Thursday, October 07, 2010

Autumn Adventures...

Our Radtkopink Double KnockOut continues to amaze me! Even through the cooler temperatures during the past several days and night, this beauty has continued to hang in there. I cannot believe so many blooms on a six month old plant! Although, I did cut me a nice bouquet of flowers to bring into the house and to help assist the plant with some hardening off for winter. I can only pray this baby as much effort into into her many roots as she did on her beautiful display; I'm excited to see what joy she'll continue to bring into my life as she grows, blooms, and begins to blossom again next Spring.

Last Sunday, Don and I took a couple of friends of ours up to Findlay for the Christmas in October Craft Show. It was a miserable day! Cold, damp, sprinkly, and windy... so after exploring the craft booths we headed to the Cracker Barrel for a nice Sunday brunch. Somewhere along the way, I obtained the first cold, upper respiratory of the season, so I've been feeling a little under the weather the past several days. The good news is my fever broke last night and I started an antibiotic today. Should be back to my old self soon.