Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An "Experiment"

I love using vintage images in my artwork. However, today, I got to wondering what I could create using one of the many most recent pictures I had taken of Alexxis. So, I pulled up my HP Photosmart Premier program that came with my digital camera and choose an image. The photo was actually taken a month or so ago but by turning it into a black and white image "when" it was taken sort of disappeared. I printed it out in a 3"x4" wallet size since I knew I'd probably only have time to create a tag before needing to clean up for the next visit with the "little princess". That thought is what lead me to creating this:

from this:


liannallama said...

oh, Cathy! What an amazing job you did! Great tag!

Jeri Aaron said...

Cathy, the digital work you did on your grandchilds picture is so good! I just wish I was a bit more graphics literate, cause I'd try my hand at that with my own two little girly girl granddaughters! I am enjoying keeping up with your blog/your musings.

Pat Winter said...

You are good! This is so adorable too. I think you are on to something!!!