Sunday, February 20, 2005

Bookbinding Band Binding

There are various ways to hand bind books. In the Journey of 2 Sisters books, I created these two handmade books for my sister and I. We will both be adding artwork to the books, however, each will create 2 of items, one for both books. They will be identical when completed. These books were created several years ago by me; however, my sister didn’t receive them until she was here on vacation this year. These book are bound by creating two holes each 1” from top and bottom edge of the book and in approx. ½” from the spine. A bookbinding band is used to come up from the bottom of the book, through the pages, and onto the front cover where a bamboo style stick layered with a feather is inserted over the top of the bamboo. The opposite end of the band is then stretched bringing up from the back, through the pages and the cover where it is once again slid over the opposite end of the bamboo stick holding the book in place.

There is a lot going on in the Journey of 2 Sisters book so I’ll start with the info on the cover: Sister (defined) 1. (n.) a woman or girl as she is related to the other children of her parents; 2. one who shares fond childhood memories, hopes, promises, and dreams of one another for the future; 3. a woman who is greatly appreciated, dearly loved, & forever connected by HEARTSTRINGS! A journey of 2 Sisters--handwritten onto a walnut stained tag decorated with a cameo button and gingham ribbon and skeletal leaf.

Pg. 2 is a pocket designed by "yours truly" it holds two tags with our first names, our christened name, date of birth, our parents names, and place of birth, along with our birth order. Quote on outside of pocket reads, "Sisters are tied together with Heartstrings" Sizzix Primitive Hearts tied with gingham ribbon. Handmade books by Cathy Highland -copyright 2003.

Pg. 3 Journaling, "July 25, 2003 beginning a Circle Journey across the miles, these two handmade books represent a Sentimental Journey between 2 Sisters. They will become a diverse compilation of ideas, inspiration, and ART. When the pages of these 2 Books are filled, they will portray UNIQUE "slices of lives" (Mary's and Cathy's) -- resulting in TREASURED KEEPSAKES.

Pg. 4 Family defined by scanning page of an old dictionary with a hidden journaling tri-folded section that opens to reveal journaling, "The art of love is ageless..." and an art stamp!

Pg. 5 hosts letter stamps from Hero Arts---Shadow and Printer---"My SISTER" Quote on paper strips reads, " She knows just where I DREAM to go,; REMEMBERS where I've been; ACCEPTS me just the way I AM; treats me like a FRIEND."

I hope you've enjoyed this circle journey along with us so far!

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