Thursday, July 31, 2008

CED ~2008 -

Since our road trip, we been back at our daily grind. Me with catching up on housework, and Don returning to work once again. I sketched a bit in my sketchbook and attempted a watercolor on non-watercolor paper without to much success. Then Don's day off rolls around and he's restless and ready to go and do once again.

On Monday, we sat and discussed a lot of things that we'd like to get accomplished around our home... unfinished projects, those we'd like to begin... so we started creating a list so that we obtain any materials we may or may not need to get those things done. After dinner, we sat out on our rear deck, enjoying the late afternoon/early evening, gave Chaos a good brushing, and finally removed a boatload of yarrow that was taking over the top section of back yard watergarden. I don't remember planting it... or purchasing it... so I'm assuming some seeds had spread into something I did plant. Either way, I'm happy we ripped it out and removed it.

Yesterday, we visited a resale shop for used furniture early in the day, as we're still searching for a "just right" smaller kitchen table. Although, neither of us are in no real hurry to replace the one we have. We've decided to continue looking, brainstorming ideas for other options, until we get the Spiderback chairs out of layaway. We could get those out but have opted to leave them in until September. Then, we took a trip over to Ontario, where we stopped into the Flower Factory, Barnes and Nobles, then on back to Arbor Creek Gardens. I made some purchases --- more Tim Holtz's Distress Ink Pads, Somerset Studios and Artful Blogging mags, and then some plants to fill in the watergarden once again. On our way home, we stopped and visited with Amber, Chris, and Alexxis, making plans to get Little Miss for an overnight visit on Saturday night.

We arrived home just as it was nearing twilight and with just enough time for me to replant the watergarden with some ornamental grasses, some coleus, and a flowering perennial, that I've already forgotten the name of... Anyways, I'll try to capture some photographs of the re-planting soon.

My mind has been on finishing up some of the million and one projects that we always seem to have going on. One day, I hoping to make it out to the studio to finish up with the re-organizing efforts I started earlier this year. My mind tells me I should wait until late fall and take advantage of the dog days of summer and accomplishing all the things I could be utilizing this weather to complete. So, who knows what's next...

Tomorrow evening we're going check out an auction that Don's been desiring to attend and on Saturday, I intend to do some snuggling with one very special little girl!

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simple~needs said...

its me again.. lol
where is the auction?? i have been wanting to go to a few that they have near kidron.