Saturday, August 06, 2005

Isn't it ironic.........

how you tell you someone you are NOT doing something; then, BAM! there you are! Just the other night in a telephone conversation with my sister, Mary, I mentioned I've not been up early in over a month.... and well, today, I get woke up by a "fur-ball!" at 5 a.m. no less! Not just any "fur-ball" but Jordan!

Yesterday morning, Don picked Jordan up from the vets. Returning home, Jordan is all about getting out of the cat carrier and next, all about trying to get outside. Due to his recent surgery, going outside is "a notta-gonna-happen situation" that he simply cannot understand as he normally is an outside cat. So after eating {yes, I bribed him to eat --- poured the water from a can of tuna over his dried cat food!}, he heads to door where he proceeded to "Meow. Meow." Upon no response to his cries, he finally lays down on the floor, but not without thoughts of escaping in the back of his mind! After a few failed attempts, he calms down.

Anyways, next we try to figure out what we're going to do for a litter box. And hope and pray there will be no accidents. Closed go the doors to both the bedrooms ---- new carpets and cats = not a pretty smell; at least none I care to deal with up close and personal! So, Don heads to the store to purchase cat litter and unearths an old hospital wash basin from the carport. {I have to laugh; as I figure Jordan isn't even gonna fit in this thing.} Anyways, we get everything set up; and I pick Jordan up, explaining this where you are going to go potty --- like he's really listening to me as he jumps out, turns and hisses at me for putting in that dry, powdery crap anyways. Much to my surprise, shortly after Don left for work, Jordan hopped into the make-shift litter box and uses the bathroom! Obstacle #1 successful!

Jordan is good in the house; stares longingly at said closed door, meows --- more quietly now before moving on to lie on the carpet in living room. Well, by the time Don comes home a little after 4 p.m., what does he arrive to? Me, asleep on the loveseat, with Jordan stretched out over my chest! Yes, I'm spoiling him rotten and Yes, I'm paying for it. It seems he now is the most lovable cat on the planet, and I am his target. Don even had to shoo him out of the bed a few times last night, LOL!

Also, I'd like to know how can a little ole' cat, no more than 10 lbs. soaking wet, can outwit 2 adults???? We had to bury his antibiotic in a ball of tuna to get him to take it last night. And as if that isn't bad enough, would you care to guess where the little "furball" is now? Yep, laying sound asleep on my side of the bed!

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