Saturday, June 25, 2005

New art and other things..........

What does an extension cord, TV tray, and front USB ports have in common? An easy way for me to access my scanner to upload new artwork! LOL! It seems when I decided to turn an old amoire into a computer amoire, I didn't quite figure in all the space it would take for the modem, computer screen, cable modem, cable/dsl router, printer and scanner. So, the scanner got booted with the intention of hooking it up out in the studio to the computer there. Well, having gotten sickly and a number of other life happenings, I never seemed somehow to quite make it that far. However, never underestimate the resourcefulness of a woman!

Anyways, I've uploaded some new glass collage art pieces and some decorated bottle caps that I recently finished up. My intention is to create me both an altered art bracelet and a necklace. I'm planning to jazz it up a step further by adding some stringed beads, pieces of fun fibers, ribbons, lace and what-knots to some of the links and jump rings. I'm so excited! Cannot wait to get this project completed so I can actually wear them.

I've been playing with creating ATC's for the House of Cards Exhibit from European Papers and will be uploading some of those creations soon. While working my mind has been on how I desire my ATC T-shirt to look once Chris and I begin working to create them. I've a few ideas in mind using the GAC 100, Golden's Fluid Acrylics, MM foam stamps --- the decorative ding bats and alpha's. I also am planning to use some Luminies paints, mainly for the interference colors so I'm thinking a dark colored T will work best although I'm sort of hung up on the brights that are available as well. I really like the idea of transfering some actual ATC's on the shirt; and am really enjoying the prospect of creating a few fabric ATC's to sew on as patches. So, I am truly looking forward to that.

Well, I'm off to the studio to grab some recent ATC's I've created so I can scan them in and get them uploaded while my make-shift station is available for scanner use, LOL! More artwork to follow........

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