Saturday, March 29, 2008

CED 2008~ Another waterdolored "inspired" piece

In this piece, I was inspired by what I envisioned the space to be.... remember this was created earlier in the week, so it isn't an exact representation of "the look" like the pictures I later discovered while browsing. Also, I'm using watercolors so I may or not have the exact colors that I displayed in the actual photographs that I found. But what creating this did do, is to allow me to explore, to get the feel of what my mind was attempting to create. The yellow represent the vinyl siding of our home that provides an actual "wall" to our rear deck. It isn't as bright as I've demonstrated with this watercolor, but it provided me with the opportunity of seeing how small touches of it incorporated into the color scheme could provide a unified feeling to the space. It also allowed me to envision the painted floor cloth underneath our dining table. Anyways, this was a fun way to explore the ideas I had within my head and provided a nice, safe way to explore those ideas and take into consideration what it is I truly desire. I so love that! Did you notice that I couldn't resist "setting the table" with some of the colors and shapes of our recently acquired purchases made specifically for use out there?

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