Saturday, February 09, 2008

CED '08 - Art Blocks

Creating "Art Blocks" isn't an original idea of mine; I've seen many, many variations of these utilizing everything from photographs and stamped images, but creating a set for myself has been on my list of things I desire to create for quite a long time.

I'd purchased eight of these 3"x3" blocks at Hobby Lobby or Michael's some time ago and am just now getting around to adding something to them. I sort of fell in love with creating "inchies" and hadn't had the opportunity to create any lately, but I did have some oversized pictures printed out for other uses that I knew I could use, so I ran with the idea.

These are a still a work in progress, as most of the blocks only have 2 or 3 sides of them completed and I've still some unfinished blocks that I haven't touched yet. I'm thinking I'd like to mix in some 4"x4" ones as well. Perhaps, they'll look wonderful stacked pyramid style in the living room wall niche or stacked on a side table.

Yesterday, Alexxis arrived and quickly scooped up my recently painted canvases that I'd taken down so I could hang up the mirror to avoid any injuries to her, Chaos, and the mirror itself. Amber and I laughed so hard as she tried to carry the canvases around with her as they are nearly as big as she is. Being the kind hearted mom that I am, I took them from her and placed them on top of a box that is filled with items I am no longer finding useful in our home, but yet are still usable. I've gifted that box to Amber, Chris, and Alexxis, telling her to keep what she wants, toss or give the rest of it away. Needless to say, my recently painted palms will also be finding their way into her new home since Little Miss Adorable seemed to love them so much. I somehow get the feeling that after I complete this set of blocks, I'll soon be creating another set for you-know-who! LOL! Perhaps, Mommy and Daddy would love to hang the canvas prints over their new fireplace and use the set of blocks to dress up their mantle. I'm even excited for them and cannot wait to lend a helping hand to help make the new place feel like "home" to them.

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