Friday, September 07, 2007

On another note...

I've lost or misplaced my creative muse! I have all these thoughts and ideas of things that I'd love to create, I can see them within my mind's eyes, feel them in my heart, but when it comes to implementing them, I simply cannot seem to get it right.

I signed up for my first small swap, more of a mingle, exhanging an item of artwork within a close group of internet friends. Our goal is simple to create a bookmark of all things using an autumn/fall theme and exchange it with one person. Easy enough, you'd think or so I thought! Yesterday, I dug out some paper art supplies, paper, ink, stamps, adhesive, embellishments and started to create this idea I had in my head. Well one thing lead to another as I added this and that, rearranged things before I adhered them, I finally came up with a composition I liked and began adhering. Well, needless to say, one bookmark later, and I didn't like it! It wasn't what I envisioned at all. I found myself lost without the ability to use my computer to print off images, type up text and I thought about some possible solutions, so back to the drawing board I go... Thankfully, I have a week or two to get it right! So, should you see a muse out there, please send her home, I miss her dearly!

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