Thursday, May 07, 2009

Planning a Veggie Garden...

Don and I had been discussing planting a vegetable garden , so when our friend Jason telephoned us while we were visiting with friends to inform us he was sitting in our driveway with his equipment, Don rushed home and preparations were made to get us underway. Jason rototilled up a good 20'x20' area for us behind my studio.
Since we've not planned or planted a garden for many years and our lawn hasn't been treated for weeds, we decided to clear the area of all the sod, grass clippings, and weeds and relocate them to assist filling in a low-lying area in our rear acre.
The photo above was taken after the first day of working to remove the sod...
and on day two, Don rose a little earlier than me to get started once again.

and after day two... approx. a 6'x8' to clear out yet.

We purchased eight 1.5 cubic foot bags of garden soil to mix with several bags of top soil we previously purchased and will be mixing it and spreading into the soil by rototilling it again. We also, purchased few flats of veggies: some bi-colored corn, some Better Boy tomatoes, and some Everbearing Strawberry plants and I've been going through the pages of some of seed catalogs for ideas of what else we may desire to plant. I'm thinking a trip to Richard's Garden is in the near future... it's going to take more plantings than that to fill this thing!

Our family and friends have been excellent in answering our questions, providing us with their knowledge, and advice, and we even enjoyed a good home-cooked meal for us at the end of a long day of working on Day 2. {Thank you! [you know who you are!] Don and I so appreciated the gesture!}

On Day 3, I stayed out of the garden! Gotta give these old muscles and blisters a rest and time to heal up} so after removing all the dirt we've dragged in over the past several days, I've began Spring cleaning inside our home. I'm happy to say it's clean and I can soon get to tackling some of those small jobs like ..... packing those winter clothes away! Yeah!!!!

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Lisa Renéa said...

Cathy, gardening is the hardest most rewarding work! Good luck to you & Don with your project!

Thank you for my award, too! :)