Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easing into my day, I was enjoying this earlier this morning....

along with wind-scented breezes from the elusive "Sweet Annie"
that Don & I finally found this year
and a pot of Rosemary,
{that smells so heavenly, I cannot wait to cook with it!}
As I chilled, praising God, counting my blessing, I noticed new growth in
our newest planter with vibrant coleus growing within it;
{also, noticed I need to remove the weeds the yard once again!}
I noticed a "surprise" from Mother Nature!
A peony growing in a recently disturb pot...

and embrace these pretty pink petunias,
aiming straight at my heart...

so soul-soothing....

1 comment:

Nancy Maxwell James said...

love how beautiful your backyard is! :) Thanks for your kind comments about the sunroom studio. It is a small space, but I love the light and being in the hub of the house! :) Have a good day!