!}

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


I managed to complete sew all the slipcovers for our patio table all in one afternoon! I've two chairs left to sew slipcovers for and then this project will be complete. Well, as far as the table and chair decorations go anyways. It seems I''m going to have some moving to do as I'll need to power wash the deck once again and get it waterproofed once again. Don and I need to make a road trip to Ontario to purchase the waterproofing and as soon as we get another 2-3 days of warm, dry weather, I can get back to work! For now, it simply feels great to nearly be able to cross one more thing off of our long "to do list".

{I'm not even going to mention that now I wish I had co-ordinating umbrella cover. Nope! I don't quite believe I'm ready to go there.....((((smiles)))))} Do they even make replacement fabric umbrella covers? I believe they should!!!!

Our Back Yard...

I took a break from sewing for a minute, prior to getting ready to pin up a slipcover for another chair, and took a walk around our back yard {with camera in hand}. As you can see, our acre is ready for yet another round of lawn mowing and weeding. I guess it's time to get used to that thought and idea. I captured several photographs from around the back yard to show you how beautiful it looks in the Spring and some of the recent planting that I've been doing.

The water garden still needs a lot of work, removing the leaves and debris that have fallen into it over the late Fall and Winter. We need to remove the stagnant water, give it a thorough cleaning, refill it, and hook up the fountain once again. I so love the sound of running water in a garden; although our yard is hardly a garden yet... we're beginning to start working on it. I'm certain this will be a slow process and one that will continue throughout the years --- that is if God's willing! I'm also excited about the prospect of entertaining Little Miss with a tea party one day this Spring or early summer at the bristo set we placed beneath our Bradford pear tree. The beautiful blooms on it disappeared early last week and not in the "appearing to snow" way that I so love, the weight from the rain and gushes from the wind in a recent thunderstorm removed any possibilities of that happening, but we still enjoy it! I couldn't resist obtaining a candid shot of Chaos as he browses underneath one of the large trees that provides him plenty of shade to stay a bit cooler under. Well, back to the pinning and the sewing machine, I've one down and five more to do!

OMG! I'm stoked that I MADE this!

Can you believe it? Little ole' ME created this! The same person with so very little sewing skills!!!! After placing the slipcover onto the patio chair, I was so excited that I took one of our striped seat cushions, tossed it on the chair and HAD to take a picture! All my cussing and cursing the "stupid sewing" machine has paid off!!! And here I have been half the day wondering," what in the world am I letting myself in for?" In between all the doubts, wondering if I should wash the fabric first, to realizing that if I did, I'd probably remove any of the outdoor fabric coating that the fabric was treated with, to wondering if my "cheap" Shark Euro-Pro X sewing machine could handle this job. All the information that I found online for sewing outdoor fabrics recommended using a serger. A what? LOL! Anyways, I'm so happy that I went ahead and tried it, thinking I could easily order 2 more yards of the fabric, if needed. Isn't it beautiful? I'm so stoked that I created this!!!! I gotta go look at it again --- you know --- just to be certain that I'm awake and not dreaming!!!

Ahh, Someday!

I am not exactly certain that perhaps somewhere along the way, I haven't lost some of these :HPIM0749

or if they've simply began accumulating where my brains were once located, but today, I decided it was about time that I begin to tackle HPIM0750 Do you remember this? Me and my wild idea that it would FUN to sew up some slipcovers for our patio chairs to achieve something that would look "professionally" similar to this: HPIM0751

Well after spending the last hour or so rounding up all my supplies, dragging out, and setting up my sewing machine, and WRESTLING 7 yards of that beautiful fabric ALL BY MYSELF! cutting it into workable two yard lengths, I'm happy to report that I'm tired, frazzled, and ready to go thread some bobbins in hopes of beginning to sew up some of these! Wish me lots of luck and if you don't see me for a while, you may just want to send out a search party who may just find me sunbathing in the hammock! LOL!