Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The JOY's of being a grandma...

I have Alexxis again today! Mommy and Daddy have been job hunting. Diligently, I might add. I think in some ways my conversation with Amber on Saturday made her realize that this is truly a temporary problem, and no matter how bad you think you have it, there is always someone who is a little worst off. I can understand her disappointment and her desiring a better life for herself, her family, her little one. I can understand her becoming depressed and I can sense and know when she needs a 'cheerleader" in her court. And on Saturday, that is what I was... not a friend, not her "mother" {in the "lecturing" sense of the word}, but a listener and a life coach and someone who will always be there, picking her up when she falls downs, dusting her off, helping her to stand on her own two feet once again. That's my job as her mom, no matter what age she is. It is the very same thing that my mom is to me! My confidaunt, caring encourager --- regardless of small, how seemingly meaningless my biggest concern is to her.

Anyways, I've been caring for Alexxis, both her and at her home, while Mommy and Daddy are working on resume's; going through the phone book for possible places for employment, looking in the paper and online. Running here and running there. The good news is Amber is at an interview as we speak. It is a temporary full-time position expecting to last only three weeks --- but it is something until something better comes along. She also has been through two interviews with another company. Yesterday when checking on it, she was informed that she was the first one to be called and they were hopeful that she'd be available when the opportunity becomes viable for them to need her. {A possible contract has stalled: but still looks promising!}
Please keep my dd, her family in your thoughts and prayers; like all of us, they deserve a good break now and again.

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