Thursday, January 27, 2011

Altering an old binder to hold collaged pages...

This is an old binder, like the ones our mother's used to receive monthly in the mail to hold binder pages on a variety of topics. Mine was a Creative Living binder, filled with indexed tabbed pages and pages on a variety of home decor style topics for the creative person.... well, back in it's day!

So, I decided to breathe some new life into it, decoupaging on scrapbook papers and creating collaged pages to punch and begin filling it with my art, thoughts, and ideas.

It's been a fun project and has provided me a much needed artistic outlet during the winter months, esp. when my heart yearns for summer's warmth and tending to my roses.
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Working in my art journal, using an older issue of a Somerset Studio's Art Journal Calendar for adding some of my own art.
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