Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ahhh, it feels so good to be back HOME! Although, you might not of even have known that we were gone... so here's the most recent scoop!
Every year, due to Don's medical history, he has a yearly physical complete with an echocardiogram and stress test. Although, I don't why it seems to roll around in December! Unfortunately, near the end of last week we got the result back that something was abnormal so arrangements were made for Don to have yet another heart cath on Tuesday morning. Since Monday was our first anniversary, the hospital offered to put us for the night in a hotel, which allowed us to not have to get out of bed at 3 in the morning so we could be in Columbus at 6 a.m.

In an attempt to celebrate our first anniversary, in light of the recent news, Don and I drove down to Columbus Monday afternoon, checked in to the hotel, then had a wonderful evening! We dined at the Spaghetti Warehouse {my suggestion..} then, walked around the Art District in the Short North. The warmer December weather made for a perfect night for this. My hope was to vist this store: On Paper
I love this place! Creaking, beautifully aged wood floors greet you as you step inside to become surrounded by many beautiful things from greeting cards to craft supplies and gifts. You may remember that I ordered my PSA Partly Paper rubber stamp from here. Well, visiting again, this time I found this gorgeous Cavallanni & Co. Botanica 2009 Calendar that I purchased to gift to my mom for Christmas. Isn't it gorgeous?
It features a unique collection from The Compleat Florist {London, 1747}f chronicles January through Decemver with hand-colored botanical prints. It is truly an exquisite group of rarely-seen antiques plates --- perfect for framing! I believe she's gonna love this! Here's the reverse side and views of other months:

Next, we discovered a really cool shop called "Loot" You can find some online photographs of the style of items that they carry on their website @ We purchased a Red Cardinal tree ornament to add to our Christmas tree there. {After we were home, I'd wished I'd grabbed two of them so I could gift one to sis as the cardinal is Ohio's state bird! So sorry, sis!}

Driving back from downtown, heading to the hotel, we spotted a shopping strip mall and got off the highway to vist Old Navy and Barnes & Nobles. I got Alexxis some slippers as our wood floors get a little cooler in the winter, a Christmas gift for me { dont' you love when you get to pick out what you want? LOL!} and I grabbed the latest issue of Somerset Memories to occupy my mind while Don's heart cath was being performed the following morning.

Afterwards, we return to the hotel, settled ourselves in, and were off at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday. Don's heart cath went wonderfull well, better than either of us expected, and he was given a clean bill of health!!!! We've definately been blessed this year and what more of a wonderful way to celebrate our first anniversary with the prospect of enjoying a long and happy LIFE together! We've definately been BLESSED!!!!

{Love You, Babe. Here's to Many, Many More!!!}

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