Thursday, February 21, 2008

Behind the scenes....

As I puttered around our home yesterday morning, following my morning routine, making coffee, and heading to the computer, I kept hearing the sound of running water. Not quite awake yet, I simply figured I needed to go jiggle the handle on the toilet, perhaps it is what I am hearing running? You'd think after 3-4 trips, it would sink into my head that the toilet has nothing to do with where the sound is coming from, but, "No. Not here." LOL!

It wasn't until Don woke up a half hour or so later, that the realization hit is that we have a broken a water pipe somewhere between the wall of the laundry room and the bathroom. We had this problem before, near the end of last winter, and believed we had the problem fixed. An older outside spicket that is was no longer in use, was the culprit. Our heating/ac/plumber friend, cut the line and had capped it off, so problem solved, right? Well, little did we realize that when a water line is capped off, pressure inside the line builds, and is more likely to the possibility of freezing and bursting when temps fall and the winds blow up under our home, resulting in yet another repair.It had turned moderately cold , with winds blowing, and a light snowfall of approx. 1-2" accumulation overnight, setting up the perfect conditions for the pipe to break. Sheesh, somedays you just can't win. Anyways, after having the water line repaired and instructions given to prevent this from happening again in the future, we are all set once again.

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