Thursday, January 24, 2008

CED '08

I had prayed the night before going to sleep, asking God to soften some one's heart, and woke up feeling as it were my heart that was soften. Upon waking, I couldn't get a certain someone and an issue out of my thoughts so I turned to my bible for answers. I spent a few of my morning hours in prayer and in-depth bible reading/study. I found some answers, gained an lot of understanding, and a began to feel a renewed sense of peace with an issue that is very close to my heart. I learned a lot of things, felt God's gentle and loving guidance, and prayed for further clarity.

Afterwards, I set about to lovingly cleaning our home. I found myself enjoying the process as much as the results. There's simply nothing better than enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells as we relax in a clean and uncluttered environment. Not to mention that doing so provides me with a whole lot time to actually create something without the guilt of I-should-be-cleaning, LOL!

Yesterday's late afternoon -early evening we spent a few hours with my nearly 21 month old grand-daughter, Alexxis. We laughed, played, snuggled and so enjoyed her company. She is growing and maturing so fast. First thing in the morning yesterday, I received a telephone call from a very excited Mommy. Alexxis went pee-pee in the potty for the first time ever! So, when she arrived at our home, of course, we made a big deal out how big she is, and her little face just beamed. Alexxis loves our home, lots of room to run and play within, as well as things to get into. We try our best to make visits to Grandma's and Papa's house fun and exciting by giving her with our complete attention, encouraging safe play and learning. Of course, she's showered with a whole lot of love as well, and one cannot help to feel it as she showers it back on you.

Later in the evening, I spent some time in my pj's online chatting with my good friend, Kate, prior to finishing my day with prayer. This one filled with praise and promise. It was the perfect ending to a great day!

Today's agenda is to actually create. I have a swap obligation to fulfill for a 1-to-1 Valentine's Day ornament. My swap partner recently had some cards published in a magazine. What makes that so special is it the first time she's ever been published and her card made the cover! WTG, Kristy! So, I want to really create something special for her and include a short handwritten letter congratulating her on that success. I probably will not post it until after she's received my ornament, but I'm creating! {smiles} My blog reader's can see Kristy's artwork on her blog @ Another online friend was also featured within the same magazine. Ethel's a sweetheart and I love the artwork she creates. You can visit her here: Congratulations, ladies!

Assisting in my promise to take better care of me... I've a hair appointment scheduled for Friday morning. I cannot believe how much my hair has grown out and reflects how much I've ran myself down. I know I'll feel 100% after Rita works her magic! I'm actually looking forward to our visit, she's one of those kind, gentle souls who you just cannot help but to feel good around. I'll try to post some pics of my new style and of Alexxis soon.

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liannallama said...

oh, I know you have been having hard times--I hope you can find some peace with this issue. I'm glad you are able to do things for yourself and have such a wonderful DGD to love!