Sunday, November 23, 2008

In Preparation of the upcoming holidays...

We've gotten all our patio furnitured stored away for winter and I've been busy re-arranging our living room in an attempt to create room for the Christmas tree. To help, I also decided to move the computer to the back section of our kitchen. It's a temporary solution to a long-term problem but one that will have to wait for a much later date to resolve, but in the meantime, we'll simply have to make it work. Gary, our electrician/computer guru should be here today to run my new internet connection line, then we can proceed. We've decided to pack away one of our two kitchen tables and utilize the smaller one along with the two spider back chairs to create a cozy, intimate dining space for just the two of us. Thankfully, all of our holidays dinners, with the exception of our own dinner, will be away from home, so I can do so this year!
We've began our Christmas shopping and shopping for Alexxis is done! Once again, I've probably purchased too much, and a few things will get put just to surprise her with whenever. Our Thanksgiving grocery shopping has been done. Earlier in the week, Don and I made a trip to Garden Ridge where I purchased the craft materials to create us a new tree topper for our Christmas tree. I have several toppers already but neither of them work with the tree due to the low ceilings, so this year instead of one big bow as a topper, I'll be putting in gold spray painted branches, clusters of silk poinsettias, red sparkle-y ornamentation. I'm excited to actually get the tree up and begin decorating it!
I made a trip out to the studio yesterday afternoon to gather up some craft supplies. I cut out 6 chipboard stars which I'm decopaging with vintage sheet music, adding a Christmas collage, and decorating. I started covering medium sided tags to create a "Winter Wishes" banner for the tree and I glittered up some vintage Santa postcards that we'd purchased at Tis The Season during the summer. The glitter is now dried on those so I can start working on creating ornaments out of them soon. I'll take some pictures --- just as soon as I locate my camera! Stay tuned!


KraftyKerilou said...

Sounds like you are on a roll! I am anxious to get my decorating started, too!
I always have trouble with excess furniture when trying to make room at the Holidays!

Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy, is it just me or does it seem like, you just set out the patio furniture yesterday? Time is flying by! Can't wait to see pics of the holiday decor.