Sunday, December 16, 2007

I need to postpone my blog giveaway for a few short days but rest assured that I'll continue working on putting it all together as time allows. The last several days have been busy for us for several reasons. One, we've been assisting in taking care of Alexxis. Our poor grand-daughter has been sick with a cold, cough, upper respiratory congestion, and a middle ear infection. All these things have been and have occurred over the course of the past few weeks, and while discussing Alexxis's health we fear that she may have received one of the tainted and recalled HIB vaccines. We're still awaiting the report from her pediatrician with the results of tracking the lot number on the vaccine she received. For preventative measures, she has now received a double dose of a potent antibiotic and a breathing treatment - which immediately seemed to be making things easier for her. So much in fact that one {breathing machine} and the medication was prescribed for her and will be administered at home. Within hours her condition seemed to be improving. The message I'd like to send to all parents is to follow your heart where your children's health is concerned. If your not satisfied with the answers you're given, seek that second opinion. Unfortunately, Alexxis has suffered needlessly for a few days as we told "it's a virus; and needs to run it's course." Thankfully, we followed our heart and got that second opinion and the treatment that she needs.

Yesterday, we received even more bad news. Don's son, was admitted to our local hospital. It is possible that he has had a mild heart attack. He is receiving a heart cath this morning to assess his heart's condition, check for any possible blockages, and repair them if present. If you could say a prayer or send up any positive thoughts for our family, I can assure you that they would be greatly appreciated. Here's to receiving some "good news" soon; hopefully, no repairable damage has been done. I'll try to keep everyone updated.

During the holiday season, these events have served as a reminder to us to be even more thankful for the important things in our lives, our family and friends. Although, it's nice to think and do the Christmas decorating, gift shopping, spending time with our family and friends, the real gift lies in having them close to us in presence, thought, and prayer. Now, I'm off to figure out how to wrap up all our love.

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