Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Just some insights.....

Well, tomorrow is the big day..... I'm more anxious than I thought I'd be about going back to McConnell Heart Health. I imagine Don is more anxious than I am; he simply hides it better. With a few answered prayers and yet another blessing, we should be home again on Thursday {assuming there's no complications.} I know I for one will be happy to put this behind us for awhile; although you never really do.

Going through this, even with a loved one, truly makes you thankful for what you do have, reminds you of all the little things you take granted, and definately assists in helping you get your priorities straight. I'm not sure what I'd do without the support of a loving family and friends who are really there when times get tough. The knocks on the door, the telephone calls, the emails wishing Don the best, really make you realize who is in your court for you regardless of what may come in the days and years ahead of you.

Here's to family and friends, who truly "get it".......[smile]

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