Saturday, July 26, 2008

Some traditional Red and Greens...

Did I mention just how hard it is to photograph lighted Christmas trees? Well, perhaps, I should have... because I realize these pictures aren't the clearest but they are still beautiful. I love the golden light quality that this arch had... although I could only capture one side of it this photograph. Perhaps it the yellow background that adds to it's beauty, who knows? Anyways, it is a huge arch that hides a set of stairs leading to the shoppe's upper level. As I attempting to photograph all of these gorgeous trees, I got sort of confused as to which ones I'd photographed and felt as if I was running in circles, LOL! But it was certainly FUN!

Anyways, here is an idea that I loved on yet another tree! This is for all of us vintage "paper arts" lovers out there... Do you see that red vintage lametta tinsel garland? Yes, I know the picture's blurry, sorry about that... but if you look past all of that, can you the see the concept of it? It's got shipping tags attached to it that spell out, "Merry Christmas" with al it's paper layers, glitter, and it's so adorable! Granted you could add any saying or Christmas themed quotation that you desire and wouldn't it be an absolute blast creating one of these for your own Christmas tree! This is one idea that I'd love to incorporate into decorating our tree! Another is to create our own paper art ornaments and decorations using some of the fabulous vintage Christmas card images that can be found on the internet!

I love it when I discover craft style inspiration in unexpected places! This one certainly sent my imagination soaring!!! And who says need to pack away all of garden decor? Use it in your Christmas decorating! I tell you, I was so ready to make my way to some craft shops to raid their floral department, obtain some spray paint, and more glitter... my mind was whirling with ideas!!!

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