Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few laundry room sneak peeks....

Don and I are still struggling getting one last shelf hung in our laundry area. The shelf will be placed between the wall cabinet and the closet tower one day. But, in the meantime, we have some minor repairs to make, a new hole to drill, and then... we can proceed! I did take advantage of the open shelving that the tower provides and accomplished a lot of decorating vignettes. Here's some of them: The container is a recycled plastic mayo jar that I added Clorox II powder to, tossed in a few seashells, covered the lid with a co-ordinating piece of fabric, tied with jute and viola!
The starfish dish is so adorable! It came from Home Goods and we actually use these out on our deck in the summer. I used a lot of summer dishes for the decor as it provides us with a great area to store them while not in use. The small wooden scoop came with some bath salts that I used up years ago but somehow couldn't toss, tied with natural raffia, it provides addition texture to the vignette. The seashells candles were a gift from my sister, Mary, who lives in Texas and I smile every time I see them!
This vignette features my plate stand with more of our summer tabletop decor displayed and surrounded by some of our seashell colllection. I toss in a couple watercolored beach cards to add more visual interest. Do you see that large seashell in the bottom left corner? It was a gift to me from my dear daughter, Amber, after returning home from a hurricane in Florida; the storm packed all the sand and small seashells within it.

Don and I picked up this adorable sand pail while in Amish country during the summer. I love the color and the skeleton leaf adds more visual interest, especially when filled with starfish! And last but not least, the bottom shelf... mostly made up with treasures relocated from other areas of our home.

Like I mentioned, the laundry area is still an on-going project --- it's just been pushed to the back burner until we get the shelf issue resolved and make preparations for the upcoming holidays.
In the meantime, Don and I totally re-arranged the adjacent bedroom. {sorry, couldn't find my cam this a.m., so no pictures of the finished results. The above pics were stored previously on my computer.} I promise more soon!

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Lisa Renéa said...

WOW, Cathy your laundry room looks super! Lovely details!