Saturday, January 05, 2008

Can you believe we still haven't taken down all of our Christmas and December wedding decor? I'm thinking that they will be coming down tomorrow, while "Mr. Muscles" is at home to help carry all the totes and boxes back up to the attic. Why, of course, that sounds like the perfect plan to me!

Lately my thoughts have been sort of scattered... here and there... back and forth from thinking about how empty our home will look as we adjust to the changes from the lack of Christmas decor. I've already been browsing online for a new ceiling light fixture for our living room and have selected a few that I believe we both can live with. I printed off a few styles I really liked to take with us while look locally, knowing that I can always order either of them online if we need to. I so dislike looking for ceiling fixtures in the stores as it so hard to consider the scale of the room its actually going into with all the retail space overhead. And you can just forget about attempting to determine just how much light is coming from the one fixture you may be interested in because every light fixture in the store is lit up and to add even more insult to the injury, the store just recently replaced their own lights so that they now blind you!
Along with thoughts and consideration to lighting, I've been desiring to brighten and lighten our home's decor. I believe I'd like some lighter curtains to hand in the Spring and Summer months, and then consider color schemes. I don't believe I want to change those, simply lighten them up. Scatter a few more lighter pillows here and there, perhaps add some texture and some architectural details in some type of home decor to our newly furnished space. Then, I realize that I'm probably rushing things a little bit, which is perfectly fine as it will provide us with an opportunity to look, discover, and find what it is we desire. Of course, there's also the option to create them myself....
I did a bit of that yesterday, thinking about creating, while at JoAnn's and at Hobby Lobby. I have "ideas" in mind, but neither had what it was I thought I was searching for. Although, I did manage to share the love just a bit by making a few purchases at both places. I couldn't resist purchasing two wood and suede covered boxes at 50% off and a new scrapbook album that I want to become a coffe table or endstand book. The boxes just might come in handy to store my crazy quilt throw and the fabric I'm using to create it within. That has sort of become an abandoned project that I really desire to get back to working on as time allows.
Creating ART is another area that I've been giving a lot of thought to lately as I've been feeling a bit guilty of having and not using any of my supplies. Don even mentioned to me that perhaps I should consider selling some of it! Oh! Horrors! Is he serious?! I "fully intend" to use that stuff!!! If you could see the state of my studio, surely you'd understand, but then, that really isn't a good excuse either as I'm once again guilty of running out, grabbing whatever it is I'm after, and bringing it into the house for a while before it gets returned to the studio in a box! LOL! The place is in shambles and I should be ashamed, but.... "No!" I just had to run out there today in search of my glue gun and glue sticks. But, in my defense, I did spend about a half and hour or so putting a few things back into their perspective places but only because they were in my way while searching. Oh well, all isn't really lost, I actually used some of my neglected stash today and created something pretty!

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