Friday, September 29, 2006

And my first print...

This is my first ever silk screen print! I made a couple mistakes with this but the good news is it can be rectified on the silk screen frame and hopefully my subsequent prints will be a bit better. First, I forgot {there is that word again!} to fill the inside of my banner with screen filler to leave only a small outline of it. Therefore, it printed out black, lol! The second mistake that I made was in my haste to create my first print, I forgot completely about adding in the drawing ink. {Supposedly it assists with the flow of the ink through the screen.}

I'm certain that if I keep with it that I'll continue to improve, like anything else that anyone does --- practice makes perfect! I am a bit envious of some of the silkscreen printing that I've seen, some artists are getting some very fine details within their artwork. Also, I am not aware of anyone that teaches classes in my area, I'd so love to take a few! Maybe, one day I will. Posted by Picasa

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