Monday, April 28, 2008

CED 2008 ~

Alexxis' birthday party on Saturday was a blast! Many of Amber and Chris' family and friends attended with their children in tow and the kids really enjoyed themselves. I cannot believe that I forgot my camera! So, I've no pics to share... but we did video tape a lot during the day, perhaps I can obtain some pics later. Her grandma Nancy made and created a beautiful Spongebob cake and another white sheet cake. We dined on Subway subs, ate cake and ice cream and the presents!!! OMG! Alexxis received so much stuff! Her Aunt Mickey got her a Spongebob table with two chairs, she got a new white three drawer dresser, the fabric covered canvases, the watercolored Spongebob images, a new sundress, and a pair of sunglasses from Don and I. Other gifts were Spongebob videos, more clothes, toys, and a new stuffed animal, and a Spongebob handmade pillow from Grandma and Papa Saunders. I was wiped out when Don and I returned home in the early evening!

On Sunday, I awoke ravenousness, so Don and I headed out to Delaware to enjoy a good old country breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. From there we jotted down I-71 to Polaris Parkway and Pet Smart for Chaos a new collar, a box of puppy treats, and a 40 lb. bag of dog food! Hey! It was on sale for what a 20 lb. bag costs us here and they gave us a $4 off coupon! Next, we stopped at White Castle's purchased a gallon of their sweet tea, grabbed two cups of ice, and headed off to A Proper Garden. I had previously seen signs for it and since it was such a beautiful day with 65 degree temps, we took advantage of it. We both loved the place! My favorite was all the water garden sounds we heard while browsing through trees, plants, flowers, and roses. I feel in love with a lot of items but we didn't purchase anything. From there we headed towards home, stopped into Goodwill and a discount lumber place to browse some more. I could have literally kicked myself.... I saw the most beautiful pink bedspread and pillow shams, thought they perfect for Alexxis when she older, and while Don was in the bathroom I walked away and another lady grabbed them up. Another one of those if you see it and you want it, you better grab it moments. But I'm certain it will be okay, we'll continue to look and I know we'll find something when the time is right.... I just hate missing out on a good bargain!

I'm home "childless" today. Daddy decided to keep Little Miss today so while Don putters about, I'm going to catch up on our housekeeping. My thoughts keep turning to the studio, knowing it needs to be cleaned and re-organized but the truth is that by the time I'm done doing, I'm done! One day.... I may make it there yet!

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ohiofarmgirl said...

Sounds like you had a great day. We have had wonderful weather haven't we? Sorry about missing the deal at Goodwill...I know what that is like. Have a wonderful day. Dianntha