Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Ohio Bird Sanctuary

Last month, Don and I spent a beautiful sunny day at the Ohio Bird Sanctuary located between Ontario and Lexington, Ohio. We enjoy visiting here and stop by whenever we are in the area and we have the time to stop. It's a wonderful way to spend time in nature, slow down and enjoy life, and we love the purpose of the Ohio Bird Sanctuary to provide a safe haven and care for injuried birds. Some of the birds we've seen at the sanctuary are songbirds, such as this bluejay, a variety of hawks, vultures, and owls. I added a link to the Ohio Bird Sanctuary's website, simply click on the title link above if you'd like to visit it. The Sanctuary offers outdoor adventures and teaches children about nature, the habitat, and birds and I one day hope to share this sanctuary and adventure with Alexxis when she gets a bit older. Anyways, here are few of the photographs that I captured that day.

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