Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Palmae - one panel

I was unable to find my light modeling paste in the studio, so I dove right in with painting using Golden's Fluid acrylics. I achieved this beautiful background by spreading around watered down burnt umber and using a piece of seran wrap to dab at it while wet. After that layer dried, I began painting my palm fronds, then the planter. I went back in after that had dried, adding some interference colors... Interference bronze to darken and Interference oxide green to highlight areas of the fronds. The vase is a combination of both. A highlighted area near the vase was created by adding a bit of burnt umber to the remaining mix and was again dabbed on with a piece of seran wrap.

The painting appears darker on top due to the way it is slanted on the gallon of gesso so I could photograph it -- it appears more even than shown, possibly due to my camera's flash as well.

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