Friday, May 15, 2009

Seeds & Seedlings...

Radishes... and
Sweet Marvel Peas... just starting to peek up out of the dirt!
In seeds, we purchased:
Sweet Corn {to add along with the Bi-color Corn}
Tomatoes - Better Boy Hybrid and some other - I'll check later, they're out getting some sun!
Pepino Cucumbers, Iceberg Lettuce, Half long Carrots, Potatoes {we'll be cutting and planting our own}, Black Beauty Squash {Zuchinni}, Snowball Califlower, Calabrese Broccoli,
Habanero Peppers, Cabbage, Contender Garden Green Beans, BeefMaster Hybrid Tomatoes,
Imperial Canaloupe, Sugar Baby Watermelon!
Hope to be planting all those real soon!!!!

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