Monday, January 17, 2005

Watercolor Mediums

Windor & Newton also has a wide variety of watercolor mediums available for almost any effect one wishes to achieve. Understanding what each medium does is *key* to using them for the desired effect you seek. There is nothing more frustrating than using the wrong medium to achieve an effect. Here's some info for watercolors. Enjoy!

Windsor & Newton's Mediums contain pale color binders that often improve the flow of the watercolor's properties making it the perfect medium for color washes. It can be used in addition to water for thinning.

Iridescent Medium is mixed with watercolors for an iridescent effect with a dazzling transparent color when used over dark backgrounds.

Watercolor Medium increases the flow of the watercolor's properties adding to the transparency and gloss and wetting properties of watercolors.

Gum Arabic also assists with increasing the flow while reducing the spread of wet-on-wet applicaitons. It can also be used as binding agent when lifting isn't an optional desired effect.

Granulation Medium produces the most amazing mottled and grainy appearances. It can be mixed with color and water and also is resoluble by re-wetting once dry. It is perfect for use with rough watercolor papers producing a texturized effect.

Lifting Preparations allow dry washes, including staining watercolors to be lifted from paper with a wet brush or art sponge. Try using different sponges for different effects you'll be amazed at the result each sponge creates. Simply apply it to watercolor paper and allow to dry completely before applying a watercolor wash. The lifting effect is best achieved after 5 or 6 hours preparation time. It is a perfect primer for beginner's because it allows for mistakes to be lifted later on.

Masking Fluids are recommended for fine watercolor details as it prevents the blending of colors making it perfect for overlays. It is available in yellow, clear, and permanent formulas. Simply apply wet and allow to dry before layering. It also may be mixed with color and is easy to clean off brushes.

Texture Mediums contain fine paricles for impression of depth and structure. It is ideal for sandy beaches, stone, bark on trees, anything with a textured surface. It is also fun to experiment with using none in watercolor, applying a diluted mixture, and a full mixture within one piece of artwork as it will create some great effects.

Blending Solutions increase the ability of color to blend into one another and is the perfect medium for wet on wet techniques.

Ox Gall Liquid is a wetting agent that improves the acceptance of watercolor and the flow of washes onto watercolor papers.

Aquapasto is a transparent gel used to create raised effects to watercolor and gouache. It thickens the wash of color by reducing the flow which assists in preventing bleeding of 2 washes. It is great when blending is not desired as in the hard line of a landscape.

Gouache, ahhh, one of my favorites. A mixture of watercolors with the properties of a faster-drying acrylic. Completely water soluble, it can be mixed with either watercolors and acrylics. Very transparent and produces amazing opaque effects. It dries to a matte finish with radiant colors perfect for dramatic effects.

Holbein has a line of metallic colors available in 15 ml tubes with colors of Pearl Copper, Pearl Gold, and Pearl White. One simply has to use these to believe them!

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