Saturday, July 05, 2008

CED 2008 ~ Discovering Beauty

Independence Day came and went with a glorious "BANG!" Don and I chose to celebrate the day alone, just the two of us, dining at home and making a short road trip. Since we live across from our county's fairground, its been an exciting week, to say the least. Chaos has been, well, chaotic! He's noticing new people, voices he has never heard as others walk by our home on their way to enjoy the fair this past week. Had I have known he'd become so rambunctious, we'd have either boarded him or asked our vet for something to sedate him! Having enough of his "too much energy all in one place", we HAD to get out to save our own sanity, so yesterday afternoon so we took a short road trip to Polaris and back.

Our first stop was into Goodwill were we found a few good buys. I picked up a couple light-weight long sleeved shirts that will be great for Alexxis this coming fall. I also spotted a ledge shelf and ledge shelf with a built on memo board that was in dire need of a repair. Somewhere along the way to the cash register, the price tag had come off, so when the cashier went to ring it up and informed us that their "price guy" was unavailable, we opted to put them both back. I wasn't too disappointed since I'd picked them up with the intention of making repair to the memo board and painting both of the items black.

Next, we re-visited Kirkland's. I found two beautiful throw pillows for our living room sofa. I probably didn't need them, however, they'll be wonderful to have for use in the TV viewing area of our large living room when we decide to put the original pillows back on this sofa and they'd also work wonderfully as accent pillows on our bed. I love multi-purpose home decor items like those!
We also picked up a gorgeous lamp at a great clearance price. Currently, we're utilizing it on my night stand, but I have to admit it looks a tad bit awkward as our "current night stand" is too small for it. I'm remaining hopeful that somewhere along the line, we or I will stumble upon something that works well there and I can replace the TV trays that are currently there.

Having so very little room with the current bedroom arrangement sort of compounds the dilemna --- perhaps, re-arranging the bed would be a better option... It's something to "think" about anyways. Since it isn't a beautiful arrangement at the moment, I hesitate to post a photograph of it.

But what I am willing to show you is this photograph of the new pillows on the living room sofa. I love the softness that they add, the paisley pattern, and the colors are the perfect compliment to the sofa, the curtains, and the area rug. Adding the red as the dominant color in the pillows really picked up and brought out the red in the rug. I'm loving this area in our home more and more each and every day.

Here I played around a bit with re-arranging some of home's accessories and created a new coffee table vignette. While posting these photographs, I just realized how bare the room appears since I've taken the potted palms outdoors for awhile. Trust me, they'll be returning just as soon as I get them transplanted!

We'll also be working on a new end stand arrangement for the one table near the coffee table as soon as we've paid off the two spider back chairs. My minds been racing with a few ideas for possible placements for them within our home.

Along with the pillows and the lamp, we purchased yet another Christmas gift for Amber and Chris that we'll put back until then. It's something I believe their gonna love and since Amber now has a laptop computer and can access my blog, I thought it best to remain quiet on that for now.

Our next venture was into Home Goods, where I've had my eye on this beautiful bust for so long! Each and every time we've visited this store, I make it a point to look to see if it is still available for purchase. Can you imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was and had also been marked down considerably for clearance! With the recent unavailability of so many items that I'd have loved to have purchase for our home, I quickly decided I wasn't taking any chances with this one. It's big and beautiful and looks amazing in a few places within our home, I just need to play a bit more to discover the right size accessories to display along beside it and have a few thoughts in mind.

Purchasing these new items has gotten me in the mood to clean, experiment with display options so in between working on some of my parts and pieces for the Row House swap, this is what I've been up to. I just thought I'd post these lovely items while I'm taking a quick break to enjoy my last cup of coffee for the day.

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