Friday, August 31, 2007

Thank you to all who have visited, posted on my "We're Getting Married!" thread, telephoned, sent emails... Wow! I never expected all the responses. My sis telephoned to inform me that we choose an excellent date as her anniversary is on the 7th of December and Tim, her husband, sister Sherry's anniversary is on the 9th. I guess that will make ours easy for her to remember!

We've certainly been busy, creating guest lists... yep, two of them... one for those who must be there and another of "those we'd love to invite", and discussing who will perform the actual ceremony. We decided to ask our dear friend Chuck Gregory to perform the ceremony and to DJ/host Karoke afterwards at the reception and earlier this week, on Wednesday, ... I think... and he has agreed to save the date exclusively for us.

After talking with Chuck, Don and I took a road trip up to Medina, Ohio to visit Hollo's Papercraft in New Brunswick where we purchased everything we will be needing as far as invitations go. We purchased more than we originally decided upon as we will be printing them ourselves and it seems there is always someone you missed when creating your guest list. I wish my camera software was installed so I could show you the invitations we choose, but we both agreed upon them instantly when we saw them. Anyways, they are ecru in color, a tri-fold, with a sketch of a boy and girl running through the grass with gold foil embossing that reads, "Today I'll marry my best friend". The interior or middle panel says, "The one I laugh with, live for, love...". We also purchased non-adhesive goil foil lined envelopes for the invitations, gold foil embossed cards and envies for the RSVP's, a boxed set of gold foil embossed, "Thank You" cards and envies, some 5x7 thinner ecru paper for the directions to Sheila and Dennis's to be written upon or other special notes. I'll need to do some online or stationery store shopping to find some gold foil seals for them as Hollo's didn't have the quanity on hand that we'll be needing.

We stopped at a Longhorn Steakhouse for an early dinner and discussed more of what we desire for our wedding day. It seems we will be able to keep it small and simple, something we both really wanted.... an informal wedding with close family and good friends in attendance.

As we travelled back home, we stopped at Sheila's to show her what we purchased. She was amazed at the price we purchased all the invitations and additional items for and we discussed a bit of the details as far as decorating her walk-out basement for the ceremony and reception. Of course, we and our guests will have the entire house to venture around in so we've decided to stick with our Winter Wonderland theme for so many reasons. It will be inexpensive to pull off as we both already have a lot of Christmas decor and the timing for finding anything we may need is perfect! Then, we ventured downstairs to the basement to discuss things that need to be done, clearing out some items from one corner of the room, painting, possible placement arrangements of tables, chairs, decorations, the cake table, ect. The basement is dry, runs the full-length of the house, has a beautiful red brick fireplace centrally located, and an unfinished concrete floor. I mentioned having some large sections of indoor outdoor carpeting and a few large rugs that we could lay down in some areas where our guest will be during the ceremony and how we could arrange the tables and chairs so they will have a good view of the ceremony itself.

After going back upstairs, Sheila and I browsed through an issue of Somerset Studio's Wedding magazine, discussing some items we could create for our theme, tossing out thoughts and ideas, jotting down notes, ect. We both laughed when I said, "in an ideal world, all these mixed media artists would be my friends in real life and would donate a piece of the artwork to us for use." Sheila's fully aware that I am crazy but we both saw some possibilities of things we could create and use. Anyways, we continued to discussing painting her basement, Dennis and her have decided to go with painting the lower half of the walls black and white on the top. We'll use white table skirts and cloths. I'll be taking my two Christmas trees over, one large 7 1/2 foot and the other a 4 foot. We decided to stick with red, green, white, silver and gold as far as decorations, throw in some silver glitter and faux snow and viola! a Winter Wedding Wonderland will somehow magically appear. Of course, we've discussed other thoughts and ideas.... I've done some online browsing and created a folder of ideas I liked and made note of some of things we'll purchase and we'll play some of it by eye and ears. There is certainly a lot to do and be done...

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