Friday, April 15, 2005

Re: Whimsical Writing Pages

It seems the Whimsical Writing pages I created for Anne's journal is fast becoming a big hit with the members of the Journal RR. So, I'm thinking since most members are working ahead and creating duplicates of their page additions to each journal that I'll work on creating more of these pages. Checking the database area in the group will provide me with the information each used in creating their pages, such as paper used and the size of their journals. I'll also add in the Monoprinting technique with an instruction page and a collage using the technique.

Since we are fairly early in the Journal rotation, I'll simply need to create Christi' 6x9 pages with the lettering to send to her directly and can get caught up with them. This will allow me to work ahead a bit before the journal pages actually arrive.

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