Saturday, September 16, 2006

Speaking of my gratitude garland...

No, I've been neglectful and don't have any new links to share, but while typing the previous post I got to "thinking about it!" LOL! I began to wonder when was the last time that I created any new links for it? So, I checked my August archives {see it is a good thing that I post them here :) } and discovered it was August 10th!!! Anyways, the point that I wanted to make was an about another idea that came to me and related to my previous post.

Remember the stationery suitcase? What about using a box? Similar to my Partly Paper inbox? Boxes from food are plentiful enough.... stuffing, potatoes, rice, cereal, ect. Simply cut, cover, and decorate. Add in a some writing tablets, note pads, a card set, postcards, envelopes, gift tags .... and another inexpensive gift is born!!!

For additional decorating...... add a smaller scale garland or banner by punching a few small holes and tying them on or adhering in small sections. Or make it even more decorative by adding smaller paper medallions and allow either to swag in places!

And these boxes wouldn't necessarily have to hold a decorative stationery set either. Add in a candle and surround it with potpourri!!! Heavenly! I can see them now in an Autumn theme, with an autumn colored scented candle and smelling of spiced apples. Christmas themed ones would be cool, too, in holiday colors, images of Christmas past using Victorian diecuts and clip art filled with a candle, floral picks, and/or even used in place of a Christmas stocking. Wouldn't they make a cool centerpiece for a holiday table? Simply cut out a square on the side of the box instead of standing and filled with greenery and a candle for some glowing ambiance

or a string of Christmas lights with potpourri to cover them? Hmmmm........ who would have thought I'd think of all of this from a simple cereal box???? ROFLOL! I can see these in my creative mind now...... covered in a variety of papers, christmas gift wrap?, glittered hearts and stars. And how about that string tinsel? The kind manufactured for the miniature trees? Easily added as a trim for the bottom, top, or to swag around the sides of the box!!! Small 3D ornaments dangling from it......... OMG! I need to stop, my mind might explode! {smiles}

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