Tuesday, December 11, 2007

From someone who never ceases to amaze me!

I honestly do not know how she does it! But no one does any better than Lianne does! She always warms my heart with her amazing listening ears, her warm, caring words, and ever not-far-from-my-thoughts presence. Everything she does and touches is more beautiful, more perfect, more re-assuring than any one woman that I have ever known and I'm certain there are many others who can attest to that. Lianne, from mailed us this beautiful card; the wishes inside were truly heartfelt. Thank you so much, my dear friend! I'll cherish it always!

And while we're on the subject of celebrating! I've another celebration to share. In honor of my 1500th!!! post on my blog, I desired to host a giveaway! In light of all the recent life events going on, I hope you'll return soon as I put something special together to share. I'll post it soon, I promise!


liannallama said...

oh, you are so sweet with your kind words--you made me cry! (and I'm at work, so I'm not supposed to cry at my desk, LOL!)

I had another completely different idea for your wedding card, but when I was looking through my pad for some background paper, I saw the birds and I knew I had to use them just for you! They just cried to fly away to your home filled with blessings and lovely thoughts!

Cathy said...

Oh Lianne, I never meant to make you cry! And especially at work; what in the world would your co-workers think! Thank you so much, dearie, for the wedding wishes and good cheer!