Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pages for my project 365...

I kicked out my pages for my project 365
{decided to go back in after photographing these
and mark them 1/365, 2/365, 3/365 etc.
so adding my photographs later won't be a problem.}
I still have the actual daily photograph[s] to add..
as I need two new ink printing cartridges before I can print them out.
{such is life, i suppose...}

This is a page actually torn from my journal.
My journaling on this page reads,
"dear diary,"
{February 11, 2009}
I've given some thought
as to what I want
to include in
my project
It wasn't hard to decide
"every little thing."
Alexxis's leaf....
{tucked in for the photograph... I want to laminate, then trim it before leaving it in my book}
and one of today's daily photographs...

Alexxis' abandoned tricycle looked so lonely to me this morning as I made my way to the computer with my morning cup of coffee in hand...


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