Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CED '08 - Feb. 12th

Recently my thoughts have once again returned to getting my studio back together, the art that I desire to create, and getting some handmade books created once again. I discovered as we traveled yesterday, I had so many ideas running around in my pretty little head that I regretted the fact I had nothing on hand to write anything down on. So many thoughts, desires, to do lists, appointments.... and no organizational methods what-so-ever to keep track of it all. Well, that isn't necessary true either, I do write my hopes and dreams down here, but without a laptop to have access to when we're on the road, even this seems sort of useless...
Today, I recitified that by creating myself a little journal jotter. It measures 8"x 4.5" and contains 30 text weight papers, 60 if I use both the front and back sides. I folded and created 5 signatures of 6 pages each and created the cover by utilizing an old calender from 1994 that I'd picked up at a local thrift store. I was drawn to all the photographs of Gardens from all over the world. Not all the pages are full sized prints like the one I used, so perhaps, one day, I clip them out and utilize them in other pieces of my artwork. Gotta love recycling! The calender is also filled with garden inspired quotations as well as information on the photographs it contains. The picture I used for my cover features snowdrops, winter aconites, purple crocus tmmasinianus, and Crocus "cream beauty" which line the path of a winter garden somewhere in Berkshire, England. Without the calendar, I wouldn't have know that, LOL! The jotters binding is a very simple one, utilizing an approximate 1/4" fold in the cover of the calender page placed a little off center. I used perle cotton cut approx. 6" longer than needed and wrapped each signature through the inside center over the cover and tied it one! To decorate it up just a bit, I added a piece of ribbon which I threaded under the perle cotton and tied on top over a piece of silk flowers. The white floral tape, adhered onto the front, says, "so delicate".... resembling and mirroring some of my thoughts and feelings lately.

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