Saturday, October 04, 2008

Laundry Room update...

While the last coat of paint was drying on the cabinet, I couldn't wait to get started painting the walls! Is that color gorgeous? Perfect for my sun-washed beach theme! {The shadows are cast from the ceiling light in the bedroom and this is the closest to the actual paint color that I could get} For a touch of "unexpected whimsy" I decided to paint a couple of our clothespins using the Azul and White..
While the walls are also drying, I decided to play around with transfering my images on to the muslin. Normally, when I print on fabric, I use the freezer paper method of iron the muslin to the shiny side of the freezer paper and trimming before I begin, but since I didn't have any freezer paper handy, I used the painter's tape instead. Just cut the muslin 7 1/2"x 10" {smaller than the paper your adhering the muslin to} and taped it along all four sides {to prevent my printer from jamming} and print. The photo above shows my prints, fresh from the printer, and the bottom right shows one of the prints sewn on one my laundry room clothesline panels.
Since I cannot do much more until the paint dries, I figure I may as well work on the clothesline and the little laundry bags! I'm getting stoked about seeing this laundry room finished!!!!

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