Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello everyone! Sorry, I've been missing for a few days... I'm still searching for my camera's software disk to re-install. {I'm thinking perhaps it in with the computer's OS system disks boxes so I need to check there yet.} Anyways, I've been busy playing with the Cricut and DS!

Using Plantin Schoolbook, I noticed that the basic shapes where in there, so I created me several .cut files that resemble the nestibilities!!! I simply started with a desired size and added 1/4 increments to the width and the height and overlayed them. So, I now have access to some squares, rectangles, circles, and ovals.

I also began another little project that I've been desiring to create. It's a tri-fold gatefold card, with a layered center panel with an oval cutout. I used the Cricut to create the panels the exact sizes I desired and cut out both a lighter weight chipboard {I don't have the deep blade and housing - but was able to cut it x3 to get through it!} and the printed paper. *Note to self: To save paper, remember to change the pressure setting to a lighter setting when cutting pp. Anyways, I have the card assembled and the basics adhered so I'll be working on decorating it up and posting it soon. Perhaps, once I learn how to post a screen shot, I'll share some of my .cut files here.

In other news, I am so stoked! Many of my family and friends are aware of the computer problems I've faced over the course of owning a computer. We've had to reformat so many, many times, removed viruses, adware and spyware - even with an anti-virus program and firewall! Anyways, while checking out some of the disks I've burnt over the years, I came across a disk simply labelled, "pictures" with no other notations. Can you imagine my surprise when I pulled up that disk to discover over three years with of pictures that I believed were Long, Long Gone? I found pics of Amber's baby shower, Alexxis' birth, A @ 2 days old, and A reaching so many milestones in her young life! I cannot even begin to tell you how happy this is made me! So, remember, Back up those photos regularly. You just never know when but you may lose them. Better to be safe, then sorry. That's my philosophy! I cannot wait to begin scrapbooking some of these.

More to come....

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