Saturday, April 02, 2005

The Little Black Book....

The book wasn't black when I found it at Hallo's. In fact, it was a green vintage looking heavy book board with all these neat indexes. Chris was flipping out over it as much as I was and at first I thought it would be a fight to the finish to see was actually going to take it home, LOL! We decided to purchase it, and divide it up knowing we'd alter it and junk it up in some crazy way. Upon reaching the car I dug the dividers out and separated them on the way to Pat Catans. I was shocked that even divided we both ended up with 25 of these babies all in sequence of the indexed tabs.

I've been collecting supplies for a B&W Time themed book to create and today got aroung to brainstorming for ideas, content, and book structure when I remember this awesome found object. So out to the studio I ventured, through the blowing wind and snow! to unearth this treasure. While there I decide to go ahead and gather up all the supplies I've been saving and purchased for the project think I'll get it all put together so I can work on it on National Scrapbook Day and the retreat Chris and I will be attending for that weekend. I got all excited digging out the supplies, my mind racing with all the possiblilities and ideas I have for this theme. Since the divider indexes are approx. 4"x6", I decided I'd like to create some interactive pages such as pocket pages, tags, envelopes, mini-books! {accordian, folds, file folders, etc.} After sorting all the supplies I gathered, I painted the divided index boards completely black. While they were drying I got online and researched for content, saying quotes, and phrases to include. I'm very pleased with what I've found and I've knock out one more thing that will keep me from accomplishing my "One day in May" studio visits! Whoo-hooo!

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