Monday, April 04, 2005


I love it when you make a decision in life to do somethings, whether it is to complete an old task, begin something new, or simply make some changes in your lifestyle and the pieces of the puzzles begin to start falling in your lap. Lately, I've been thinking about tying up the loose ends in my life so I can get on with the things I still desire to begin. After a lot of deep soul-searching and brainstorming on how to do some the things I desire to do, things are beginning to come into my life that a pushing me along that path.

Some of the goals that I've thinking about, and are more personal in nature, is thinking about my health. Drinking more water, excercising once again, getting more restful sleep; simply taking better care of myself. I dug out my workout outfit, and plan to start back up doing my Tae-Bo. I loved working out with that tape, 20 minutes of exercise doesn't seem like 20 minutes once you get going with it again. I believe the fact that you're moving helps, LOL! Don usually does his errands in the a.m. shortly after rising so this will provide me with the perfect time of day so I'm starting today! As for drinking more water, 8 oz. really isn't that much, and 8 oz. a day; well, I figured out if I drank a glass with morning coffee, meals, and one at night before retiring I'll have that one covered. I'm certain once I begin working out again, am well- hydrated, and work on other projects/goals I have, my sleeplessness will improve as well. Decreasing my weight is another {although I'm only 10 lbs. over where I should be; I know I'd not only feel better but look and feel that way too.}I also plan to cut back on my smoking, at least until I am ready to quit. Don't want to bite so much that I won't stick with any of this.

Little things I've been making more of conscious effort to do is simply pampering myself more. A weekly facial, manicure and pedicure 2x a week. I'm finding this is really boosting my self-esteem and making me more motivated to accomplish the things in life I'm hopeful to accomplish. I've also been thinking of a new hair style, a lot shorter than I usually wear my hair, and since spring is here and summer's on the way, the timing is perfect for that.

Yesterday, Don & I went out to do a little shopping. New socks and shoes for him, a pair of shorts. He definately is in need of some clothing in the shorts and jeans departments. He's so self-sacrificing, putting my wants and desires before his own. So off we went. We found everything we desired to for him and he asked me if I'd like to go to Prism, Stampland, SB Art. I couldn't believe it when I said, "No. I have so much art stuff now, {not that you can ever have too much, LOL!}, what I'd really like is a new purse and a wallet." It was there that the search began. In and out of several stores, not finding what I wanted or at least envisioned, we decided to go further into Columbus and check out a new store. Not only did I find the purse I wanted... a leather turquoise Tignanello; I found two wallets, an Oscar deis Reita Scarf, and an entire outfit! My family and friends will be happy to hear, it wasn't my normal jeans and T-shirt but a beautiful light turquoise skort, sleeveless white sweater, and a matching turquoise jacket. So not me, but I loved them! Of course, you cannot buy a complete outfit and not pick up shoes we also got me a pair of dressier sandals. I feel good about the purchases I made; knowing I'll have a nice outfit for summer weddings, graduations, going out for dinner at a nice restuarant, etc. Oh, and to not sound like a total, selfish, bi*ch, we did pick Don up a couple nice shirts. Casual enough to be worn with jeans and button up to be worn with dress pants. Why does men's clothing sound so versatile? And why is shopping for him so much easier than shopping for me? I bet, well, I know I tried on at least 3 outfits before I found the skort that I liked. Ok, on me and not just on the hanger. I also discovered if you really want to get serious about losing some weight and getting in shape, shopping and trying on clothes will definate motivate you!

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