Tuesday, March 15, 2005

On the Agenda for Today....

I'm heading out to the studio today to do a thorough cleaning and some re-organizing before the Journal Journey begins. I need to cut a few sheets of the Canson Mi-Tientes paper to add to my journal. I am also considering creating one last pocket page to place some of the Inspiration Tags into to decrease the bulk of the first for mailing purposes.

The journey for the journals has begun; one participant has actually gone postal with her journal. My intention is to get mine in the mail by Thursday, March 17 at the very latest, for the expected mailing due date of March 19th. My journal will travel to Michigan each and every time before being sent on to the Canadian artists.

The artwork within the group's files and photos section is beginning to fill up with some amazing artwork! Many of the participants are beginning to feel the twinges of self-doubt, self-critic, and sense of inadequacy that I experience from time to time. It is a gently reminder that one is not alone in thoughts and feelings, and that not every piece of artwork that one creates turns into the masterpiece you originally intended and expected.

Speaking of intentions, I am intending to get started on the actual creating for these journals. Determining some content to use, examples of it, and some brief instructions. I'm leaning towards including a few photographs of my studio since it is my sacred place that I create within. I am hopeful not to do so much pre-planning, that I can save at least one page within the original participant's journal that I can allow room for the journal to speak to me and create at least one page unique to every journal. I guess that is my way of breaking up the congruency and allowing room for some individuality between receiving each journal.

Here's to "No, Creative Block" while the journey begins! :) {raising coffee cup gently in the air}

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