Monday, July 25, 2005

The ART of Self-Promotion and Marketing

I've spent the majority of the last week working on supply list for submission to a major magazine only to realize just how much of an art it is to self-promote and market my artwork! Doing this has really opened my eyes on just how much actually goes into the submissions process, from supply lists, to writing brief instructional how to's, and preparing a submission accurately to even be considered.

I learned that not only do I need to be creating artwork worthy of publication, that I need to establish a system to assist me with the process. I also am purchasing an all in one calendar in which I can list calls for art, magazine info re: submissions, a calendar for to do lists, goals, and time management. I realized that I NEED to plan more time for the business side of my art, so I created a Marketing journal today and listed my resources, obstacles, and anything that threatens or inhibits me from obtaining my dreams. What an eye-opening experience! I became aware of the "minute" stealers ---- procrastination and interference. I decided I will have some of them, that there is no getting around them, and I will simply have to figure out a way to deal with them.... even if it means getting a little more serious and apologizing, saying I'm sorry, now is not a good time for me, can I call, email, IM, or whatever the distraction is, at a later time? Now, the hard part, procrastination! I really will have to raise my awareness on that one. Knowing putting it {whatever IT may be} won't get done IF I Don't do it! I've discovered it isn't so bad as long as I simply get started, once I begin I'm fine and yes, even enjoy the process. Who knew?

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